Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities

A Sequel to Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk

by William Raymer

Based on a concept created by Barry Chapman

in the YouTube video "Resurrection of the Enterprise"

I do not own any of the Star Trek or Harry Potter characters, and I never will. The six (five live-action, one animated) Star Trek television series and eleven motion pictures are owned by CBS Studios, Inc. (television and overall franchise control) and Paramount Pictures Corporation (feature films). The Harry Potter characters are owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (feature films and non-publishing licenses) and J.K. Rowling (publishing).

I am in no way related to any entity involved in the creation, production, distribution or promotion of the Star Trek television series, motion pictures and related media. The same goes for the Harry Potter motion pictures, books and related media.

The basic concept of this story is owned by Mr. Barry Chapman, also known as YouTube user barryc1701, and is used with his kind permission.

It is recommended that you read Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk prior to reading this story.

Chapter 1:


Aboard Federation Starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

En Route to Sector 001

Stardate 58016.73

Earth Standard: January 7, 2381

Harold James Potter, known to his family, friends and new wife as "Harry," watched as the stars streaked in rainbow lines past his stateroom's view-ports. He looked at the crimson-haired young woman sitting on the bed.

"Still hard to believe we're married now, Harry," Ginerva Potter, a/k/a "Ginny," said. "I had a feeling we'd end up together, Ginny," Harry said. A whistle sounded, followed by a calm and rational voice. "Bridge to Ambassador Potter," the voice said.

"Yes, Spock?" Harry said. "We have received new orders from Starfleet Command which will force us to delay your arrival at Earth for the groundbreaking of the Hogwarts Embassy," Spock said. "Please come to the Briefing Room."

"On our way, Spock," Harry said.

As Harry and Ginny entered the Briefing Room, they could see their friends, Ron Weasley and his fiancé (and Harry's head of ambassadorial security), Lieutenant Commander Hermione Granger. Draco and Cho Malfoy, Spock and Captain James T. Kirk were also seated around the table.

"What's going on, Captain?" Ginny asked Kirk. "Starfleet monitoring posts have noticed an unusual spatial anomaly in the Mutara Sector," Kirk said. Harry sat, trying to remember the reference in the Starfleet and Federation historical records to the sector Kirk mentioned.

"Harry, I remember," Ginny said. "In 2284, a group of civilian scientists established a scientific outpost in the Mutara Sector. They were trying to develop a terraforming project called 'Genesis.' Khan Noonien Singh, a genetically-altered tyrant from Earth's 20th century, got a hold of the prototype and detonated it in a vain attempt to gain revenge on Kirk. The resultant planet would self-destruct just three days later due to the inclusion of an unstable element in the matrix, but not before the deaths of the crew of USS Grissom NCC-835, Jim's son David, and the destruction of the Grissom and the NCC-1701."

Ginny saw that Kirk's head lowered as soon as she mentioned the late Dr. David Marcus. "Did I say something wrong?" Ginny asked, concerned. "David's death, even after all this time, is still a sore spot for Jim," Spock said. "He had only found out about David just days before he died."

"I'm sorry, Jim, I meant no disrespect," Ginny said. Kirk shook his head for a moment. "No offense taken, Ginny," Kirk said. "You were unaware. As I was about to say, Starfleet's monitoring stations noticed an unusual spatial anomaly, which has been dubbed by the Fukui Astronomical Institute as the 'Fountain of Possibilities.' As we are passing by Mutara on our way to Earth, Admiral Janeway asked us to investigate."

Kirk turned to Hermione. "Mr. Granger, as senior active security officer on board, I will need you to work with Spock during his scans. I will need you to determine what threat, if any, the Fountain of Possibilities poses not only to Enterprise, but to the Quadrant," Kirk said.

"Aye, sir," Hermione said. "Dismissed," Kirk said. The people at the table stood from the table and made their way out of the Briefing Room.

Captain's Personal Log, Stardate 58017.23. We have been ordered by Starfleet Command to investigate a spatial anomaly discovered in the Mutara Sector, nicknamed the Fountain of Possibilities. Lieutenant Commander Granger and Mr. Spock are working to scan the anomaly, while I am having an opportunity to get to know our young Ambassador Potter a little more.

Holodeck 1

Program Running: Kirk Horse Ranch, Idaho, North America

The holographic sky had turned to stars. A campfire was glowing, casting dancing shadows on Kirk and Harry's faces. "So this...Antonia... was the true love of your life, and you set her aside to return to Starfleet?" Harry said.

Kirk remembered the day when, in 2284, Kirk told Antonia he was going back to Starfleet. "Yes," Kirk said. "I had known a great many women in my life...Dr. Janet Evans, Carol Marcus, Miramanee... but Antonia was the only one I actually truly loved. And yet, the siren call of the stars was too strong."

The comm sounded. "Lieutenant Commander Granger to Captain Kirk and Ambassador Potter," Hermione's voice called.

"Go ahead, Mr. Granger," Kirk said. "Sir, Spock and I have found something we think you should see," Hermione said. "On our way, 'Mione," Harry said.

On the Bridge, Kirk and Harry moved over to the Science console, where Hermione and Spock were seated. "What do you have, Spock?" Kirk said. "A metallic mass, bearing 421 mark 619. It has entered visual range," Spock said.

"On screen," Harry said. The image on the viewscreen switched to the section of the anomaly where the mass was located. "Magnify," Kirk commanded. The image grew larger, permitting a clearer view of the object.

"I am reading a tritanium signature," Hermione said. "That's a Federation ship...or what's left of it." Harry noticed something. "Hermione...I mean...Mr. Granger, enhance grid 17-D," Harry said. The end of one of the blackened warp nacelle remnants filled the screen. Now, what Harry saw could be seen by all: the inscription "NCC 1701 United Federation of Planets."

"I don't believe it," Kirk said. Than it hit Harry like a Bludger to the face: the metallic hulk he was looking at was the remains of the first Federation ship to bear the name-the original USS Enterprise.

To be continued...

Now a little background on this story's basic concept:

"This story was inspired by a YouTube video entitled 'Resurrection of the Enterprise.' In this video, 15 years have passed since the loss of James T. Kirk during the launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B. The Enterprise-B, now under the command of Captain Peter Kirk (Jim Kirk's nephew), has been assigned to a follow-up investigation as to what effects the detonation of the Genesis Planet had on space in the Mutara Sector.

During their scans, the Enterprise-B detects a metallic mass which turns out to be the remains of the original Enterprise. (The theory the video's author, Barry Chapman-also known as 'barryc1701'-offers as to the survival of the remains is that since Genesis was in the process of self-destructing as the Enterprise herself was self-destructing, the Enterprise remains simply bounced off Genesis' atmosphere and become lost in space for 15 years.)

The Enterprise-B tractors the remains back to Earth, where (implausibly as it sounds, according to more than one commentator on the original video)the remains are restored to space-worthy condition. After the restoration was completed, the restored Enterprise was escorted to the Starfleet Museum spacedock, where it was enshrined alongside the Enterprise NX-01 and the Enterprise-A.

After viewing the video, I contacted Barry and asked for permission to use his concept, but modified to fit the timeline I established in Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk. He agreed, and the five-year-long search I had undertaken to find a suitable concept for this story was over.

Thanks, Barry. I hope you and all my other readers enjoy this story. By the way, you can see 'Resurrection of the Enterprise' on YouTube. Just go to my profile, click on 'My Website,' then once you're there, add "HPFOP-Inspiration.html" (without the quotes) to the address, then enjoy.

William C. Raymer

Yuma, Arizona USA

1 July 2008"