I don't own anything having to do with Zoey 101, or the series itself

I don't own anything having to do with Zoey 101, or the series itself.

Chase 101

Chapter 1

Chase looked away from the computer screen, trying to hide the sadness he felt by putting on a face smile. His body language still displayed his real emotions, his head hanging forward as Chase slouched in the computer chair. Once he looked back up at the computer screen Chase's smile became real as he stared at Zoey, the girl of his dreams since he first laid eyes on her.

"What if we meet other people?"

"We've survived dating other people before."

"…I love you Zoey."

"Now was that so hard to say to my face?"

"It was easy."

"Good…I love you too."

Within minutes of logging off his laptop Chase was already collapsed onto his bed, face down in his pillow, trying to get his mind off Zoey and go to sleep. Sometime after thinking about why he went to London for Zoey without telling her, how he already missed her…and the rest of his friends, how he could somehow get back to PCA even though he knew it wouldn't happen soon, and what if he came back to PCA and Zoey had forgotten about him and fell in love with someone else, it became overwhelming. Chase let out a loud, muffled scream, pushing his head into his pillow. Chase's annoying and overly British roommate, Collin, brought him back to reality.

"Will you shut up, you nit!"

Chase fought the urge to get up, go across the room, and punch his roommate square in the face. But Chase knew better…Collin had already complained to the dorm advisor and assaulting him would only make things worse.

Chase wanted to scream twice as loud into his pillow in frustration but didn't. He knew if he did Collin would call him a "nit" for like the 16th time that night and he would have to lock Collin in the closet until morning, with no pillow. Chase let out a sigh of relief and allowed his anger to slowly ebb away as he remembered Collin's complaining was to result in him switching dorm rooms and roommates the next morning. Finally, after a long night, Chase fell asleep. At least on of his problems would be gone when he woke up.


"Dog, dat sucks," Was Chase's new roommate's initial response to the story of the last month of his life. It was now a solid 15 minutes into 1st period Chemistry class, Chase finally wrapping up the story he started telling Nasty an hour before classes began.

Nick was his real name, but everyone called him Nasty. Chase saw him around campus his first few days in London, before the 2nd semester started and when he was still roommates with Collin. Chase didn't understand at first why they called him Nasty, he didn't smell bad or have any grotesque habits or features. Eventually, Chase found out that Nasty was the toughest kid around and Nasty was just his "gangsta" nickname.

Chase still didn't know why he told Nasty all his problems within five minutes of meeting him and becoming his new roommate. Plus, he didn't have the slightest clue why Nasty actually listened, relatively attentively, as if they were best friends. Surprisingly, Chase didn't fell half as awkward as he thought he would telling someone he just met extremely personal stuff because he was upset, didn't know what to do, wanted to talk to someone, and Nasty reminded Chase of his best friend, Michael.

Nasty was black, around 6'1" like Michael, and had a comparable body frame, however he was slightly pudgy like Michael, he was muscular. Nasty also dressed differently than Michael, looking more like a rapper in a music video than Michael and his California skater/jock look. Regardless, there were enough similarities between Nasty and Michael that Chase felt almost comfortable telling him stuff he only would have told Michael at PCA.

Nasty turned some in his seat to face Chase, keeping his voice barely above a whisper so he wouldn't alert the teacher writing notes on the chalkboard for the class with his back to them.

"Yo, on a serious note though, dis is a great opportunity for ya."

Chase, still upset from recounting his story, took Nasty's statement the wrong way, turning towards Nasty with a face that held disgust, anger and sarcasm apparent in all of his words.

"Yeah, let me tell you, this is a great opportunity."

Immediately, Chase regretted allowing his pent up frustration to explode at Nasty as Chase's new roommate turned his head to completely face Chase, mimicking his look of disgust as if he was about to knock Chase out. Chase gulped as he looked at Nasty, wishing he could retract his previous statement.

"Eh, I listen to you talk for over an hour, try ta help ya, and dis how I get thanked?"

Chase shook his head, holding his breath momentarily. "I'm sorry…I-I'm just frustrated."

Chase relaxed as he watched Nasty's facial expressions change from aggravated to irritated, and finally back to calm. "Just don't take yo anger out on me when I had nothing to do with it, aight?" Chase nodded with a serious look on his face. Nasty took this as a sincere apology and patted Chase on the shoulder.

"Its cool, aight? I'm going to help you." Chase nodded again, becoming increasingly interested in what Nasty had to say. "You got a long time right, like at least four ta five months befo you see her…or anyone you know for dat matter, right?" Again, Chase nodded as a sinking feeling took hold in his stomach once he realized he wouldn't see Zoey again for months.

"I got you, I know how to help ya get da girl. I know how ta fix dis." Chase continued to nod, his anticipation growing. "Okay…" Nasty raised his eyebrows and gave Chase an unsure look. "…Okay? You don't have any idea where I'm going wit dis?" Chase gave Nasty a perplexed look, shaking his head from side to side. "Alright…fine, let me spoon feed your ass. You got like 5 months…dats a long time." Chase nodded, but the fact he still had no idea what Nasty was getting at was obvious.

"Yeah…I know…"

Nasty ran his head over his forehead and through his hair. Preventing Chase from speaking further Nasty violently shook his head, his hands following suit as they were both flat and one was a few inches above the other.

"No, no, okay look…first off, I should have a degree in Psychology because after hearing you rant on all morning I got ya down to a tee." Chase's only form of a reply was a look that seemed to say, "Continue."

"Aight, let me guess…at PCA you basically were da popular, kind of nerdy kid, right?" Chase's eyes bulged and his mouth fell open. "Hey…" Nasty stared at Chase with raised eyebrows, trying to get him to respond to his question. Chase let out a sigh. "…Okay, yeah…"

"Da normal kid who wore normal clothes, with no swagger, who got basically no respect from people who didn't know him. A follower, not a leader, wit nothing to separate him from da group." Nasty's words came out more as a statement, a fact, rather than a question. Chase broke eye contact as he looked at his lap. Looking back up at Nasty with a solemn facial expression he nodded his head. "…Yeah…" Nasty pointed his pointer finger at Chase to regain his full attention.

"Except…you were da loveable, caring, sensitive guy who was always there for your friends and this Zoey when they needed help with their problems…even though it got old. A pretty charismatic guy, a peacemaker, who always settled problems wit words, right?"

Chase nodded with a shocked look on his face, it was eerie how much Nasty could tell about him from hearing him ramble on for a little over an hour. "Right." Nasty rose his voice a little, still masking it so the teacher wouldn't discipline Chase and him for talking in class.

"Exactly, dats yo problem right there! Zoey is da hot, extremely popular girl at school who you all look up to. And although you wouldn't say she's exactly a…bitch, at least on purpose…no offense…she's definitely the leader you and all yo friends follow."

Chase shrugged his shoulders, tilting up his one hand that hung loosely in the air from him resting his elbow on the desk. " …Yeah, but I pretty much told you that." Excited, Nasty playfully punched Chase in the shoulder, harder than he meant to. Chase grabbed his shoulder, squinting his eyes in pain and tightening his lips. Nasty extended one hand towards Chase in apology and continued talking.

"Sorry dog…but you see, that's da thing right there. If you all had a TV show or sitcom it wouldn't be called Adventures at PCA, PCA, Pacific Coast Academy, or none of that. It would be called Zoey, Zoey at PCA, or some stupid, trying to be clever bullshit like Zoeducation or Zoey 101. You seem to be a cool kid but she got a lot of friends, a lot of friends that aren't in your little group. Don't think for a second that all her friends and you aren't replaceable to her."

Chase's eyes glowed with resentment at Nasty's words, and the fact he realized that everything he said seemed true and made sense. Nasty could see that Chase was slightly offended and was starting to get upset.

"Yo, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to diss the girl you love, I'm just sayin…if you were irreplaceable to her…after all the times you had together, all the times you were there for each other, all the history and memories, and she don't do anything ta try and save da relationship?"

Nasty raised his eyebrows after his rhetorical question, trying to get Chase to understand, which he did. "She would have done something…no jus been like "whatever" we might try dis again when you get back to PCA, when it's convenient for me."

All of a sudden, Chase didn't want to talk about himself being replaceable any more. Chase spoke, trying to change the subject as his voice came out irritated. "Okay man, okay…what are you trying to get at?" Nasty didn't stop talking to respond to Chase.

"I know…for a fact…that your little role in her life, her sitcom, whatever, is being filled right now by some kid she barely knows, Logan, or your two friends new roommate." Chase, trying hard to change the subject as he raised his voice loud enough that a few students that sat nearby gave Nasty and him a weird look, repeated himself.

"What are you trying to get at?!"

Nasty, with a downward movement of his hand as if to tell Chase not to be so loud, answered him. "What I'm saying is you need to become a main character," Chase raised his eyebrow and gave Nasty a curious look." Have everyone flock to you, don't be replaceable, make it so you da one that would and could replace them, not vice versa."

Nasty leaned in a few inches towards Chase. Instinctively, Chase scooted his chair a few inches closer to Nasty, his interest piqued. "Okay look, you need to watch some more TV. A character in the show goes away for a season or two, right?" Chase nodded slightly staring at Nasty attentively. "Then…damn! He got tall, or she got hot, or she got buff, or she got…hot." Nasty noticed Chase's face light up as he finally caught on to what he was hinting at. Nasty smirked, feeling victorious.

"Yeahhh…you finally understand where I'm going wit dis. I'm going to help ya stand out, get a little swagger, a little respect…and when you finally go back to PCA all dem girls going to be like," Nasty turned his head away from Chase, quickly snapping it back and changing his voice to mimic a female's. "OMG…is that Chase…" Chase couldn't figure out why Nasty paused, and then remembered they just met and Nasty had no idea what Chase's last name was. "Matthews."

"Is that Chase Matthews!?…He is sooo hot…he is sooo sexy…he is sooo…"

Neither Chase nor Nasty could keep a straight face any longer, both holding in laughter as to not disrupt the class. After a moment of inward chuckles, Nasty pointed at Chase with a skeptical look on his face.

"Well…they might not if you wearing dat shit."

Again, Nasty laughed as Chase looked down at his brown, flannel button up shirt, loose fitting jeans, and a beat up pair of Vans he had since the beginning of the school year at PCA. Chase looked back up at Nasty, his mouth half open as he responded, voice sounding slightly offended, while Nasty continued to laugh under his breath.

"Hey…I happen to like my-my shit…thank you very much." Nasty shrugged his shoulders. "It's aight…but it's to…normal…too typical." Chase nodded, now laughing under his breath as well as he realized the point Nasty was making. Putting on a serious face, Nasty returned to the subject they were discussing.

"Anyways, back ta da matter at hand...you got potential." Chase's skepticism and modesty resulted in his question tone. "Yeah?" Nasty nodded his head slowly, the serious look still on his face. "Yeah...look at me." Nasty extended his arms to his side, laying them on their desk and the desk behind them to the dismay of the students behind them thanks to him sitting sideways in his seat.

Chase glanced over Nasty's cornrows, his throwback Michael Jorday jersey, silver chain, jean shorts, and white and red air force ones that looked brand new as Nasty pointed his forearms towards the ceiling, flexing biceps that put Chase's skinny arms to shame. Nasty stared at Chase, "You think this happened overnight? Hell, before I got my shit together you probably could a took me if we threw down," Chase raised his eyebrows to their maximum, not sure if Nasty was trying to persuade him, make him feel better, or simply lying to him. Regardless of what Nasty's intentions were it was hard for Chase to believe him, he had only been in London for three days and already knew that Nasty was by far the toughest and most kid around, twice as bad as Vince Blake at PCA before he got expelled for beating up Mark, Michael, Logan, and him. "and your experiences with Rebecca, Lola, and Zoey had you getting way more action than me." Chase could believe that, he wasn't the most successful with girls but he didn't do all that bad.

Nasty flexing his exposed arms that jutted out of the basketball jersey he was wearing caught the attention of a few girls in the class, even though they were towards the back of the classroom. One girl whistled, another girl said, "Yeah Nasty!" entirely too loud. The teacher, Mr. Brown, turned around from the chalkboard with an angry look on his face, scanning the room for the source of the distraction. Once he set eyes on the table Nasty and Chase were sitting out he took a deep breath, preparing to yell and probably give them both a detention.

Before Mr. Brown had a chance to reprimand Nasty and Chase, the bell signaling the end of first period rang. All the students, including Chase and Nasty trying to avoid punishment, started piling out of the door. Mr. Brown sighed, placing both hands on his overly large waist, as he stared at Chase and Nasty as they made their way out of his classroom. Innocently, Chase gave Mr. Brown a half-smile and a wave, further irritating Mr. Brown. Regardless, Chase made it through his first class at a new school without getting in any trouble, barely.

Chase and Nasty made their way to their second period classes as Chase daydreamed and let a smirk cross his face. The idea of going back to PCA and blowing Zoey away by being completely different sounded more appealing every time he thought about it. Nasty caught Chase's attention with a head nod, slowing down as they got close to a open doorway to a classroom.

"Eh, dis is me." Chase nodded back, giving Chase a friendly smile. "Alright man, I'll see you later today." Chase kept walking towards second period, only making it a few steps before Nasty called out to him, causing him to turn around. "Yo, Chase?!"


"You interested in what I said?"

Chase had to think for a moment, the smirk reappearing on his face once he remembered what him and Nasty talked about most of Chemistry class. "Very..." Nasty nodded his head and returned the smirk. "Alright then, you coming wit me after school."

"Where to?"

"To the gym...to meet the crew, start to learn how to spar a little bit, and most importantly, start working on the quickest way to gain respect." Getting excited again, Chase responded quickly. "What's that?"

"You got to play the part you act," Chase nodded, understanding what Nasty meant from his experiences with drama club at PCA. " we got to work on dat...puberty girl chest and dem things you call arms."