"To the person behind the door, would you please come though?" Near's slightly feminine voice cut through the silence. For the next few seconds, the still air was filled only with the sound of the large rotating fan in the upper area of the Yellow Box Warehouse.

Then, a screeching, metallic sound pierced the stillness, and the door opened to reveal a man, mid-twenties, with shoulder length black hair. He took a few steps into the cold warehouse, followed by the eyes of the SPK and the Task Force members.

"How long has it been since you wrote down the names?" Near asked. The person, Teru Mikami, glanced down at his watch, and smiled.


Kira couldn't help but smile, even a little, but he kept his eyes downcast as to cover his expression from anyone who was watching him.


Everyone was going to die…Kira would finally win…Near looked confident that his plan would work, but Light wasn't as dense as Near might like to think.


Light was so tempted to say something, to rub his victory in Near's face before the plan took place…But, just incase it goes wrong, Light decided he had better keep his mouth shut…


A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. At least, it felt like seconds were passing—in reality, not even two seconds had passed before everything fell into Kira's favour.

The task members, Matsuda, Aizawa, Ide and Mogi clutched their chests and yelled out in pain—soon, the SPK, with the exception of Near, reacted the same way. Light glanced at Near, and was elated to see the look of shock on the detective's face.

Near stood up and turned to his SPK members as they hit the floor. Light turned to Mikami, and spoke two simple words; "Well Done,'

Near, upon seeing that his fellow SPK members were dead, turned to Light, an expression of confusion, shock and fear on his face. Light smirked at L's successor.

"Near, it's my win," He said quietly.

"But…how?!" Near demanded. "We…We replaced that Notebook, it's a fake!"

"It's almost sad to see you all worked up like this," Light replied. "Do you honestly think I'd grown so conceited as to not think of the possibility that nothing could go wrong? You're the one who got too over-confident,"

Near looked at Gevanni, who'd fallen down just by Near's feet. The confusion and shock immediately turned into anger, but the fear was still present. "How?" was all he asked.

"I knew that you'd try to replace the Notebook with a fake one, so I had Mikami confirm it when it happened…And then, when we were arranging this, I realized that you might've replaced the real notebook, not the fake one. So, I had Mikami take the five pages he was supposed to give to Takada, and use them today instead of the Notebook," Light explained. "You were never worthy to be L's successor, Near," he added.

Near's fists clenched at his sides as he stared at the floor. He's lost, and all of his friends were dead…He'd failed to succeed L…He'd failed L, he'd failed Watari, and he'd failed the world. "Very good, Kira," he said, trying to keep his voice level. He winced when he heard his own wavering voice come out quiet, barely audible over the spinning of the large fan. "You've won," Near wasn't an idiot, he knew when he was defeated. "So, are you going to kill me using the Death Note now?" Near asked, pulling the real Notebook out from its hiding place. He threw it to the ground, where it landed by Teru's feet.

"No," Light replied. Near looked up at him confused, but was immediately answered when Light pulled out a gun from his jacket. "I want you to suffer,"

A single shot rang through the silent air, followed by a soft thud of the body that hi the ground.

And thus begins Kira's Ideal World.