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The Forgotten One

Chapter 1- Happy Birthday

I never thought I'd die alone.

I laughed the loudest who'd have known.

- Adam's song, Blink 182

My eyes opened onto the same white walls and the same caged enclosure. Another day lay ahead of me filled with pain and suffering. If I were anyone else today would have been a day for celebration. But I wasn't, I was a mutant human-avian hybrid and things are totally different to other people. It was my birthday today. I was fourteen. But what was there to celebrate? The fact that I had spend another year in this hellhole? Or that I would no longer exist in a few days?

After fourteen years of torture and torment in this place they had decided that I was worth nothing and I would be terminated. I was no longer of use. But it didn't really seem to matter, I mean who would miss me? No one knew I was here. No one cared I was here. Sure I wasn't the only one of my kind. But the others had gone so long ago. They were free while I was trapped. Of all my years being here they were the first and only ones to escape. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel. I knew each one without them ever knowing me. It's amazing how unnoticed you go even when your simply on the other side of the room.

They'd been saved. One of the whitecoats, Jeb, had taken them to safety. I had not. I was left to silently endure my torture. But I did not blame them. I did not blame them for anything. They had simply been lucky while I had not. But I wasn't the only one who was left behind.

Jeb had left his own son behind, Ari. He was my only lifeline. He kept me happy. He visited me in my cage, talked to me and even stole information for me. Through him I learnt my real date of birth. But the whitecoats got to him. He came to me one day telling me he was to become an eraser, one of the foulest creatures ever created. I begged him to get out of it, but he couldn't. It wasn't a choice. I gave him the only thing I could… hope.

Yet Jeb returned. Two years ago he was back. He was so friendly, but I paid him no heed. I didn't know what had happened to the others, but I hoped that they were safe. But Jeb focused his attentions on me. Soon after he came back I was treated much better. I got a room with a bed and regular meals. I was no longer prodded and poked, but simply 'made better' as the whitecoats described it. How did I end up back in a cage? I didn't agree with their plans. They wanted a spy and an assassin. I refused. They also learnt my secret and tried to use it to their advantage. There's one thing that keeps me going into this place and that's my ability to help others. I can rid others of their injuries by transferring them to myself. But they wanted the opposite. They wanted me to give injuries.

They locked me up in a room with another experiment. The poor thing was terrified. They beat, starved me, but nothing worked. One day they even broke my wing. Despite all this pain I still refused to do their bidding. Unfortunately they succeeded. One day they slit my throat. I had two options die or let the experiment die. I was scared. I didn't want to die at that point. It only took a second, it was transferred and I watched the poor thing die. They returned after that but I made as much bodily harm to them as possible after that. So I was shoved back in my cage and they continued to prod and poke me. But now they're bored. This time I'm ready to die. I don't care anymore. It's my only escape. But not without taking a few out before hand.

I already knew my fate; the whitecoats took delight in discussing it. It was my final test. I was to be ripped to shreds by erasers. They wanted to see how well I would cope. But I knew I wouldn't survive long. They'd made sure of that. I'd been tested to my limits all week. It was surprising that I could still go on. And I was to be against ten erases. At least I would die fighting and perhaps they'd remember me more if a few of them die as well. I planned to use my power as I died. I could save myself a few times in exchange for a few whitecoats. Because what did it matter if they died?

"Only a few more days. I can't wait to find how long it does against ten erasers." One whitecoat said to another as he walked into the room. They laughed between themselves. One of them held a couple of new experiments. I couldn't tell what had happened to them as the other whitecoat blocked my view. As soon as the new arrivals were placed in their cages they turned to me. Today's hell lay in front of me. They reached in and dragged me away. It was running today. They would keep me going till I collapsed. But if I slowed they had a lovely gift of a cat o' nine tails waiting for me. The other experiments simply got an electric shock, I got my skin and feathers ripped off me. I was the worst treated in here. But why should they look after me when my days were numbered. They just used it as an excuse to hurt me.

I started running. But it was not fast enough giving me my first taste of pain as a feather fell to the floor and my back screamed in protest. My clothes would be in tatters by the end, but they didn't care. After another four hours sweat and blood dripped off me, and a dozen or so feathers lay on the floor. My vision was going. I could taste the end. My feet collapsed and I hit the floor. My eyes shut, I was happy. It was over for today. I was dragged back to my cage, but what awaited me there I would never have guessed.