Title: Hypocrite
Author: Yoko, MyCookiesNotYours
Genre: Friendship/Humor.
Rating: Uh, PG 13?
Spoilers: Lots of them.
Word Count: Because I'm a little OCD... 437.
Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note, Death Note owns me.
Author's Note: I can't believe Matt and Mello died. I actually cried when they shot Matt. So this is to help me in my denial about his and Mello's death. Oh, and I kind of stole this little intro thingy from Jengou, sorry about that, I just thought it was cool! And I actually just might use this on every new story...

Today was our first day off in months.

A little relaxation couldn't hurt, right?

But why in the name of all things godly, does Matt have to make those ridiculously annoying beeps?

There it goes, beeping. Beep, beep, a train whistle, beep, beep, an explosion. What the hell was he playing?

"What the fuck Matt?"


"Can you turn the volume off? Your making so much noise!"

"Look who's talking."

He gets up to get something, MY something. He unwraps my chocolate bar and takes a huge chunk.

"The fuck do you think you're doing?!"

"Eating. Me hungry."

"First of all; Matt, it's 'I'm hungry', second; chocolate is not food, you really should eat something healthy, and lastly; it will clog your arteries."

I'm trying to concentrate on my new game, and Mello won't stop his bitching!

"You should really be concerned about your health."

"You're one to talk."

He takes my cigarettes, pulls one of my cigarettes out of the carton, and puts my cigarettes to his lips, lighting my cigarette!

"You shouldn't smoke, it'll kill you."

"Says the chain smoker."

"I don't swallow the smoke, I inhale it. And by the rate you're swallowing it, your going to to die from lack of oxygen."

"Matt, you can't swallow smoke, that's like inhaling chocolate."

"Well, you inhale chocolate on a daily basis, so swallowing smoke isn't as impossible as it seems. Besides, I bet that's not the only thing you swallow..." I barely try to suppress the laughter emanating from behind my lips.

"Why you little-" Mello launched himself at me, trying to strangle me.

Out of all the insults in my life, he just had to say that!

"You bitch, take it back!"

"Fine, I take it back!" Matt coughed after I let go.

"That's what I love about you."

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too." Matt leaned in and kissed me chastely.

I love vacation!