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Chapter 12

Barely an hour after the phone call to Jenny the baby was born. Tony had cut the umbilical cord with a proud look on his face. After the doctor examined their daughter he had taken her from him and showed her to her mother. Ziva smiled when she saw the little girl, she was perfect in every sense of the word. She smiled as she stared at her daughter, even before she entered the world she had shown that she was just as stubborn as both of her parents. Ziva had passed her due date eight days before her water broke. And even then it took hours before anything else happened. It was as if she wanted to show her parents that she was the boss from now on and that everything would happen on her schedule.

"Adina Zakiah DiNozzo." She had spoken softly, but loud enough for Tony to hear. A couple of weeks ago when Tony had brought up the subject of babynames, Ziva had said that she had already thought of a name before they got back together. He on his turn told her that he wanted her to choose a name for the baby, a Hebrew name. His only condition had been that he would be able to pronounce it. Ziva had kept her promise and went with the name that she had originally chosen without telling Tony what it was, they had never discussed what the baby's last name would be so he was completely surprised when she said his last name.

"DiNozzo?" He smiled proudly; "You sure you want her to be a DiNozzo?" He asked as the smile grew even bigger he was sitting on the bed next to Ziva watching their daughter who she was holding in her arms.

"Yes, I choose that name. But there is one condition to it." Ziva stated with a smile.

"Anything you want, sweetie. Anything." Tony answered as he waited for her to name the condition.

"You make sure that one day I will also be able to add that last name to my name."

Tony leaned in and kissed her, beaming with happiness; "I will. I promise." Ziva leaned against his shoulder looking down on their daughter, gently stroking the tiny fingers. "Tell me, what do the other names mean?"

"Adina means 'delicate', Zakiah stands for 'pure'." Ziva explains the origin of the names; "Besides that I wanted her name to start with and A, even if that was the only thing she would have in common with you. I'm sorry for putting it this way but I had already settled on this name for a girl before we got back together."

"Don't worry about it, I like how she has mine and your first letter for her names." He kissed Ziva once again; "Delicate and pure, I like that." He stroked a strand of black hair away from her face and leaned in. "I'm proud of you." He said softly to her.

"You better go and tell our friends that she has arrived." Ziva told Tony, she hadn't looked up from the little girl in her arms she was mesmerized.

He nodded and left them alone, he made his way to the waiting area where their friends were waiting. For a second it stung him that he had no 'real' family there. But on the other hand he knew that he had the best kind of family someone could possibly have. Not people who where there because it was mandatory or expected but because they wanted to be there for them, even if it was in the middle of the night.

"It's a girl!" He spoke proudly when he saw them, soon everyone was hugging him and congratulating him. "You should really be congratulating and hugging, Ziva. What she did is just ... amazing." He said proudly.

"What is her name, Tony? What does she look like? Is Ziva okay?" Abby said while she hugged him tightly. When she finally let go of him and made room for the other to congratulate him.

Gibbs walked up to him, he gripped Tony's hand tightly and shook it; "Congratulations Tony, make sure you don't screw this up."

"I won't, I promise." Tony answered as he took the cigar which Gibbs handed him.

"So! Tell us all about it!" Abby said still jumping eagerly up and down. "Well not all about it, but you know." She said as she shuddered.

"You can come with me and see for yourself." He answered as he gestured them to follow him. He pushed the door to Ziva's room open and sat down on the bed next to Ziva and his newborn daughter.

Abby was the first of the team to stand next to Ziva and the little girl. "Oh my God! Ziva she is so beautiful!" She exclaimed excitedly.

Jenny hugged Ziva and looked down on the small baby in her arms; "Ziva, that is the most precious little girl I have ever seen."

McGee and Gibbs followed and last but not least Ducky. When everybody had seen the little girl and the congratulated Ziva they where all waiting for them to tell them what her name was. Ziva smiled broadly; "I want you all to meet Adina Zakiah DiNozzo."

Ziva looked at Tony, who nodded at her without saying a word. "Jenny, Gibbs." She waited till she had every ones attention while she tried to sit up a little straighter; "Tony and I have decided that we wanted to ask you to be Adina's Godparents. Because without the two of you we wouldn't have been here as a family."

Jenny and Gibbs both looked at them, smiles on their faces. Jenny took Adina from Ziva and held her gently in her arms. At that moment she vowed that she would do anything for this little girl.

She then handed her to Gibbs who took her, holding her gently in front of him. "She is beautiful Ziva, I am honored that Tony and you want me to be her Godparent."

"Same goes for me." Gibbs said his voice filled with emotion, and for a second he flashed back to his own past.

Tony parked the car on his usual spot, he got out and rushed around the car. He opened the door for Ziva and helped her out of the car. He smiled lovingly and stole a quick kiss. Before he opened the back door of the car. He picked up the baby carriage with his sleeping daughter, his perfect little girl who already managed to wrap him around finger.

Ziva smiled and watched the proud look on his face, she knew she made the right choice. They quickly settled into their life together, much quicker then anyone expected. And sometimes Ziva wondered if it was because they had to for the sake of their daughter or if it was purely because they wanted this to work.

Tony had changed a lot over the last couple of months, sure he could still appreciate a beautiful woman for her looks, but he never chased them. Gibbs had teased him about it saying that the only reason he changed was because he was afraid that Ziva would kill him. But in fact it had really been because he settled down, he was happy with the way his life turned out.

Ziva woke up in the middle of the night reaching out, expecting to find Tony next to her when she didn't she got up quietly. She tiptoed her way down to Adina's room, she could hear Tony softly singing to her. She rounded the corner and leaned against the wall. Tony was standing in front of the window, dressed in nothing but his boxers. Their precious daughter safely resting against his well toned chest. The light of the moon shining upon them, making Ziva fall in love with the two of them all over again. She silently moved close to him, reaching out her hand to touch his bare skin. He immediately turned towards her with a smile on his face. He embraced her and pulled her close to him. Her fingers gently stroking their daughter while she kissed him.


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