The Driver

Chapter 25 Back Seat Of The Limousines

Author By: Dominate One

Rated M boyxboy
Warning: Boyxboy by now I think you're all yaoi-fans =D Enjoy~

Sasuke stood there in a moment of silences before a replied came, "How did you know I was here?"

"Wasn't that hard to tell, I saw ya in the reflection, that's all." He shrugged before looking in front of him, "What do you want? You look like you need to talk to me."

Sasuke sighed as his tongue wet his dried up lips, letting his lower part of his lips sucked inbetween his teeth to bite down for a while, making a deep indentation of a row of teeth. Sasuke walked to the back of the limousines and opened the back door and gracefully slide into the back seat. "Nothing." He said uneasy with his eyes looking every where accept the blue eyes that was looking at him in the rear view mirror.

"You're really full of yourself, you know that."

Harden his dark eyes and strike them towards the blonds head, he wasn't looking at him anymore. "I don't need to talk, I'm just taking a walk... its wasn't like I was trying to find you, you're just always there." He gestures with his hands.

"Not that." Came a sharp tone.

Opening the mini bar that was beside him and taking out wine, uncorking with the screw before taking a gulp, white wine ran don't his chin. "Naruto, explain it to me." He lower his head to to looked at the blond through his bangs.

Naruto shifted in his seat, a mix of emotion went through him as he saw the wine bottle. "I prefer to have this discussion with both of us sober."

'Because Their Is You'

"Itachi, are you OK?" Deidara asked.

Itachi was nursing a glass of scotch, in front of him was paper scatters all over the table. "Sai-"

Sai gulp at the tone from his boss, "yes, sir?" wanting to sound formal with the way Itachi is behaving.

Itachi held up his hand, making sure no one speck before he did. "Sai, I had heard something from Orochimaru. You're an Illegal Immigrant. I was surprised when my information didn't have anything one it."

Deidara had his eyes closed as soon as he heard 'illegal immigrant.' He had made a huge error.

"Our Company is against hiring illegal immigrant."

The room was all in silences.

Orochimaru ratted him out but when? Sai balled his fists, "It's true."

Itachi sharp eyes shot to his so called detective. "Deidara? Explain to me how you miss this?"

"I told you, I was more into looking into Orochimaru's past. There's just something about that guy I dislike." Deidara pressed on. "And besides, its a good thing I did. Him wanting to take over after your father retires.."

Sai gave a confused look. "That's what he's after?"

Itachi gave a hard look. "Be extremely careful when around him, Sai. You can leave now."

Sai nodded before turning and going.

Once Sai was gone he looked over to Deidara. "You don't need to look after Sai anymore. Judging from the information you gave on Orochimaru, and Sai..." Itachi looked over to him.

Deidara nodded as he was leaning against the wall with his arms cross over his chest."I can do a follow up on them?"

"No. Its already clear what part he is playing." Flashes of him finding Sai with Orochimaru talking. "I'll deal with it in my own way." Placing his hands over his eyes, shielding them from the harsh truth.

'Because Their Is You'

Sai was having a hard time facing Itachi's door, if he was like this, how would he feel in facing Itachi. If this was going to do go as he thought, then he don't know if nor could reject Itachi's demands for sex nor in anything.

Reaching fro the doorknob, a slight chill went through him his body. He paused his hand, licking his cold lips in thought if he should just turn, he knew he couldn't but that didn't stop from thinking of it. Closing his eyes as he knocked on the door that seem to echo loud. He immediately heard footsteps on the other side, in slow motion the door knob turned and opening as a wet haired Itachi answered.

Itachi's coal eyes stared into his, reflecting himself in them. Stepping back as to gesture the younger male into his room, "please." Itachi extended his hand, palm out for Sai.

Sai only gave a blankly stared.

Getting annoyed, Itachi used that hand to grasp onto Sai's arm and pulled him in and into his arms. "Why such a look?" He asked in a hush tone right into Sai's ear.

Eyes wide open with gloss look over them. "I-" He started saying, "I'm not..." Sai eyes suddenly had a bit of defeat in them. Lowering his head into his boss's shoulder, moving his arms around him and gripping his white shirt that felt damp.

Itachi remained quite with his eyes lowered to stare only at the ground. "Just this one time, I promise, I'll never force you again and you will always have this job here no matter what." Itachi pulled away to grab the front of Sai's shirt, turning around as he pulled him along. Making his way to his cleanly made bed, turning to Sai to move him as he had his back now to the bed. Placing his hand over Sai's chest to direct him down on his bed, Itachi leaned down to give him a kiss on his lips, to share their first kiss.

While they kiss, Itachi moved his hand to rub his concealed penis. Getting himself a half hard on before breaking the kiss, he straight up to farther rub himself.

Sai had his hands fisted into the sheets, looking from the paler males face to where the rubbing hand was. Getting more bolder, he off off the bed and onto his knees in front of Itachi, stopping and removing his hand to replace with his only. Unzipping and unfasten his pants, pulling out Itachi's penis and went into licking the pink head. Moving his hand to the base and pumped his dick before taking him into his mouth.

Itachi watched through his bangs as the younger boy suckled on the tip of his erection. Liking the view but nothing like the feeling of Sai's tongue on him, pushing his pants/underwear past his hips and let gravity take over. Making Sai's pull off him to step out of the said pants and then tugging lightly on the straighten lock of hair. "Up." Was all he said.

Following his order, taking his time in getting up. Standing there in front of the Uchiha, he lifted his hand to wipe his mouth and then Itachi's hands suddenly grab his wrist and moved the hand away, forcing another kiss. Breaking the small kiss the shared, Itachi began to take Sai's drivers uniform jacket off and started on the white shirt's buttons.

Getting the hint to move things along, Sai started on his pants, later kicking the aside. Fully naked to his boss that still had his shirt on and nothing else, he made a beeline to the ends of his shirt but was stop with Itachi's hands. "Leave it."

Itachi moved forward, forcing Sai to walk backwards using his body, once the younger male's back of his knees hit his boss's mattress, he immediately took his seat. Naked with a fully hard on, sitting on his boss's bed sure made him feel like he had gone back in time.

Itachi cupped his employee's chin and planted one more kiss before pushing to lay flat on the bed. Spreading his legs and settle in between them, hooking his arms around Sai's legs and left them. "Position my dick for me."

Sai paused to look up at Itachi, he then began moving his hand underneath himself and grasp the base of his cock, moving it just as he felt him against his bud all the while still staring at him.

Snapping his hips forward, ramming his hard on straight into Sai, once he was fully inside he was amazes how tight Sai was. "Must have been a long time before you done this?"

Sai couldn't talk, the pain was too much as it was shooting up his spine. Pressing his back into the mattress while moving his hips upward, trying to easy the pain in a different position.

Itachi felt the moment, couldn't take the pleasure from the movement or the tightness, grabbing his hips, forcing his upper half off the mattress for a different angle to began thrusting.

Feeling his insides being pulled and pushed, the pain was coming out in a different way. Even though he was brought up learning and doing sex and even forcing to take drugs to make him feel horny, now.. this was in a whole different leagued. Having a beautiful male onto of him but it was more, it was Itachi, it had to be more.

Shifting to get closer, his thrusting constituted nonstop. Taking Sai's wrists in his hands and forced them over his head, droving to capture his lips.

Repeatedly hitting Sai's gland along with the tip of his erection hitting and rubbing against Itachi stomach. Itachi was right, it had been awhile since his last encounter. Per-cum was oozing from his tip, smearing against Itachi's stomach.

"Itachi-s-san!" Sai's gasped in between the thrusting. "I can't take it anymore." He said in was gasp is air. Pressing his head into the hard mattress, making the back of his head start to hurt but his mind wouldn't go there, focusing only on the pleasure coming from his bottom. If only Itachi would let one of his hands go.

In thinking, Itachi release one of Sai's wrist to rub down his arm and the against his chest, finding a hard nipple, he began to move his hand in circles around it.

Quietly reaching down, grasping his extreme hard-on, pumping a bit faster then Itachi's thrusting, wanting the feeling of complete release, the feeling that he loved, the feeling that drove him over the edge, with a surprised yelp from his mouth as Itachi twisted his nipple.

Cum shot out, adding lubrication to his fisting in return making him groan with pleasure as his boss still continued his thrust with out a pause.

Only wanting his only pleasure, he hooked his arms underneath Sai's legs and pressed him to almost touch his bare chest, getting a deeper feeling along with the new position. With Sai squeezing the him from his earlier release made him cum into him with a hard slam into him. Gripping at Sai's legs and pushing himself up aiding from said legs, he took a moment to really look at Sai.


A/n Yup I just ended it there haha, huge WB writing the yaoi scene.. but I had someone RP with and the slutty-ness pour out.. This chapter is shorter then my other chapters.. mostly 'cause of the yaoi.. but I'm sure there won't be any yaoi in the next chapter.. so hopefully I can have the next chapter finished and up soon.