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Level 5: Komurin Mishaps

"YOU GUYS!" Lavi yelled as he ran up. "WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"

"Lavi this is one of our few breaks!" Allen said.

"You don't understand! We might not be able to tape anymore of the anime!" Lavi said arms swinging around.

"Why's that?" Kanda asked.

"What a minute…where's the golems?" Lenalee asked looking around.

"Oh they're on strike." Lavi said his arms folded. "So are Tyki's butterflies."

(Scene change)

"My god." Kanda said as half the order's golems and evil butterflies pranced around in a circle.

"I don't see Timcampi." Allen stated. "At least he's not part of this."

"Oh no not the circle." Lavi said pointing. "He's with the Komurins."

The four Komurin's were also prancing in their own circle. Timcampi sat on top of Komurin 2's head. Allen glared at the golem.

"What are they demanding?" Lenalee asked Lavi.

"Their own miniseries." Lavi replied. "That and more yaoi."

"NO!" Allen and Kanda said.

"The negotiator has been sent in." Lavi said motioning to the now one big circle.

They watched the circle but couldn't see anything. Finally the circle parted. Allen's mouth dropped open.

"RHODE?!" Allen said as she walked up. "You're the negotiator?!"

"We have come to an agreement." Rhode said holding up the signed paper.

"What are the conditions?" Lenalee asked as they tried to read the paper.

"They all have agreed to return to their jobs as of today." Rhode started. "On the one condition is that they get Yaoi at least Once a week."

"Live shows?" Allen asked.

"Oh no." Rhode said waving her hand. "Timcampi will be taping it."

Allen glared across the way at the smiling golem. Timcampi flashed the victory sign with his wings.

"Lavi let me barrow your hammer." Allen said making Lavi blink at him.

"What for?" Lavi asked.

"I'm going to kill a certain golem."


"Don't worry everyone! I have invented our new helper!" Komui said as a small version of Komurin walked into the room.

"Supervisor what is it?" Reever asked as Allen and Lenalee walked in.

"Why this is my new Komurin!" Komui said his glasses shining. "He's going to satisfy our needs!"

"So he's going to do our work for us?!" Johnny and Tapp said.

"This Komurin is not a work saver! He's a pleasure seeker!" Komui said as the Komurin turned on.

A bunch of video cameras popped out of it's back. Everybody moved in for a closer look.

"What do you mean by pleasure Nii-san?" Lenalee asked.

"This is not in the script." Allen stated reading the thick thick thick book.

"Why this is YPKomurin." Komui explained.

"YPKomurin?" everyone said.

"That's right." Komui said. "Yaoi Pleasure seeker Komurin."

Everyone sweat dropped. Allen got up real close to examine the cameras.

"Please dear god…" Reever said.

"OH! I HAVE YAOI ON HERE!" Komui said as he pulled out a remote. "Let's watch!"

A TV screen appeared and everyone's eyes widened.



"KOMUI!" Lavi and Kanda yelled as they cornered the scientist.

"You know you three are a very good three some." Komui stated as he pulled out a hand grenade. "Bye bye!"

The grenade blew up and smoke filled the room. Komui and YPKomurin ran out of the room.

"Get back here you coward!" Kanda yelled as he, Lavi and Allen started to chase.

"Sorry you can't stop this yaoi!" Komui yelled back. "IT'S ALREADY HAS OVER 1 MILLION HITS ON YOUTUBE!"



"LENALEE!" Komui screamed as he ran through the order. "LENALEE!"

"Nii-san? What's wrong?" Lenalee asked as Komui was panting for air. "You know we're going to shoot the part where Komurin 2 ram sakes the order."

"I know but that's the problem!" Komui said his arms waving around. "KOMURIN 2 HAS GONE MISSING!"


"Alright!" Lavi said standing on Komui's desk. "We have two hours till time of shooting the scene."

"We must find Komurin!" Komui said as he blew his nose. "He's the star!"

Everyone sweat dropped. Lavi cleared his throat.

"Search everywhere." Lavi ordered. "We must find that robot!"

"Hey, where's the Moyashi?" Kanda asked looking around. "I haven't seen him in the past few hours."

"I saw him heading towards the training room with a deck of cards." Johnny said making Lavi and Tyki pale. "He was laughing evilly too."

"Hey bookman you don't think that he…" Tyki whispered to Lavi.

"I hope the hell not." Lavi whispered back. "Alright everyone Tyki and I will go get Allen to help the rest of you start the search!"

Tyki and Lavi ran out of the room making everyone do a double take.

"What the hell?"

"ALLEN WALKER!" Lavi yelled as he entered the training room.

"Over there." Tyki said pointing. "I don't want to even know."

Lavi's mouth dropped open at the sight. Allen sat there playing cards with Komurin. Lavi shook his head as he saw the robots metal outer shell lying behind Allen. He covered his one eye at the sight of the internal works of the robot. Tyki looked green.

"Dear god it has Komui boxers!" Tyki said pointing as the Robot sat shaking with fake anime tears running down it's eye.

"I DID NOT NEED TO SEE THIS!" Lavi yelled at Allen who blinked at them.

"He challenged me." Allen said as Lavi grabbed his collar.

"You are the one who's going to tell Komui what you did to his precious invention!" Lavi said dragging Allen away.

"WAIT WE'RE NOT FINISHED YET!" Allen said as they disappeared.

Tyki helped Komui put his parts on.

"Don't feel too bad, I've been in your situation." Tyki said trying to comfort the robot.

"He's the devil." Komurin said shaking. "He's the devil."

"Yeah we all agree on that part."


"Allen!" Reever yelled as the robot swallowed the cursed boy. "Lenalee! He's here!"

Lenalee burst open the doors. Reever pulled out Allen and started to unwrap him.

"Allen are you…………"

Reever hit the floor laughing. The rest of the science dept and Lenalee also burst into laughter. Allen looks around.

"What the hell is so funny?" Allen asked as Timcampi hit the floor.

Lavi walks up to Allen with a full length mirror while snickering.

"Allen I must say that…." Lavi snickered. "That color suits you…"

Allen looked in the mirror and squealed. "WHAT THE HELL!?"

Allen was in a short puffy dress. It was bright red. His fiery gaze turned towards the robot. Allen pointed at the laughing robot.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Allen yelled as he activated his innocence.

A hammer fell down onto his head. Allen hit the floor unconscious. Everyone looked at Lavi.

"Sorry I hate to miss this great opportunity." Lavi said as he dragged Allen away.

Rhode jumps in and grabs Timcampi. She takes off behind them.

"HURRY TYKI!" Rhode yelled. "It's Yaoi time!"

Tyki next jumps in with a spare camera. Everyone sweat drops as they follow Lavi.

"Doesn't that camera have a video hookup?" Komui asked.

He looks to see Kanda watching video screen. Komui runs over to join in. Lenalee shakes her head.

"Stupid Yaoi boys."


"Allen!" Reever yelled as the robot swallowed the cursed boy. "Lenalee! He's here!"

Lenalee opens the doors to revel Allen in the shower. Allen blinks and screams like a girl shutting the doors.

"Uhhhhh….." Reever and Lenalee say as Lavi walks in.

"That's it!" Lavi said as he opened the doors.

He stopped and leaned in. Everyone is watching and waiting. Lavi steps back pale.

"HE'S GONE! ALLEN'S NOT IN THERE!" Lavi said pointing.

"WHAT!?" Everyone says.

Johnny and Tapp run in with emergency cameras. The Komurin is empty.

"How can we continue without Allen?" Reever asks as Lavi clears his throat.

"I have a solution but everyone must step back behind the yellow line!" Lavi says pointing to the line across the room. "This could get serious."

Everyone is now behind the yellow line. Lavi looks at them then the exit.

"Alright then…" Lavi said looking at the Komurin. "Turn the body three times…!"

He turns the body three times and stops it.

"Then knock twice!" Lavi said as he knocked.

The doors opened to reveal Allen full dressed with Timcampi.

"Ta-da!" Lavi and Allen say.

The entire crew just stares.

"Now?" Lavi says to Allen.

"Now." Allen said as they feel the anger drifting in their direction.

"Exit…stage exit!" Lavi yelled as they started to run. "RUN LIKE THE AKUMA!"

"ALLEN! LAVI!" The exorcists yell as they begin chase.

Rhode turns with microphone in hand.

"Till further notice the D. Gray-man Anime will be on hold due to the murdering of two main characters." Rhode says like a reporter with Tyki holding the camera. "They should be replaced within a few days."

"NOT THE SPORK!" Lavi is heard yelling.

"Let's go watch!" Rhode says running. "If it's by knife or spork…there will still be yaoi ideas!"


To be continued…

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