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From Saviour To Destroyer

Chapter one: Cell is Gone

The dragon disappeared after having fulfilled the wishes. It was only an hour after Cell was killed by Gohan. Goku was wished back now and everyone was happy to see him.

Goku greeted everyone though he had barely been gone at all. Gohan had hugged him already after first doubting if he should. After they had hugged Goku greeted his friends.

They had planned a party on the Look Out. Off course everyone felt like freshening up a bit, so they decided to start the party at six.

Goku placed a hand on Gohan's shoulder and both disappeared by use of Instant Transmission. They reappeared in front of their house on Mt. Paozu. Goku walked inside while Gohan stayed outside which went unknown to Goku at first.

'Chichi? I'm home!' Goku shouted through the house. No more than a few seconds later Chichi came running into the room eyes filled with tears as she sighted her husband.

'Goku?' Chichi asked unsure though he was right in front of her. Goku grinned at her and Chichi rushed to him and hugged him tightly.

'I'm okay Chi' Goku managed to say before Chichi started to strangle him in her tight hug. 'Uhm….Chi..cou..could….you….give….some…space' Goku asked through short breaths.

Chichi realised she was choking her husband and released her grip on him quickly. She was smiling and still had tears trickling down her cheeks. Goku noticed and gave her a reassuring smile.

'Hey Chi there's a party on the Look Out at six. We're going right?' Goku asked carefully.

Chichi tensed up immediately. 'What! You want to celebrate all that!? I nearly died from worry the whole time!' Chichi nearly shouted.

'Oh come one Chi. We're celebrating that it's over and we're all safe' Goku said not believing he was going against Chichi. Chichi however released some tension.

'Oh I guess you're right. I've just been so tense I forgot what it's all about. Sure we can go' Chichi said sounding calm and happy again. Goku stepped forward to hug her when she suddenly looked around getting hysterical.

'Uh Chichi? Are you okay?' Goku asked worried. Chichi glanced at Goku in an instant startling the warrior.

'Where's Gohan!? You did bring him right?! He's not hurt, RIGHT?!' Chichi asked hysterical. Goku looked around only now noticing his son didn't follow him inside.

'I brought him here. He's probably still outside' Goku said and no sooner had he said it or Chichi was already out the door. He quickly followed her.

'Gohan!' Chichi screamed as she ran outside. Gohan was outside sitting on the grass. He turned around and stood up. He saw his mom running like a maniac or worried mother towards him.

Chichi flung herself around her son hugging him even more tight than Goku. Gohan immediately got short on air. Goku appeared behind Chichi looking a bit confused as to why Gohan didn't come inside. Gohan tried to look happy not wanting to worry his parents.

'Oh I was so worried! Why didn't you come inside!? I thought you were gone!' Chichi said hysterically as she nearly broke down in tears again.

'I'm fine mom. I just wanted to wait for you to see dad' Gohan said sounding honest, but a bit down. Chichi finally let him go and looked him in the eyes.

'Are you okay? Don't you feel well? Perhaps we shouldn't go to the party?' Chichi spoke. Goku immediately jumped forward.

'What!? Not go to the party?!' Goku nearly shouted. He was looking forward to it, especially the food part. He knew Mr. PoPo would make a great feast.

Chichi gave Goku a stern look before turning back to her son. Gohan sighed from all the worry his mom was showing. It didn't go unnoticed by them however.

'What is it Gohan?' Chichi asked as she placed her hand on his forehead checking his temperature. Goku didn't voice the same question but he sure gave Gohan that kind of look.

'I'm fine mom. Don't worry. I'm just a bit tired. Nothing that can't be fixed by a few hours of rest or meditation' Gohan said hoping his mom would calm down.

Chichi looked suspicious at Gohan. Goku did as well, but he was probably trying to find a sign that said something was bothering his son.

'I don't know. You do feel a bit warm. I think we should stay home' Chichi said much to Goku's dismay. Gohan felt himself get a bit irritated by his mom's over worried character.

'I said I was fine. I'm warm because you hugged me so tight. Just let me rest and I'll be alright for the party' Gohan said. He gave his mom a smile and walked passed her inside.

Chichi looked after him as he entered the house. She did not believe Gohan was fine. He might not be sick, but something worried him. She could tell as his mother.

Goku was glad they would go to the party, but he too was worried about Gohan. He didn't seem too happy about everything and you'd expect him to be happy after saving the world. However Gohan might just be tired from all that happened. After all he did fight Cell and lost his dad and got him back on the same day.

Goku reassured Chichi he was probably tired and both went inside to rest a bit as well and get ready for the party at six.

- () -

It was six pm. Dende and Mr. PoPo decorated the Look Out with lights in all colours. There was an enormous feast prepared to feed everyone including the many saiyans.

Piccolo had been on the Look out the whole day. Krillin was the first to arrive. Shortly after him Master Roshi arrived together with Oolong, Baba and turtle. Next were Yamcha and Poar followed by Jajirobe and Korin. After 10 minutes Bulma arrived with her parents and Vegeta and chibi Trunks. Tien and Chaotzu arrived after them. Last was the Ox King.

Everyone chatted a bit waiting for the Son family who appeared to be getting a bit late.

- () -

Goku was ready for a while now having changed into a new orange gi much to Chichi's dismay. However she gave up a long time ago. It was after all a party to celebrate they saved the world from someone evil.

What was taking them so long was that Chichi for one kept changing her outfit. Goku was outside the house enjoying the fresh air.

Gohan was still in his room. He had been in there for as long as they were home, not leaving it once. This worried Goku a bit, but he figured Gohan was resting. Chichi had multiple times tried to get in to check his health, but Gohan refused to let anyone in and she gave up after some time.

'Gohan are you ready?' Chichi asked at his door after finally having found the right outfit. There was no response from Gohan's room. Chichi didn't wait any longer and immediately walked in.

Gohan was not in his room. Chichi was worried sick and shouted to Goku who was outside.

Goku heard Chichi call him and rushed inside. 'What's wrong Chi?' He asked worried. Chichi pointed in the room. Goku walked I followed by Chichi. After a minute Goku turned around confused.

'I don't see the problem with Gohan's room' Goku said dull. Chichi clearly showed her frustration.

'Goku! Your son is not in here, that's the problem!' Chichi nearly shouted. Goku's eyes widened as realization hit him.

'Don't worry I'll find him' Goku said as he disappeared a few seconds later. Chichi sighed and walked outside waiting for Goku to return with her son.

- () –

Goku appeared a bit in the woods where he often trained. He didn't need to search as he noticed Gohan nearby doing some fight stances.

'Hey what're doing?' Goku asked though he already figured Gohan was probably training.

Gohan looked up startled. He was so lost in his training and thoughts he didn't sense his dad. He looked rather shocked which worried Goku.

'You okay Gohan?' Goku asked.

'Yeah I'm fine. I just needed to get out for a while' Gohan said. Goku smiled at him knowing what he meant.

'Alright. Lets get back so you can clean up and we can go. We're probably too late already even with Instant Transmission' Goku said. Gohan smiled back at his dad in the best way he could.

He was happy, but he held some secret feelings bottled up inside. He knew his dad would notice some of it, but he was easily fooled with just tired or some other excuse. What worried Gohan was Piccolo. He was sure he would notice and not be fooled so easily. Gohan forgot about it for now. They arrived back at the house and Gohan quickly rushed passed his mom not wanting to explain himself again.

After 5 minutes Gohan rushed outside in a similar gi of what he wore at the Cell Games just without the cape and without cuts. Chichi shouted her disapproval, but seeing as they were already late she gave up.

Gohan felt relieved his mom didn't force him to change into something more normal to her standards. He didn't like fighting that much, but he loved to wear a gi and train.

They gathered together and instantly vanished.

- () -

Everyone was getting a bit impatient or worried as the Son family still hadn't arrived.

'Do you think there're alright?' Bulma asked while holding a struggling Trunks.

'They are fine, just late' Piccolo said in his usual tone. Bulma briefly looked at him realising he was probably sensing where they were.

Vegeta was not worried. He was agitated. He was angry and really impatient. He didn't even want to come to this party at first, but was forced by the woman. He growled under his breath which unfortunately didn't go unnoticed by Bulma.

Bulma sent Vegeta a death glare that shut him up. As she turned back to a normal position three people arrived out of nowhere.

'Hey guys, sorry we're late' Goku said in the typical Son smile. Nearly everyone smiled or grinned. It wasn't really a surprise they would be late.

'Out of curiosity why were you late?' Krillin asked.

'Oh well Chichi kept…..' Goku didn't finish as he got a slight punch in his side from Chichi. Krillin and Yamcha grinned knowing what Goku tried to say. Most of them knew what he would have said if not interrupted.

'Uh right. Well just normal stuff you know' Goku corrected himself watching out for Chichi. 'Oh and off course Gohan was missing' Goku added as if it was nothing.

This caused some looks in Gohan's direction. Gohan cursed in his mind. 'Did he have to mention that?' Gohan saw Piccolo look at him. He didn't dare to think anything for the moment not wanting to risk Piccolo hearing him mentally.

'Missing?' Yamcha asked bluntly. Gohan did not answer and he clearly didn't like the subject.

'Yeah he was training in the woods' Goku said without thinking. The mood became very tense as multiple faces looked at Chichi. She had already turned to Goku and Gohan.

'He was WHAT!? Gohan I told you no more fighting after those so called Cell Games! You need to study, not train!' Chichi began her ranting.

Gohan stopped listening a while ago. 'Geez dad, did you have to say that? Now she'll never give me a break' Gohan thought as he felt his mood darken.

'Okay!' Gohan shouted startling Chichi and everyone else. All faces were on Gohan now and he really didn't like it. 'I'm sorry mom. I didn't mean to upset you. Can we please drop the subject?' Gohan said more politely.

Chichi frowned for a moment. 'Fine we can "drop" the subject, for now. And only because you asked so politely' Chichi said.

The mood quickly brightened and the party began. Goku immediately took a seat for the food. Some joined him and others decided to eat later. Music was turned on loudly and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Piccolo didn't show it off course, but even he enjoyed himself as he watched from a slight distance how everyone was having fun or making a fool of themselves.

Bulma wanted to go dance, but knew she'd never get Vegeta to dance with her. She therefore gave him Trunks without warning and left for the dance floor. She grabbed Krillin and they danced on the loud music moving around freely.

Chichi decided to join them. Tien was just as Piccolo watching the others only he stood close by. Master Roshi sat on a lazy chair and read his magazines now and then glancing at the ladies.

Yamcha and Poar had joined Goku by the food as had Chaotzu who was starved. Yajirobe was bragging about everything he said he had achieved. The Ox King was also eating and Baba was swinging around the dance floor on her crystal ball. Dende was standing near Piccolo.

Vegeta was holding a struggling Trunks who clearly wanted to go play. He was a bit older than one now. Gohan just walked by Vegeta and in that split second Vegeta made up his mind and pushed Trunks in Gohan's arms. He then stormed away pretending to go eat.

Bulma noticed what Vegeta did and walked over to Gohan. 'Whenever he is alone with Trunks he's all fatherly. He's such a mess inside' Bulma thought. 'Hey want me to take him?' Bulma said already holding out her arms.

Trunks was pretty calm for a change in Gohan's arms. 'No it's okay. You go have fun. I'll watch him' Gohan said. Bulma was bit surprised. She glanced at Trunks and noticed how clam and happy he was.

'Aright, but if you need help just call and I'll come' Bulma said. Gohan nodded and walked to where there was more room. Bulma returned to the dance floor.

Gohan sat down on the ground and placed Trunks in front of him. Trunks glanced at him for a second and giggled as he hold out his little hands. Gohan smiled at him and played with Trunks. Sometimes he grabbed his nose and sometimes he played airplane with him.

No one really noticed except Piccolo and Tien who were watching the others. Trunks was truly enjoying himself and it was as if they were brothers. Bulma stopped dancing as she noticed and her stopping got the other's attention on the dance floor. Not wanting to alert the two they continued the party.

Chichi saw how great Gohan was with Trunks and she smiled. 'Gohan seems like a big brother. Perhaps it would be nice to have another child. Gohan won't be alone' Chichi thought.

After some time Goku finished the food and some of the others went to eat. Goku went to Piccolo to chat a bit or more like stare into space as Piccolo did a lot.

Trunks was with Bulma getting his own portion of diner. Gohan sat on the ground near the edge of the Look Out where he was pretty distanced from the party. He stretched his legs on the ground and leaned back a bit lost in thought.

'Peace? How long will it be? How strong will the next threat be? Are we strong enough? Will dad save us from it? I hope so. I'm not sure I could. I never could've ….. Cell without dad' Gohan thought. He left out that single word on purpose. He used it before and plenty of times, but now it was real. He sighed deeply.

Piccolo felt Gohan's worry. He did not know what is was about, but he sensed Gohan was not at ease. Unfortunately Goku kept chatting to him so he couldn't focus very well on Gohan.

Gohan felt a bit hungry as he watched most of his friends eating. He hadn't eaten all day and all he did was fight Cell and train. He hadn't even rested. It was partly his own fault, but he felt like he should use every minute he had to spare to train in case something happened.

Gohan slowly got up, but as he did he felt dizzy and the Look Out started spinning. He grabbed his head in an attempt to stop it, but it did not work. Gohan stumbled back a bit when suddenly he felt nothing under his feet and blackness overtook his mind as he fell unconscious.

Chichi jumped up instantly without knowing why and Goku abruptly stopped talking. All the others looked at Chichi and then at Goku having noticed their sudden change. Now that it was silent Piccolo sensed out to Gohan. His eyes widened as he realised he could not feel his mind which meant he was unconscious.

Piccolo, Goku and Chichi all looked at where Gohan had been sitting only to find he was not there. The others followed their gaze not getting what was wrong.

'Gohan?' Chichi asked worried. Everyone noticed Gohan was missing. Suddenly Goku and Piccolo's eyes widened.

'Shit!' Piccolo shouted getting everyone's attention.

'NO! Gohan!' Goku nearly screamed. A split second later Goku vanished by use of Instant Transmission.

Everyone jumped up wanting to know what was wrong. 'He fell of the Look Out!' Piccolo quickly said as he focused on Goku and Gohan. Shocked expressions were seen everywhere and some screamed loudly 'WHAT!?'.

Then suddenly Goku appeared back on the Look Out holding an unconscious Gohan in his arms. Chichi screamed and ran to her son. Dende quickly went over as well followed by the others.

Dende looked closely at Gohan not seeing any wounds. He was sure he healed him after the Cell Games. Bulma pushed the others aside after giving Trunks to Vegeta once more. She checked Gohan and turned to Chichi and Goku.

'Has he eaten anything yet?' Bulma asked. Goku and Chichi looked unsure. It was pretty hectic all day.

'At least not before the Cell Games. He couldn't eat from the nerves' Chichi said. 'I tried to force him, but he refused' Chichi added.

'Hmm well it seems he fainted from exhaustion and lack of food. For one he's a saiyan and needs lots of food and second he fought a monster like Cell and did not eat at all' Bulma explained.

Chichi's eyes looked beyond worried and slightly angry. 'Why didn't he tell me he was tired, why didn't he rest. Why did he train!!' Chichi started to scream now.

'I think we better take him home. The party has been going on for quite some time. I think we're done' Goku said. Everyone else agreed seeing it was already one in the morning.

They said their goodbyes and Goku took Chichi and Gohan home.


Goku placed Gohan in bed and Chichi brought some food she placed on his bed stand. If he would wake up in the night he could eat something.

'Some way of ending a party' Goku joked a bit. Chichi weakly smiled at him. 'Don't worry Chi. He's okay. Just exhausted and hungry. He'll be fine' Goku said as they left his room and left to go sleep as well.

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