A Note:

I know, I know…I hate it, too, when an author includes a note as a chapter :P But I
forgot to say this at the beginning of the chapter I just uploaded. When I have chapter 6
written I will replace this note with it. Anyhow…

I have to ask that you please not fill any more reviews with "Write more!" (or something
to that effect) :P I appreciate the encouragement, believe me. But simply having
someone say "write more", unfortunately, doesn't magically make my Muse work any
faster :P I wish it did. But it doesn't. I appreciate everyone's patience, and apologize for
the way that I work…but what can I say? That's just how I work. I hope you

And please understand that, as an author, reviews are what I live for. I check in after
each update to see if I have any new reviews. Not just to see if anyone is out there
reading, but also to collect constructive criticism. Constructive criticism, unlike the oft-
used "write more", does in fact help the creative process. So if you like what you're
reading, and what more fast, then please find something constructive to say about the

Okay… That's pretty much it :P Sorry. But that just had to be said. Hope I didn't anger
anyone with this. Believe me, I feel your pain.