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Tony leaned back in his chair, placed his feet on his desk and looked around contently. It had been a month since Dimitri Field had tried to blow up the place. Tony hadn't helped with investigating the case, instead, he had gone from one appointment to another, talking with doctors and even with the much-hated shrink. It took some time before everybody thought he could go back in the field, but after that Jenny reinstated him as quickly as possible as Special Agent at NCIS.

But even though he had gained green light to get back in the field as Senior Field Agent, he still wasn't as fit as he had used to be. Months of not walking had caused his muscles to dissolve, so he had to train to get back to the same condition as he had before he got paralyzed. Every minute he could spare he trained his muscles, and it probably would take some months before he had the same amount of power in his legs he was used to. But Tony didn't care about it. He had back the job he loved most, with the people he had come to see as a family. And although chasing a suspect for a long time wasn't really an option, he could be called in any min…

'Gear up! Dead Petty Officer at Quantico, let's go!' Gibbs stormed in the bullpen, grabbed his gear and headed for the bullpen. Tony, McGee and Ziva followed suit.

'What is taking her so long, DiNozzo?' Gibbs said with a grumpy voice. They were waiting in the elevator, the doors were closing.

'She hasn't got gear yet Boss,' Tony grinned. Gibbs gave him a stare.

'But that shouldn't be a problem, right,' Tony placed his hands between the closing doors, stuck out his head and whistled. Laika jumped up from underneath his desk, and ran to the elevator.

'What took you so long, Special Agent Laika,' Gibbs grumbled, a hint of a smile lingering on his lips. Laika barked, and sat proudly between Boss Tony and Boss Gibbs. McGee and Ziva were grinning.

'We really should get her a badge, Boss,' Tony started before the elevator doors closed again.