Written for the DCU Free For All Challenge prompt "hero worship/idol".

When Kyle first met Hal Jordan — the real Hal, not the man who had been possessed by Parallax — it had been an accident of time travel. Fate had dropped him right next to a younger version of his predecessor, and Hal was everything the stories had made him out to be: brave and confident and handsome and heroic. Kyle would be the first to admit that from that chance meeting, he had developed a bad case of hero worship for Hal.

And now Hal had returned. Alive again and free of Parallax.

"How does it feel to be back?" John asked.

"Great!" Hal said. He looked at Kyle and smiled broadly. "And I have Kyle to thank for making it happen."

Hal slung his arm over Kyle's shoulders — nothing more than a friendly, brotherly gesture — but it still made Kyle suck in his breath as a jolt ran through his body followed by a flood of warmth. And at that moment he had the sudden realization that his feelings for Hal went far beyond simple hero worship. Kyle realized, with much embarrassment regarding the growing erection in his pants, that he had an honest-to-God crush on Hal Jordan.