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-- -- In the eyes of Naruto Uzumaki -- --

"HEY. MOVE." I shouted, pushing through the still crowd in front of the bulletin board. It really sucked, having to wait for groups of teenagers eagerly looking at their schedules to see if they were in the same class. That was why Sakura and I split up and agreed to meet back at the bathroom in five minutes. Unfortunately, I was trapped between the jocks and pervs—not a good place for a girl like me. Some guy violently shoved me aside, and I caught a sight of blue before kicking the guy's shin.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki, a freshman at Leaf Shadow High with my long, blonde hair pulled up in two ponytails. I'm the constant joke of the town, due to the fact that my foster dad's the biggest gambler in town. Someone started this rumor that I used to be the daughter of this big gambling house that he won over, and to pay my real dad had to give me up. Of course it's not true, but people these days…anyways, my best friends are Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuuga. I live in an apartment with my foster dad, am single, loathe the male species, and am constantly struggling with anything math related. I do okay with everything else, but I just plain suck at math.

Anyways…I managed to push through, and to my surprise I found Hinata tracing a finger down the list.

"Naruto-san!" she smiled, greeting me at once.

"Hinata, you beat me here." I replied. "What's your homeroom?"

She checked the list before replying, "Room 1-C, Mr. Umino."

"I'm with Hinata in homeroom!" I cheered, and the two of us made our way to the bathroom.

Hinata was a shy heiress, with long violet hair reaching her waist. I don't know too much about her, even though I've known her since kindergarten. Still, she was nice and always helped me with my homework and explained things to me when I didn't understand. She wore glasses to read and shared my love for ramen. Hinata was always a victim of sexual jokes so I often defended her, but I couldn't blame them: Hinata was very developed for a freshman.

"Naruto, Hinata." Sakura greeted us, waving next to her other best friend, Ino Yamanaka.

I've known Sakura since last year. Her pink hair reaches just under her chin, and she's usually smiling or scolding me for putting off studying and school work. She's the smartest person in the country but she's always goggling over this guy. Luckily Sakura cared more about her friends. Ino was a blonde beauty, caring only for her looks and dieting. I didn't mind her much, but every time she asks why I don't have a boyfriend just irritates me. I guess she's okay.

"Sakura, which homeroom are you in?" I asked, putting a hand at my waist.

"1-B, Mr. Hatake…" she groaned. "I'm separated from Sasuke-kun…"

"Who?" I asked.

Sakura went into scolding mode. "How do you NOT know who he is?!" she screeched as Ino gasped.

"Because it's a guy." I replied, shrugging. "Anyways, me and Hinata are going to homeroom, see you later." I said, pulling Hinata away from the circle of hatred.

"Maybe I should get you a guy, Hinata." I told her. "Then they can bother you instead."

Hinata laughed softly and opened the door to the classroom. "After you." She insisted.

I walked in and spotted the group of jocks. "Figures…" I mumbled, taking a chair in the middle of the room. Hinata sat beside me, and shrieked as a paper ball whizzed past her and hit the back of my head.

I spun around immediately. "Alright, which wise-ass did it?!" I hollered, jumping up.

The group of guys behind us laughed. "You're right, Uzumaki's rack isn't half bad." The spiky blue haired ring leader laughed. I saw that blue hair somewhere…

"If you have a problem, fight me." I growled.

"Badass." He replied as the guys around him did a chorus of 'Ooo!'s. "Come on, Uzumaki...let's get along."

"I'd rather kick your ass." I snapped.

He stood up, eyeing Hinata behind me. "Cute friend."

Before I could retort the bell rang, and Mr. Umino entered. "Settle down." He told us, clambering to his desk. "Don't go starting a fight, Uzumaki." He warned.

I have a past for getting into fistfights. No, I've never hit a girl. It's always a guy that tried to feel me up or who stared too long. At least they let me off. Most of the time…

"I'll see you later, Uzumaki." He laughed, sitting back in his seat.

I swear I would've kicked his ass if Mr. Umino hadn't threatened to kick me out of high school if I even thought of a fight.

-- -- -- --

"Lunch is my favorite period." I grinned, grabbing a chair and plopping onto it.

"Be careful!" Hinata warned me. "Your uniform…!"

"Thanks, Hinata." I pulled down my skirt and opened my bagged lunch. "Peanut Butter…well, at least he remembered I was allergic to nuts." I joked, putting the sandwich back in and pulling out an apple.

Hinata giggled and rummaged through her own bagged lunch. "Ah, a chicken salad." She pulled out the small container.

"You always have good lunches." I pouted, rolling the apple around.

"That or you just keep getting cruddy ones." Sakura joked, pulling up a seat. "Honestly, what kind of foster father do you have?"

"The gambling one who forgets he has an extra mouth to feed." I sighed.

Sakura then decided to change the subject. "I heard you got into a row with Sasuke-kun." She told me, clearly angry at the fact that I challenged him. "You know he's just teasing."

"Teasing? As if. The only things guys want is sex. And girls. And money. And alcohol." I grumbled bitterly. "Teasing is something friends do anyway, right Hinata?"

Hinata was staring at someone from behind me with a worried expression on her face. I stole a glance and saw Sasuke Uchiha (guess that was his name, I'm not sure, I'm no good at remembering names) and his crew laughing. One guy wasn't laughing, but staring straight back at us, a little surprised. He blushed when he saw me looking and put his head down. I turned back to see Hinata with a forlorn expression.

"Does Hinata like that guy?" I asked her. "Be honest."

Hinata blushed, shaking her. "N-No…I don't, honest."

I tilted my head slightly, frowning. "You have to tell me so I won't kick his ass when I go to beat up Uchiha's group." I told her. "So it won't be my fault when he gets hurt."

"Kiba-kun doesn't like fights." She replied quietly. "Then again…that was in the past…"

My face was just a question mark. "Honestly, Naruto…you can be so clueless…" Sakura commented.

"At least I'm not nosy." I snickered, causing her face to become pink. "Uh oh, your face is as pink as your hair, Sakura Drops!"

Sakura Drops was one of my favorite songs, and I envied the fact that Sakura had a name that my idol used in a song.

"Whatever, I'm throwing this poison out." I grabbed the bag and got up, throwing the apple in. I spun around a bit too quickly and was crashed into, and I could feel something very cold splash onto me. I shrieked and slipped on something and fell. I looked up to see a horrified Uchiha (holding an opened water bottle, I'll add!) gaping back at me. I knew why; my shirt was soaked, and I had chosen to wear a blue bra. I jumped up and grabbed his shirt, pulling his face to mine. "What the hell's your problem, Uchiha?!" I yelled in his face, just about ready to murder him.

"Uzumaki! Uchiha! What's the problem?" Mrs. Mitarashi yelled, pulling us apart.

"That bastard splashed water on me!" I yelled.

"You broke it!" he protested, showing her the bent top.

-- -- -- --

Maybe he was right. Or wrong. Whatever, either way we were both sentenced to a week of lunch detention. It's like regular detention, only worse in my opinion. It's during lunch, you can't see your friends, you're stuck with a teacher that's always napping, and you get bored within a five second period. You could only imagine the fury I held for Uchiha at that point. Now he was on my list.

Of course Mr. Hatake sat us next to each other, but I couldn't care less; I took out a slip of paper I always kept in my shirt pocket. I unfolded the paper and took out a pencil from my backpack and clicked it once. I felt Uchiha's eyes on me, but I ignored him and took a quick look down the list.

The List was my list of people whom I didn't even try making friends with. Stereotypical? No, I let myself get a chance to know them all before marking them as complete assholes. The list had only a few names. I know, I know, I'm actually a friendly girl, mind you. But this guy just pissed me off…

Anyway it started with the name Inuzuka Kiba. I only wrote the last names first because I could never remember their first names. After him was Aburame Shino (he creeped me out), then Hyuuga Neji (the freaking know-it-all who ALWAYS rubs his good grades in my face…I don't care if he's Hinata's brother, I dislike him), afterwards Yamanaka Ino (I know she's Sakura's best friend, but she still annoys me), and Rock Lee (I forget which is his last or first…and I don't remember why he's here…). I added Uchiha under Rock Lee. I realized I forgot his first name.

"Uchiha." I muttered under my breath.

He looked up from his book. "What?"

"What's your name again?"

He smirked, closing the book. "Adding me to your list, Uzumaki?"

I nodded. "Be proud." I added. "I haven't added anyone since the beginning of middle school."

The guy actually stood up and stole a glance. "Why haven't you added me before?"

"You're getting on my nerves." I spat. "Name?"

He thought to himself, and then gave a half hearted shrug. "Go figure it out."

Just like a bastard to act like that! I thought violently, brushing back my ponytails to hide my anger. I swear if I knew Mr. Hatake was a heavy sleeper, I'd throw Uchiha out the window.

-- -- In the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha -- --

Kiba had warned me she'd explode, and Neji did, too. Still, I don't back down on dares. Just look where it's landed me, in lunch detention. The period hadn't even started and I got into this mess. There was no positive side to this…

At least, until Uzumaki took off her shirt.

You see, I decided to take a nap after she bopped me on the head for refusing to give her my name. Just as I was about to really fall asleep, though, she looked at me. After I few seconds, she decided it was safe and she peeled off the soaked uniform top, laying it on the desk behind her to dry. I couldn't help but stare through my arms. The girl had a nice body, but the big mouth drew attention away from it.

To my dismay she rumbled into her bag and pulled out a blue t-shirt and pulled it over her head. "Much better." She sighed in relief.

-- -- -- --

Ah, Algebra. I hated it with a vengeance, something you don't see every day. Of course this was mainly due to the teachers I've had previously. This year I had Mrs. Yuhi, whom I hoped wasn't some old hag. Seat assignments were set up already, so I looked for my seat and sat, taking out a sketchbook. I was busy at work when a familiar blue shirt caught my eye.

I have this disorder where if I see something unusual in my view, I immediately look at it. Itachi says that's normal, but I don't know…Especially when that something is Naruto Uzumaki.

She was looking at my work apparently, and hadn't noticed who the artist was.

"That's really good." she commented as I drew. She sounded so normal when she wasn't yelling, I almost expected someone else to comment.

"Nice to hear that coming from you, Uzumaki." I replied cheerfully.

Uzumaki gasped, jumping back. "You again?! What the hell, are you stalking me?" she snapped, getting out of the normal girl voice I heard two seconds before.

"I was here first." I pointed out.

She threw her head back, brushed a lock of hair behind her, and took a seat behind me. Her glare pretty much burned through my head onto my paper. Only thirty seven minutes to go…

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