Author: Chyna


Summary: This takes place immediately after Darkness.

NOTE: IVE MISSED WRITING SO MUCH!! Life has been crazy, but I'm back! I'm sorry if this is kinda bad, but I was so excited to be back! I wanted to get this part out there. FEEDBACK, pwease??

Disclaimer: Song(will use later) is Forsaken by Jonathon Davis and David Draiman. I don't own any of the characters of Buffy. Duh.

Buffy slowly opened her eyes, moaning as a peek of light splashed into them. Was I dreaming?, She thought to herself. Turning her head, she glanced at her surroundings.

She was naked. In her bed. With Mr. Gordo.

She looked to the floor and noticed that most of the pictures in her room had fallen to floor and broken. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor, and the bed was disheveled and on an angle.

She sat up. Her body was sorer than she could ever remember. She glanced over to her night stand and saw that her soreness and the memory of Angelus creeping into her room wasn't a dream. There was another picture, right next to the one he had drawn the previous night. It was of her; a scene from their passionate night. She was grasping the thick dark hair of Angelus over her womanhood. Her brow was twisted in pleasure; golden blonde hair stuck to her sweaty face and body, her back was arched showing the femininity of her swollen aroused breasts.

It made her breathless.

She collapsed back onto her pillows amazed that her erotic fantasy was no longer just that. It was real. She finally did it. He finally came for her.

With a tiny grin she looked back over to her drawing. Reaching out to grab it she accidentally knocked over her alarm clock. Picking it up, she looked at the time.


"Damnit!" Buffy realized that she was about to be late for her Chemistry test. Although she was in coital bliss she knew that she would regret it beyond belief if she skipped out on that test. She hurriedly got cleaned up and dressed to go, all the while thanking whatever God there was that her mother was out of town again. She grabbed a few stakes, dropped them in her book bag, and speedily left the house.


Willow looked nervously outside the window. She and Xander had the same Chemistry with Buffy and she knew she hadn't shown up to any of her previous classes.

"Do you think she's ok?" She leaned over and whispered to Xander. "I mean, I know she had a pretty late patrol last night and with Angel being all must be tiring."

Xander slid the redhead an assuring grin and said, "It must be...but she's the Buffster! She'll pull through! I don't think there's anything that could get the best of her."

"I'm just worried, Xander. I could only imagine what she's going through." Willow thoughtfully chewed on a pencil.

"You're right, Will." Xander replied. "Hey! Here's an idea. How about we make a special 'No Vamp Friday'? We'll order pizza, watch the Princess Bride, hell we'll even bring out the Twinkies. Wait, double stuffed Twinkies. Nothing but the best for my girls!"

Right at that moment a tuft of wild blonde hair popped into the classroom and a blur zoomed to a seat in front of them. "Hey guys! What did I miss?"

Excited, Willow beamed at her friend, "You're ok! And you made it before the test started! Yay!"

"Yep! Good ole Buffy. So…I didn't miss anything? Good." The blonde reclined back into her seat.

"Nope. Just Mr. Atchison rambling about conspiracy theories. Fun stuff." Xander rolled his eyes.

The girls laughed. Willow then asked the question Buffy desperately wanted to avoid.

"So...what happened last night? Was everything OK?"

Buffy turned and stared at Willow, not wanting to lie, but knowing she couldn't tell her the full truth.

"I… I ran into Angelus."

Willow looked concerned, "Oh...what happened?"

"Well...earlier in the night I had killed tortured a vampire. But before I did he made mention of me not being followed that night. That he was lucky.

Confused, Xander asked, " he saying that he stayed away because someone was following you?"

"I told you guys that something was different. Less vampires and this eerie feeling of being watched… I know it was Angelus. He follows me and…" Buffy trailed off, thoughts of lust distracting her.

Willow broke her out of her daydream, "But…you said you saw him too? Did he attack you?"

Buffy snapped out of her lust filled thoughts. Oh Will. Not everything is so black and white "Yeah…Kinda… He gave me this."

She handed Willow the picture. Buffy made sure to have left the more intimate portrait at home.

"Oh my God..."

Xander, none too quietly, leaned over Willow's shoulder and exclaimed, "Let me see! Wow...he drew that?"

Willow shushed him and gave him a slap on the hand.

"He drew that. He said he would watch me...night after night...looking up at the moon. Guys...I think Angelus...wants something more."

Xander and Willow looked at each other and then looked back at Buffy.

Xander spoke first, "You mean...more than wanting you dead?"

" me. As something more."

Willow couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Buffy he's tricking you. He's using your love for Angel to try to make it into something twisted."

Buffy looked down, knowing that what Willow said was a real possibility. What is she was wrong about all of this? What if everything he said was a lie?

"Yeah… maybe you're right."

Xander moved to speak again, but Mr. Atchison began passing out the tests.

"Alright class! I hope you've studied!"

Sunnyrest Cemetery- Friday

Buffy hadn't seen Angelus in 5 days now. She wondered why he was acting so evasive. It was killing her inside and she had no one to confide in. Her friends kept grilling her about it, but she didn't know what to say. Tonight was the first official "No Vamp Friday". Hats off to Xander for that original name

Buffy stopped. She thought she heard something in the distance. Much to her disappointment, she didn't see anyone.

Great job, Buffy. You actually thought that he wanted you or something. Drusilla was probably busy and that's why he bothered with you. God, Willow was right

A stubborn tear slid its way down her face and she quickly and angrily swiped it away.

"There you go again; wasting tears."

She turned quickly towards the deep silky voice and let out a breath of relief and frustration at its owner.

"What's wrong, lover? Miss me?" Angelus smirked mockingly. He knows he certainly missed her. Especially the mini skirts and tiny tank tops she loved to wear.

"No." She pouted and stomped away from him.

Angelus gave a dark laugh and caught her arm before she get too far away. She continued to pout, but refused to look at him. He lifted her face with a finger, forcing her to stare straight at him.

"Don't pout. I've got a much better idea for those lips..."

Buffy's nose curled in irritation and she shoved him away. "You're a pig, you know that?"

"Eh. I've been called worse. Evil. Murderer. Whore. Rapist." With each word his smirk broadened, amused by her reactions.

Buffy's eyes rounded as she realized exactly who she was dealing with.

"You're sick!" She spun and hurriedly tried to walk away.

"What? Did you forget who I was?" He kept up with her pace, taunting her. "I'm not Angel, baby! I've done so many sick twisted things, you wouldn't believe!"

"WHY are you doing this? You disappear for 5 days, doing God knows what, with God knows WHO and you expect me to let you talk to me that way?"

"Aww, is my little girl jealous?"

"Fuck you, Angelus! Stay the hell away from me!" Buffy picked up her pace a little more.

Angelus rolled his eyes and attempted to grab her shoulder. Buffy, bothered by his touch, turned around and punched him straight across the face.

Angelus was shocked. He tasted the blood inside of his mouth from the force of the hit and then became angry. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her up against a nearby tombstone. Buffy shrieked and struggled against his unusually strong grip.

"Listen, you ungrateful little bitch! I will do and say whatever the fuck I want to you! I spent those 5 days on a fucking boat just to get you this, you spoiled brat!" He let her go and swiftly reached into his jacket pocket and pulled something out. With a growled he tossed it at Buffy and stormed away.

Buffy was surprised at his outburst. She expected a fight after a punch like that. She looked around for a moment, searching for the object he dropped. Seeing a glint in the grass she reached down and picked up a ring. It looked silver and had a red diamond heart in its center. It was surrounded by two hands on each side and on top of the heart was a crown accented in pearl. It was dazzling.

She marveled at his beauty and wondered if what he said was true. Did he really get that for her? She looked up and saw that Angelus was still in the distance. "Angelus!"

He didn't stop walking. She jogged up towards him and tried to call out to him again, "Angelus! Wait!"

He did. But he didn't turn around to face her.

She finally caught up to him, his back still toward her. "W...why would you do this for me?"

He didn't answer.

Buffy was a bit unnerved by his silence. She walked closer to him and touched his shoulder. "Angelus, I-"

He turned at her touch and gripped her by the waist. He hoisted her up until she had her legs wrapped firmly around him. Buffy was immediately turned on by his aggressions and dropped the bag of stakes she held in her hand. She moaned as she felt his erection against her. It was large and hard, ready for what lay ahead. Grabbing her hair, he dominantly kissed her. She made a little noise into his mouth as his powerful hands reached under her skirt and easily ripped off her panties. He skillfully unzipped his pants and back pedaled until he was leaning up against a tree. He thrust inside of her, without preamble. She released his mouth and let out a loud scream of pleasure that echoed through the cemetery.

Buffy gasped as her inexperienced womanhood clenched over Angelus. "Oh god...oh god...oh god..."

Angelus didn't move, waiting for her. "Look at me."

Buffy lifted her lust filled eyes to meet his.

"You are mine. Do you understand that? You are mine and no one else's." He began to thrust, shallowly. "Do you hear me, Buffy? MINE!" He accented the last word with a deep punishing thrust.

"Yes!!" She cried. He was filling her up past her limit and she couldn't imagine a better feeling. "I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm yours..." She repeated over and over again each time he entered inside of her.

He picked up his pace feeling more and more animalistic each second he was inside of her. His true face came out and he buried his face into her neck, growling louder and louder.

"You're mine...forever." He whispered in her ear. He began licking and sucking on her neck and when she bared her neck to him, he didn't waste a second thought. He plunged his sharpened teeth into her neck and suckled.

Buffy didn't know what came over her or why she bared her neck for him. All she knew is that once he bit into her she came harder than she ever had before. He only drank for a moment, releasing her neck and licking at the wound. She was still in the midst of an orgasm, bucking against his hips, which only aroused him more.

After her orgasm, she almost instinctively began to lick his neck in return.

" love...fucking do it!" Angelus growled out against her, still keeping up his pace.

Their lips met in passion once again. Buffy broke away from the kiss and forced Angelus to look her in the eyes.

"You are mine. No one else's. Say it, Angelus! Say it!"

Angelus groaned impatiently, "Fine! Whatever!"

Buffy used her Slayer strength to clench as hard as she could against him. "Say it!"

He cried out in utter pleasure, "I'm yours! Now do it!"

Buffy bit down with her blunt teeth on his neck. She knew it was wrong, but he had some hold over her. She could never deny him.

The second her little teeth grabbed his he began to thrust harder. He felt her bite a little harder and break the skin; the blood flowing into her mouth.

He grabbed Buffy's hair once again, wrenching her neck to the side. He reinserted his fangs and began to pull from her again. Her little mouth was still attached to his skin, drawing his powerful blood into her body.

They released their orgasms together, connected in every way possible. Angelus had one hand still in his Slayers hair and another hand gripping her hips, emptying his seed as far as it would go. He let go of her neck and gave one final animalistic growl into the night sky.

Buffy's head was spinning. She released Angelus' neck and rested her head against him. She took a glance him. He was in full game face; sweat had made his hair damp and was dripping over his closed eyes. He had a snarl and smear of her blood on his lips.

He Was Glorious.


His eyes flickered open and were staring right into her own. What she saw, was what she least expected.

His eyes were glowing a bright red and seemed to crackle with light.

"Wha-? ...What's wrong your eyes?" She climbed off of him and fixed her skirt all while keeping eye contact with him.

He smirked, tucking himself back into his pants. "I guess I could ask you the same thing."

"What?" Buffy quickly kneeled to the ground, grabbed the bag she had dropped, and searched for her mirror. Finding it, she peered into her reflection only to recoil in fear. "What did you to me??"

She looked up at Angelus as her eyes glowed bright silver.

He lifted her from her kneeling position and brushed a few sweaty hairs from her eyes, "You're beautiful. You're mine now. All mine."

Tears formed in her chrome colored eyes, "Am I going to turn now?"

"No. Not unless... you want me to...?"

Buffy shook her head fiercely, still horrified by her reflection.

"Come home with me. I'll explain it all." He held out his hand.

She immediately took it without a second thought, "To the mansion, though? What about Spike...or Dru?"

He saw the jealousy flash in her eyes as she mentioned Dru's name.

"There is nothing that they can do to you, to us. You're mine now and that will never change."

They left hand in hand, towards their new home.