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The Forgotten One

Chapter 26- I Want My Happiness Back

I didn't go to school on Monday. I couldn't face it. All those people so happy, they had no real worries or sadness. They would have false comfort for me, which I neither wanted nor needed. My brain couldn't compute happiness right now, I could remember the feeling but to feel again felt impossible. I knew deep down inside me there was a part me telling me to get over it, to do something, anything. But anytime I tried to do anything, besides sitting on my floor staring out the window, sadness overtook me and I sank to the floor once more. What could I do? My life was nothing before Iggy; I couldn't go back to that life now. I'd had a taste of freedom, happiness and love, and I wanted it back. Why did he leave me? How could he? My mind threw questions at me that I didn't want to think about or answer. I wanted to think about anything else, but I couldn't. My mind was fixed on Iggy and my sadness continued.

Anne came in every now and again. She'd sigh as she opened the door and mutter something about the fact I had so much life ahead of me and that I'd find someone new. But I didn't want someone new and Anne didn't understand how I was feeling. I wished I could link her to my mind so she could feel my sorrow herself, but I couldn't. Anne generally brought food with her, soup or something. I never touched it, I wasn't hungry. Sometimes she would sit with me on the floor staring out the window with me and she'd ask where he was because she believed she could convince him to come back. It almost made me laugh. Iggy left on his own accord, Anne going to see him wasn't going to make a difference. It didn't take long for my silence to become too much for Anne and she would leave. So passed my day, but Anne played only a minor part. My thoughts and being remained focused on Iggy.

As a stared out the window at one point during the day I heard a frantic scrabbling at the door. Slowly I rose to my feet and opened the door. Total launched himself into the room, hackles raised and yelled frantically,

"Quick we must go, the Erasers are here." Without another word I sprung out of the room after him. I had a mission now and for the moment Iggy was pushed from my thoughts. I ran downstairs leaping the last few steps. I stopped at the bottom and saw Anne waiting at the door conversing with an Eraser. My shock turned to horror as the Eraser saw me and pushed past Anne. I picked Total up and ran to the garden. I noticed the flock approaching as I began to unfurl my wings. But before I could take off the Eraser grabbed me. As he pulled me down I threw Total as high as I could. I saw Angel start to descend to catch him and I turned to the Eraser. Usually a one to one was to my advantage, but I realised as I squared up that the last few days with little sleep and no food had reduced my abilities. I was the first to react hitting out with a punch but the Eraser caught my arm with ease and swiftly kicked me in the stomach. Winded I paused for a second, but that was long enough for the Eraser to throw me, using my arm, into a tree. My head collided hard with the trunk, and I was disorientated. I pulled myself to my feet and walked drunkenly towards the Eraser. But it had turned away and was looking back towards the house. I followed its gaze and caught sight of Jeb and Anne stood together. Using this distraction to my advantage I took off. I reached the Flock and Max quickly asked,

"Bel, you alright?" I opened my mouth to reply, but as I did a voice behind my said,

"Yo!" I turned, it was Iggy. But before I could react to this, everything went black.