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Chapter 1

Vernon was starting to sweat. It was the 21st October and he was anxiously awaiting something from the Social Services. He had let something slip to them when that blasted old woman across the street (Mrs. Figg, he thought) phoned them after a particularly loud beating of the ungrateful freak they had in the house. The freak was something evil; he could do things no other normal person could do. The way he looked, in the disguise of a beautiful boy, was really just a mask hiding the demon that was really there. He was only trying to get the demon out of there.

He decided to relax by beating the freak; after all, it was his fault. He shouldn't have been so loud. Vernon struggled to get out of his chair before he thundered across the living room and wrenched open the door of the cupboard under the stairs. He dragged the wide-eyed demon out of there and into the hall, before punching him in the stomach. The blighter howled in pain, clutching his stomach, curled up in a fetal position before being bombarded with an onslaught of heavy kicks and punches. Then, he stopped. Just like that as he stopped and stuffed the boy into the cupboard, he realised that the doorbell had gone. He looked through the spy hole in the door and saw a lady dressed for business with a scarf, gloves and coat covering her smart attire.

A black man was the same, but with a hat covering his head.

Harry listened to his uncle's voice and heard a stranger's voice. Maybe they'd come here to rescue him!

"Mr. Dursley? Mr. Vernon Dursley?"


"Is this the home of Mr. Harry Potter?"

"Who is this Mr. Potter you talk of? There is no Potter in my family."

"On the contrary sir, may we have a look?"

His Uncle hesitated and the 7 year old waited with baited breath until he heard some shuffles and the clicks of high heeled shoes on laminated flooring. He made the tiniest knocking noises on the cupboard door.

He heard someone come nearer.

"Sir, would you mind telling us why there is blood on the floor?"

"My son Dudley came from downstairs with a nosebleed. It's better now though and I was just going to clean it up," he heard his uncle say calmly.

The cupboard door suddenly opened, and light flooded it, shining across the broken, bloodied boy's body. Harry had curled himself up and he black man gasped.

"Sarah," his deep, rich voice called out and the woman rushed there without actually running.

"Oh my. Vernon Dursley, who is this boy?"

"No-one. It's a runaway. He wouldn't go-"

"Mr. Vernon Dursley, you have the right-"

"Wrong one, David," the woman whispered.

"Oh yeah, thanks," the American 'David' flushed lightly so you could just about see a tinge of pink on his dark skin.

" You do not have to say anything you do not wish to do so, but I must warn you that if you fail to mention any fact which you rely on in your defence in court, your failure to take this opportunity to mention it may be treated in court as supporting any relevant evidence against you. If you do not wish to say anything, what you may say will be given in evidence," The black man stated.

Harry couldn't remember anything after the man picking him up, because he fainted from the pain, thinking about the metallic blood in his mouth and trickling through his fingers, smelling the scent of some sort of spicy cologne…

Harry was awakened by the gentle feeling of his forehead and stomach being sponged lightly and his sight was blurry and out of focus.

"Hey there chibi shonen," a deep, gentle voice whispered to him. He looked at the long/black-haired being and decided it was an angel, before the angel gave him his glasses and it turned out to be a Japanese-originated man, with glasses and a doctor's coat, with another older, sandy-haired man that came behind him. He frowned a little confused, watching the muscles in his face, as they were so sore. He put his face back to straight and heard the fair-haired man say "It means little boy. He said 'Hey there little boy'."

"Wh-what hap-pened?" he stuttered, his small voice raspy and hoarse. They looked to each other and he blinked a couple times, his large emerald eyes wide. The Japanese man smiled and cried "KAWAII!" before the blonde man shushed him, saying "Kanaye!"

"Sorry! You're so cute!" He whispered. Harry smiled and the blonde man gave him a glass of fresh, ice-cold, water. Harry raised a shaky hand and grasped it. They propped him up in the hospital bed and sat on either side.

"So, chibi shonen, do you want to know what happened?" Harry nodded.

"Okay, you're family hit you, didn't they?" He waited for Harry's hesitant nod.

"My Uncle. Only my Uncle. Aunt Petunia was kind to me but she had to pretend she was nasty in front of Uncle Vernon," He whispered.

"Well, your Uncle hit you, and he's caused some serious damage. Your way too small for your age, too underweight, you have a few broken ribs and fractures and a broken arm. He punched you in the head, but luckily it didn't case any damage to your skull or brain. All of these will heal, in about 2 months at the most, so don't worry. After that time, we're gonna take you somewhere to get adopted. Preferably America or Japan or somewhere, because we need you to get out of this country. You're Uncle has connections within the hospital and I don't think they have any room at the Adoption Houses or Orphanages and plus, you wanna go somewhere fun, don't you?" Harry nodded eagerly.

"Thank you." He coughed. "Thanks." He smiled at the men.

"You're so cute!" Kanaye said again, hugging the boy carefully. Harry stiffened and, after a while, he then relaxed into the warm man's embrace, cautiously. Vernon had fooled him many times by making him think he was forgiven for being such a burden on him, but soon let out the true meaning of holding the black-haired demon, as Vernon often called him. A scent of faint antiseptic was covered with the man's scent, which strangely of strawberries and sweets and a strange icing sugar smell. Of course, Harry knew these scents, being the one who cooked for the Dursleys since he was old enough to think properly. He still needed a stool to reach over the side and the cooker. He'd never tasted these foods though.

"So, what's your name little boy? Mine's Edward. His is Kanaye, but he'll probably get you to call him Kana-chan. It's Japanese and complicated," Edward said chuckling.

"So, Edward and Kana-chan?"


"Thank you Kana-chan, Edward. My name's Harry, but I don't really like it and no-one uses it much. They used to call me either boy or freak. Are you coming to America or Japan with me?" He asked, a small smile gracing his face, seeming to make him even cuter than possible. The 7-year old was once again attacked with a hug and he smiled, snuggling into the warm, strong arms. For some reason…they made him feel safe. Of course, he didn't know what safety felt like, so he cautiously embraced the feeling and immediately loved it. The feeling. It made him feel warm and smiley and happy and…loved. He'd only just met these men but…he was getting ahead of himself. But...they helped him. They rescued him from his uncle, master, captor, whatever you wanted to call him.

"Yes, we are, Harry, and hopefully we'll have some luck and find you some very loving parents. Do you mind if they're same sex or anything?" Harry shook his head, smiling.

"I don't mind."

The two glanced at each other.

"Okay," Edward said. "That's fine." He smiled. "I bet you're hungry. Do you want some food?" Harry nodded cautiously, looking at the man behind him who smiled encouragingly.

"Y-yes please," he asked politely. Edward ruffled his hair and Harry giggled. When Edward exited the room, Kana-chan looked around.

"Well, Harry, I have a sweet here called Pocky. I think you might like it. Wanna try some?" Harry nodded

"Pocky?" Kanaye handed him a really thin breadstick with a sort of thick strawberry icing on. Harry gingerly took it, looking at Kana-chan unsure. He nodded encouragingly, smiling at the little boy as he nibbled gently on the end. He bit off a small piece and sighed happily at the sweet taste of strawberry flavouring. A soft smile crept over Kanaye's face.

"It's really nice. Thanks, Kana-chan." Harry smiled at the older male and Kanaye glomped him again.

"Do you want anything specific for your lunch?" he asked. Harry shook his head. "I'll pick something for you then. I'll stall Ed for a bit, so you better eat the pocky fa-ast!" He left the room also, smiling back at the boy, acting like an airhead again.

Harry giggled. Kana-chan was fun...his eyes were drooping, and he yawned a little. Boy was he tired. They wouldn't ... mind if he... lay down for a few... minutes...would they? Nah...

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