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--- ---In the Eyes of Sasuke Uchiha--- ---

The world was ending.

Not literally, of course.

Well, our world was.

When Naruto had told me that she was leaving, my heart had stopped for a few seconds--what seemed like years to me. After telling us, she had looked away, asking us to leave so she could sleep.

I didn't understand. It was like she didn't want to be near us anymore. Shouldn't it be the opposite? I hadn't seen her in days, but I still saw Jiraiya and Lento around, both happy to see me whenever they did. Still, it was hard to do anything knowing I'd never see her again--my sketchbook had a thin layer of dust on it, and my room was a mess from my little temper tantrum. Itachi had understood and chose to leave me alone; that I was grateful for, but at the same time it frustrated me.

The sun hid behind some clouds as I got dressed that morning. A low rumble revealed the storm to come, and I felt it ironic, due to the conversation Sakura and I had the night before:

'She leaves tomorrow, around seven o'clock.' Sakura said through the phone in a slightly annoyed voice. 'I only found out after knocking down her door and forcing her to tell me. I mean, she was so depressed Sasuke…Lento and Jiraiya think it best to get her away from all the commotion, the news people are all over her and won't leave her alone…Oh Sasuke--I think she wants you to see her tomorrow. Everyone else already said goodbye…Promise me you'll see her, okay?'

How was I going to see her without screaming my head off in frustration? Without getting on my knees and begging her not to go? Without crying? It was so damn confusing, I had no idea what to do!

First things first…get over to Naruto's apartment.

--- ---In the Eyes of Naruto Uzumaki--- ---

"Is that all, Miss Uzumaki?" a moving man asked me as the others hauled the last box.

With a nod, he checked something off his clipboard and nodded back, turning his back to me to check that the boxes made it to the truck in one piece.

I looked back to the now emptied apartment with a small sigh; all that was left was the broken television. Kitsune nibbled on my sandal, looking up at me sadly; she knew how I felt.

My heart wouldn't stop hurting. I had already seen my friends and said my goodbyes, but without seeing Sasuke, I felt like I was running away without saying anything to anyone. What was wrong with me? Depressed every day, feeling like crap, not giving a damn…None of this has ever happened to me before. And for what? A boy who I used to hate with a passion? For someone who admitted that he dated me because of a dare?

But I couldn't bring myself to see him. I couldn't. It was best to leave without saying anything.

Scooping up Kitsune, I turned my heel and stepped out of the apartment, a low rumble and dark clouds looming overhead. Kitsune nibbled at my black dress' collar with a whine, and I squeezed her tight as I hopped down the stairs.

A raindrop splashed down on top of my head, and I looked up in time to see the rain pour down on me. In a way, it felt kinda nice…like refreshing.

Jiraiya waved over to me, beckoning me to come. "The train's going to leave soon." he old me as I approached him and Lento. "We need to hurry before we miss it."

"Now?" I asked unexpectedly.

"The sooner the better." Lento commented, waving off the moving man's questions.

Jiraiya placed a hand on my shoulder comfortingly, stating, "Naruto, it's--" He stopped suddenly, looking over me at something odd; as if he had seen something that he had never seen before. "…Someone's here to see you."

Sasuke? My heart leapt up to my throat, and a rush of uneasiness and hope filled me up as I quickly turned to look at the visitor.

Pausing in his walk towards us as he looked at the moving company's truck, Sasuke Uchiha looked at us.

My eyes widened as they met with his--why did he come? I had tried not to let anyone know I was leaving. But the questions simmered down as he walked up to me.

"You're really leaving?" Was the first thing he said.

"I…yeah. I guess." I replied slowly with a small shrug, trying to pass it off as nothing.

He wasn't mad.

"Huh…" he spoke, as if something interesting had been said. "…I guess I missed the notice."

"No." I stated quickly as he walked up to me. "I mean, there wasn't…there was no notice."

Sasuke looked down at me, stroking Kitsune lightly. "…I guess you didn't want to see me, huh?"

"No! I mean, I couldn't!" I blabbered, not really knowing what I was saying. My thoughts were scrambled, my heart had leapt up to my throat--it was so confusing! "I didn't want to--"

"It's fine." he told me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "You don't have to say anything."


Without warning he pulled me into an embrace, squishing Kitsune in between us. She escaped as I dropped my arms, curling up around our feet as the rain dropped down on us.

"I love you." he whispered, a light kiss on my forehead. "Even if you don't feel the same anymore."

"That's not it…" I mumbled, feeling tears mix with the raindrops on my face as I hugged him back. "I can't say it…not to you…"

He pulled back, brushing my wet bangs out of my eyes. "Don't cry."

I shook my head, sending water all over the place. How could I not cry? 'I hate this…!" I sobbed harder, my grip tightening. I didn't want to ever let go, I didn't want to leave…

But I had to. For his sake.

I finally pushed myself away from him, wiping my tears. My heart felt like it was about to explode, but I managed to scoop up Kitsune in my arms again; though this time, I held her out to Sasuke.

"Take care of her," I answered his confused expression. "…Until I come back, okay?"

With a smile he nodded, taking the fox, who peered up at him. He gave me a kiss on my cheek, and I finally entered the car. As Jiraiya entered and closed the door, I looked back at Sasuke. He waved as Kitsune licked his cheeks; I wondered if he had cried too. There was one thing I wanted to say, that I forgot to:

I love you, Sasuke Uchiha.

The End.

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