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It was just another day. At least that's what it seemed like. I was climbing through my boyfriend, Tyler's window. "Hey, Ty." I said, inviting myself into him messy room. "Happy summer."

"Happy summer Shar." Tyler smiled his signature smile. He was so adorable. Everything about him was just so perfect. I couldn't believe that of all of the people he could have chosen he chose me, I mean, he, being a junior, must have gotten a lot of crap for being tied down to sophomore for an entire year. But were really did click, I guess that's why he stuck around. "You know, we do have doors, in case you ever wanted to use one."

"But this way is so much more fun." I giggled, giving him a small kiss. "Next year is going to be the best! You'll be a senior! Can you believe it? I got into a few AP classes so we might get to see each other, and we can eat lunch-"

"Let's just focus on having a really great summer, okay Shar?" Tyler asked.

I frowned at him. "Why do you look so guilty?"

Tyler gave me a small smile and pulled a big envelope out of his desk. "I can't hide anything from you, can I?"

I gave him a funny look. "You're not being blackmailed… are you?"

Tyler's smile grew. He passed me the envelope. "It's from this boarding school in Seattle… I got a huge basketball scholarship for my senior year."

"Seattle?" Was all I could bring myself to say. "That's… really great. And about a billion miles away."

"Look, I know how much you wanted to spend next year together, but this is a great opportunity for me." He said, wrapping his arm around my waist, in a futile attempt to reassure me that everything was okay. "You're not mad… are you?" He asked worriedly.

I smiled in a somewhat successful attempt to comfort him. "No. I wouldn't be much of a girlfriend if I was, would I?" I said, trying extra hard to make sure that my words didn't sound hallow. "This really could be great for you." I said, though at this point, I was trying harder to convince myself than I was trying to make him feel better.

"And besides, we'll keep in touch." Tyler said, I had to admit, his voice was strangely soothing. "I promise I'll call you every day."

His plan of action wasn't really helping anything, to keep the conversation from going downhill, I decided to make him feel better. "Though I appreciate the thought, I'm not sure that having phone sex while you're in your dorm room wouldn't be such a great idea."

Tyler laughed. "Phone sex is phone sex, no matter where you are."

This got a laugh out of me too. Despite this whole situation, he was still the Tyler I knew and loved… yes, I said love. "I love you, Tyler Bolton."

"I love you too Sharpay Evans." He said, burying his face in my hair. After a moment of wallowing in the perfection of being able to hold Tyler, he looked up at me for now. "Let's have a really good summer."

I smiled reluctantly. "A really, really good summer."


About a year and a half later

"This totally sucks." Gabriella said. We were leaning against my mom's car. "I mean, just because your mom got remarried, and your step dad is a total ass doesn't mean you have to move away from Santa Barbara… not in the middle of senior year."

"Yeah…" I agreed. Kind of annoyed with her for reminding me.

"Hey, you're eighteen, can't you just move out and openly defy your parents?" Gabriella asked, a hint of excitement in her voice. "Ohmigod, that would be so hot."

"I don't have a well paying job, nor do I have a place to live. You do the math." I said, coming of more bitterly than I had intended.

"Oh." Gabriella said, hope fading from her eyes.

"And worse yet, I'm moving to Albuquerque to live with my dad." I said. I remembered back to when I was thirteen, to the nasty divorce my parents had. It was brutal. They finally agreed that my mom got custody of me and my dad got custody of my older brother, Tyler. You see, apparently Tyler was the dream child that every parent wanted. My dad loves everything about him, he plays basketball, he gets good grades, and he's never done anything really bad. He even has a girlfriend that both of my parents approve of, an honor role, straight-A getting, cute, well behaved, polite, and unbelievably wealthy, little blond. So naturally, everyone seemed to hate Gabriella, who had been my girlfriend for six months. My mom seemed to hate her more and more every day, a fact that Gabriella seemed to get some kind of thrill out of knowing. It was almost like a little game to her…

"Oh, I remember him. Captain of the football team, was it?" Gabriella asked with a scowl.

"Basketball." I said with a smile. You see, this was why I liked Gabriella. She frowned upon anything that was even remotely popular. So when she was new to the school, six months ago, instead of going for the jocks (who she could totally get if she wanted) she decided to go with the moody, anti-social, loner who did nothing but whine all the time. Me. Also because anytime I felt like complaining about my 'perfect' brother, she didn't mind. In return, I didn't mind that the entire school (as well as my family) thought of her as a total slut, just because she liked to wear the kind of clothes that you only saw girls wearing in rap videos, and because she was really in public displays of affection. And, well, maybe because she fell fast and hard for outcasts, but after one night, it would be over and she would go back to her boyfriend of six months. It was nothing personal against me, she just was really, really turned on by guys (and maybe, once in a while, girls) who didn't play by the rules, she liked me in a different, more long term way. I really didn't care all that much about it, I mean, I'd rather have a cheating girlfriend than have no one at all.

"Oh, right. The local cookie-cutter, teenage dreamboat who left Albuquerque with a trail of a million broken hearts behind him." Gabriella rolled her eyes.

"That would be the one." I said with a smile. She probably didn't realize that she had just given me a pep talk.

"Troy!" My dad called from his minivan. "Let's haul out." He said.

Though I was slightly annoyed with the fact that I was about to move in with a guy who drove a minivan and said stuff like 'let's haul out', I was more occupied with giving my girlfriend a proper goodbye. I put my arms around her waist and smiled down at her. "Promise not to hook up with some tortured artist with a drug addiction from the drama club the day after I leave?"

"I'll do my best." Gabriella said with a devious smile. "Promise not to fall for the typical small town girl next door who craves to be popular but is really beautiful on the inside?"

"That, I can promise you." I said, giving her one last kiss. "Bye Gabi."

Gabriella smiled. "Bye Troy… call me when you get to Albacarcas."

"Albuquerque." I corrected.

"Same difference." She said, giving me one last kiss (probably because my mom was watching, and she wanted my mom's most recent memory of me to be making out with a girl wearing an outfit that Britney Spears would have found offensive.

My dad honked the horn in is minivan. "Bye." I said, rushing into the front seat of the minivan, instantly plugging myself into my iPod and preparing myself for the hell that awaited me in Albuquerque...

Can you imagine Troy with an older brother who was dating Sharpay? Can you imagine Gabriella as a rebellious nympho with a thing for bad boys? Can you imagine a world where Troy isn't the golden boy, but instead, the golden boy's kid brother? I can. Next chapter should be up in literally a few minutes, tell me if anything was confusing.

P.S. Tyler and Sharpay were totally kidding about the phone sex thing... or were they?