Naruto, From Ninja to Autobot

Hey, this is Toa Naruto again. This story is going to be a Naruto x Transformers Armada crossover. Anyways, the main pairing will be NaruHina (along with Rad X Alexis). Other couples will be announced later on. For those of you who are asking "Why would you do a Transformers Armada and Naruto crossover?", I believe that a crossover is possible with these two anime shows because their artwork is very similar. Anyways this story will take place during the Armada arc of Transformers, and Part 1 of Naruto. The beginning takes place during the end of Transformers Armada: Comrade (episode 4). You can view this episode on youtube. com . I do not own Naruto or Transformers Armada. They are owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Hasbro and Takara.

'Blah' - inner thoughts (humans & Transformers)

"Blah" - talking

'Blah' - demon/monster speaking

"Blah" - Mini-Con talking

--Blah-- - someone talking through radio/communication link

"Blah" - jutsu being performed/really angry yelling

# - scene change


Chapter 1: Discovery on a New Frontier

It was a quiet and humid day in the little town. Everything seemed to be normal, unless you don't count the ancient alien spaceship that was hidden within the mountain range that was a few miles away from civilization. But aside from the few satellites that were posted there for research purposes, the entire area was basically left alone. However, if the citizens had even bothered to explore the mountains in depth, like two certain preteens did, then they would have discovered possibly the biggest secret ever to be found by mankind.

Meanwhile, within the mountain range, the old Mini-Con spaceship, which was doubled as the Autobot's home base, was completely empty. The base's sensors had previously detected a Mini-Con panel that revealed itself somewhere in Big Canyon. Without a second's delay, the Autobots warped to Big Canyon in order to save the new Mini-Con from becoming a slave to the Autobots's most hated enemy, the Decepticons. Ever since their departure, the Autobots's base became eerily silent, with only the hum of the many on-board computers being the only sound echoing throughout the entire area. Suddenly, an alarm sounded. The alarm indicated that the return warp gate had just been opened in the launching dock.


The base's launching dock was the Autobots's way of traveling anywhere on Earth in a blink of an eye. The entire room was like a tunnel, only it had only one way in and out. All of a sudden, with a loud humming noise, a return warp gate, with Big Canyon visible in the background, appeared. A second later, three vehicles in a triangle-like formation appeared in the room. On the bottom left of the triangle was a yellow sports car, with a spoiler on the back. On the bottom right was a white S.U.V. modified into ambulance. Behind the two vehicles was a big red semi tractor trailer truck, which pulled a huge trailer that had treadmills instead of wheels.

As soon as the vehicles appeared and the warp gate closed, three preteen humans got out of the semi truck. The first preteen was a young boy with white skin, short pointy tan hair, and blue eyes. The second one was a girl with turquoise eyes and short brown hair. The final human was another boy, only he had tanned skin, curly black hair, and hazel-colored eyes. All three of them were wearing bright orange jumpsuits that had the Autobot insignias on the back of the jackets. Once the humans, and six little Mini-Cons, were out and a safe distance away, the sports car, ambulance, and semi truck transformed into giant robots that were respectively known as, Hot Shot, Red Alert, and Optimus Prime. Hot Shot and Red Alert are members of the Autobot army of Cybertron, under the command of Optimus Prime, leader and chief commander of the Autobots.

"Alright! Chalk up another victory for the good guys! At this rate, the Decepticons will be defeated in no time!" exclaimed the hazel-eyed preteen.

"Don't get too cocky, Carlos," said the girl in a stern voice, "there is still tons of Mini-Cons scattered all over the world. The Decepticons could still get more Mini-Cons and easily overpower us at any time in the future."

"Hey, chill out Alexis," retorted Carlos, "I was just being positive. Why do you always have to bring everybody down?" The girl was about to respond when she was interrupted.

"Come on you guys, knock it off." said the other boy, "We shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves. We just saved another Mini-Con from becoming a Decepticon slave. We should be celebrating and getting along with each other."

"Yeah, I guess you're right Rad." replied Carlos, sheepishly. Alexis nodded in agreement, slightly embarrassed about her brief moment of immaturity.

"But still, you and Sparkplug were awesome out there, Optimus." said Carlos.

"Yeah, the both of you were amazing." added Alexis.

"I'll say!" said Rad "The looks on Megatron and Starscream's faces when you blasted them were priceless."

Optimus just chuckled. "I was just lucky that the Mini-Con that we were looking for was my old partner back when I was on Cybertron. Those were the days, huh Sparkplug?" said the veteran Autobot as he looked down at said Mini-Con.

"You said it, Prime. I'm just glad that you were the one that got to my panel first, before the jerk Megatron did." answered Sparkplug, in his Mini-Con language, which consisted of random beeping, dial tones, and other computer noises. Yet, nonetheless, the Autobots and humans could understand every word that the Mini-Cons spoke, as if they were speaking in English.

"Aw man, of all the times to be immobilized by Decepticons, I had to choose the one time when Optimus kicks both Megatron and Starscream's tail pipes at the same time." said Hot Shot, who was still miffed at how that cackling, trigger-happy Cyclonus had trapped him so easily.

"Don't worry, Hot Shot, you'll have plenty of chances to fight the Decepticons." said Optimus, as he placed his hand on the rookie's shoulder. Suddenly, Autobot leader began to spark slightly at various areas of his body, causing the Transformer to grunt in pain. Red Alert quickly began to run a diagnostics scan on his leader.

"Sir, you have sustained a fair amount of damage from your battle. I think it would be wise if you let me start on repairs immediately." Red Alert stated, in a serious tone.

"Thank you, Red Alert, I'd really appreciate it." answered Optimus.

Red Alert then proceeded to help his leader to the med lab, his Mini-Con partner Longarm and Sparkplug following them, when he then turned to face Hot Shot. "I would also like to run a diagnostics on you after I'm finished with Optimus, Hot Shot. You could have been damaged as well."

"What are you talking about? I feel perfectly fine. That cross-wired Decepticon barely even scratched me." said Hot Shot indifferently.

"That may be, but it's always best to be on the side of caution. Who knows, you might have severely damaged your CPU, and not even know." replied Red Alert, jokingly.

"Alright, alright, I'll have the check-up. You don't have to joke like that." retorted Hot Shot in an annoyed tone. He could have sworn he saw the doc bot smirk just as he left the launching dock. "Come on," he said as he looked down at the humans and Mini-Cons, "we might as well head out of here." And with that, Hot Shot, his Mini-Con partner Jolt, Rad, Carlos, High Wire, Grindor, and Sureshock exited out of the launching dock and began to travel down the corridor that lead to med lab. As the group walked on, Rad was still thinking about how he had accidentally restarted the long Autbot-Decepticon war when he activated High Wire's storage panel.

"Hey, Hot Shot?" he began.

Hot Shot looked down at the human, and could see by the expression on Rad's face that something was bugging him. "Yeah, Rad, what is it?" asked the yellow Autobot.

"I was just wondering, exactly how many Mini-Cons were onboard this ship before it crash-landed on Earth?"

Hot Shot thought a little before answering. "To tell you the truth, Rad, I'm not exactly sure myself. But, if I had to had to guess, I'd say there were hundreds of them before the scattered all over the planet."

"No way!" exclaimed Carlos.

"There're really that many Mini-Cons out there?" asked Alexis.

"Definitely." answered Hot Shot, "Due to the velocity of the ship when it entered Earth's atmosphere, the crash scattered the remaining Mini-Con panels all over the entire planet. A Mini-Con could be hidden anywhere."


Morning life was slowly getting started in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The shops were opening for business, the sun was rising, and the citizens were happily getting ready for the day. One citizen, however, wasn't happy about the new day that was approaching. This citizen's name was Naruto Uzumaki, a student at the Ninja Academy. Naruto was current y sitting on top of the Fourth Hokage's place on the Hokage monument. It was the blonde's favorite spot to visit whenever he needed to think, it was also a place where one can get a view of the whole village. Unfortunately, the only times that Naruto could visit the monument was either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, due to the several times in the past when large mobs of people would gather around below the monument and try to coax him to jump off the top.

But those moments weren't the only instances in which Naruto experienced malice at the hands of the villagers. Ever since the day he was born, Naruto's life was filled with abuse and pain. The people at the orphanage would often assign him several chores that were meant to be done by the employees. The orphanage director made his hatred for the boy clear by giving Naruto smaller portions of food than what the other children got. And whenever Naruto tried to make friends with the other orphans, the employees would beat him severely and punish the children for talking to him. After that, the children avoided him like the plague.

Life for Naruto didn't get any easier when he was finally evicted from the orphanage at the age of ten. What he experienced at the hands of the civilians was nothing compared to what he went through from the orphanage. Whenever he was walking down a busy street, the villagers would shoot him hard glares, and sometimes throw rocks at him. When he tried to buy food or supplies for his apartment, the managers would either charge him triple the normal sales price, or just refuse to do business with him. The worst of the abuse, however, came on his birthday, which was the same day that the Fourth Hokage defeated the Nine-Tailed-Fox demon. On this day, the villagers did a number of things to him, from throwing bricks and rocks through his apartment's windows, to forming large, drunken mobs that try to beat him to a bloody pulp. Luckily, the citizens were smart enough to rarely do the latter action. And on all the times that those idiots did try to beat him up, Naruto was able to give them the slip.

Oddly enough, it wasn't the constant abuse that got Naruto down. No, what really upset the boy was that he had no idea why he was hated so much. And the fact that no one knew anything about his family didn't help either. But, it was this type of cruel lifestyle that drove Naruto to make earning the village's respect by becoming Hokage is dream. To make this dream a reality, Naruto entered the Ninja Academy with hopes of graduating as a full-fledged shinobi. Along the way, he had already made a few friends that didn't seem to treat as the rest of the village did. The first and foremost was the formerly retired Third Hokage. The old man was like grandfather to Naruto, as he was the first one to ever treat him with kindness. Even thought the old man couldn't really do much for him without causing a big commotion amongst the village, Naruto still appreciated the time that the elderly Hokage spent with him. The second and third people that were compassionate towards him were an old man named Teuchi, and his daughter, Ayame, who also owned and ran Ichiraku's Ramen Bar, Naruto's favorite place to eat. The two owners never seemed to treat Naruto like the other citizens, and always welcomed him when he came by to eat.

Naruto had entered the Ninja Academy thinking that he would be able to become a ninja in no time. Unfortunately for the whisker-scarred blonde, the teachers at the academy were no better than the spiteful villagers that he experienced on a daily basis. The books and learning materials that he received had most the words scribbled over with pen and several portions of chapters missing. To add insult to injury, whenever Naruto's class was learning how to do the basic academy ninjutsus and chakra control exercises, the instructors would teach him to do them the wrong way on purpose in an effort to make Naruto quit out of frustration. Naruto, however, refused to give up his dream and ended up as the 8th best in his class, despite the instructor's sabotage. This class rank didn't please him, but it was still better than being marked "dead last", which was currently being held by one of his classmates, the lazy Shikamaru Nara

But when it came time for the final exams, the teachers gave Naruto their own exam that was different than the ones given to his classmates; an exam that no genin could ever hope to pass. This caused Naruto to fail the exam twice, and would have failed the third time if it weren't for a teacher named Iruka, who reported this conspiracy to the Third Hokage. As a result, the Third sentenced the teachers to fifteen life sentences in prison for their crimes. Iruka then took it upon himself to drill Naruto with all of the information that he had missed or learned incorrectly, from chakra control exercises to jutsu procedures. Yet, for some reason, Naruto still couldn't perform the Clone Jutsu correctly. To make matters worse, Naruto found out that a student's ability to successfully do Clone Jutsu was what determined if you graduated or not. This information was the reason why the young preteen was sitting on top of the Hokage Monument right now.

'Man, this stinks.' thought Naruto sadly. 'Of all of the jutsus that they had to test me on, why did it have to be that damned Clone Jutsu? No matter how hard I practice, no matter how hard I study, I can never get it right. If I don't do something, I'm going to fail tomorrow's graduation exam for the third time! Then my dream will be completely ruined! I mean, how can I ever hope to be Hokage if I can't even graduate from the Ninja Academy? I thought that the old man took care of those loser teachers that taught me wrong on purpose. But, I guess there're still more of them that Iruka Sensei didn't know about.'

Naruto figured that he had spent enough time thinking, and decided to head off for class. Just as he was about get and leave, however, he could have sworn he saw, from the corner of his eye, a flash of light coming from behind. It wasn't like a flash from a T.V. screen, but more like the type of flash that's produced when sunlight hits something shiny. Naruto turned around to see if there was something behind him only to be met with nothing. Thinking that he was seeing things, Naruto was about to go when he saw the flash again, only this time it came from the mountain wall.

'That's strange, I wonder what that is.' thought Naruto as he went to investigate. As he got close enough, Naruto could see that the cause of the flash was a small pentagon lodged in between two locks of the Fourth's hair that was carved into the wall of the mountain. The pentagon had three different colored layers: the outer layer was a tealish color, the middle layer was light green, and inner core was a weird blue diamond shape that had blue M in the middle and dark green background. Upon touching it, Naruto found out that the foreign object was made of metal. But Naruto had no clue exactly what the thing was.

'Hold on, I don't remember this thing being there he last time I was here. Is it some sort of Hokage memorial plaque? Wait, if it's a plaque, then why don't the other Hokages have one? Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing this in any of the textbooks, but then again, most of the books I got had a majority of their words blackened out. Maybe Iruka Sensei would know something about this thing.' thought Naruto. And with that, Naruto tried to pull the pentagon off of the monument. This proved to be a difficult task as it seemed that the pentagon was firmly implanted into the mountain. Nevertheless, with one final heave, Naruto finally got the strange pentagon free. Now that the foreign object was free, the young academy student could see that it was at least the size of a medium-sized tray, but weighed the same as a big text book. It took Naruto both of his hands just to hold it.

"I can't wait to see the look on Iruka Sensei's face when he sees this." said Naruto. "Wait a minute . . . Oh Crap! I'm going to be late for class!" And with that, Naruto stuffed the pentagon into his backpack and raced off to the academy. But he failed to notice that as he placed the pentagon into his bag, that there was a brief moment when it started to glow a dull green light.

To Be Continued . . .


So that's how it begins. But don't worry; there will be more action in the later chapters. Anyways, before you start flaming, yes I gave Naruto a higher class ranking in the Ninja Academy on purpose. This is because I believe that Naruto deserves better than to always be seen by other people as some idiotic loser that has no idea on what he's talking about. Additionally, if you want to know what the Autobots (and Decepticons) look like in the Armada series, then seibertron. com and transformers. wikia. com are excellent websites to use. Please R&R.