Full Summary: In search for Sasuke, Hinata is brought with the newly formed Team Kakashi (includes Sai and Yamato). The encounter brings the death of Sasuke, Hinata and Naruto. Naruto is then picked up by the Oniouji but is saved by Kami and sent back in time... but there's a catch, he must help in the defeat of the Oniouji, but that will come in time... or so kami says. Now back in time, he must not only defeat these powerful foes, but also protect his precious people and recognize a certain lavender-eyed girl.

This chapter is COMPLETELY different from the original first chapter. It starts of in the first Sasuke retrieval on Shippuuden. I'll have the next chapter rewritten real soon. But only CH1 and CH2 are going to be completely rewritten, the rest will be touched up and slightly altered.

(A/N Chidori Nagashi- Chidori Discharge)

A loud explosion was heard and the sound of footsteps soon followed.

"Over there!" a teen shouted. The older female of the group led the other three into a corridor. Just as they neared its entrance, a light shined through the exit. That's where they needed to be. Within moments they found themselves in a room filled with debris. A single boy with black hair was standing in the middle. One lead teen went ahead to grab the said teen by the collar until a familiar voice was heard from up above.

"Ah it's Sakura" the mysterious boy spoke.

Looking up, she saw her target. The reason they were out here in the first place, "Sasuke-kun…"

A Few Days Previous

It all seemed like a typical day in Konoha. The sky was a faded blue blotted by a few roaming clouds and the sun shined down upon the city. Unknown to many, this day was the start of something huge. Three women stood on top of the Hokage's Tower. One had blonde-hair tied into two ponytails and had a huge bust. The other had raven black hair that matched her plain black yukata. The last had pink bubblegum hair and wore a red top with a pink mini-skirt and black shorts underneath. Unknown to all but the blonde women, hidden in the shadows stood another teen with sun-kissed hair.

Tsunade turned towards the brunette, eyes locking to express her seriousness, "Now do you understand why I am sending Team Kakashi Shizune?" she asked.

Her recipient slowly bowed her head and nodded, "Hai…" the women replied in a sort of defeated tone.

It was then that the older blonde allowed the presence of the other to be known, "So what do you think Naruto?" his answer was obvious but it was needed for the kunoichi in the black yukata to know why she was wrong.

His gaze went down to meet the other three below, "Let's get Sasuke back" the teen said with much determination. The blonde male was ready to make his exit in search for a fill in for the missing spot in his team until he was stopped.

"Matte Naruto! There's one more thing," she added. This caught the strong attention of both the blonde and Sakura. "As you know, this mission is of great importance but, it one where a tracking specialist is needed. Now I know you need a fourth member in you slot and her abilities in scouting shall be of great aid. I held her back from a mission solely because of this, so use the best of her abilities or I'm sure Kurenai will be a bit disappointed" the women continued.

Now pretty much everyone by this point has figured out who it was… well all but the usually dense Naruto. "Eh? So Kurenai-sensei is coming with us?" he asked a bit confused causing the pink-haired kunoichi to slap her forehead.

"No Naruto" a simple reply.

He could have sworn it would be Kurenai. I mean who else could it be, she even said that the said women would be displeased if the temporary member was not of assistance. But his thoughts were cut short by a finger pointing behind him. The teen's head cranked the other way towards a shaded area. Soon a 'thud' was heard.

'Naruto-kun! H-he's back… a-and I'm s-supposed to g-go on a m-mission with h-him…' the lavender-eyed women said. She was about to muster up some courage and step in until she was face-to-face with her blonde hero.

"Oi Hinata! Are you the one that's coming with us? That's great right Hina…ta? Oi Hinata wake up!" he screamed as soon as the girl went limp at the sight of his face being so close.

Shizune turned her face away from the commotion and towards the Hokage's. "Still think this is a good idea?" she inquired with a smirk.

"Oi obaa-chan, I think she's sick. You think you can heal her?" the whiskered genin innocently asked.

She turned her head towards the boy with a dumbstruck face, 'Damn the boy is dense' which was pretty much the same thing on the other women's minds. "She'll be fine. Why don't you go put her down in the couch inside, she needs rest is all" the Hokage answered, holding back chuckles to the absurd situation.

Once the blonde was out of view, another figure came into light. "Tsunade…" called an elder woman. She recognized her to be one of the village council and oh how she hated the village council. What ever she wanted, the pig-tailed blonde was determined to get what she wanted no matter what happens, and that was exactly what she got… to a certain extent.

Several Hours before

"…Kabuto" the blue-eyed Genin whispered. He readied his feet, preparing to jump into view and physically get some information until a soft hand rested on his shoulders.

"Onegai Naruto-kun, remember the plan," the lavender-eyed girl amazingly spoke without a stutter. In such a critical situation and especially stressful to the two members of Team Kakashi, her urge to comfort Naruto was currently greater than her own fear.

"Acting so rash will not only get you killed, but ruin the plan. If you wish to die, do it at you own expense and not ours," a pale-faced teen grimly explained.

This didn't go well with the other three hiding in the bush. Each feeling a bit of hatred towards the boy, and oddly it was Hinata who somewhat despised him the most, not for insulting Sasuke earlier but for the constant verbal attack he gave to her 'Naruto-kun'.

The said boy gave a strong glare towards Sai, 'How the hell did he even get here? We already have a fill for the slot, and when Hinata does go back, Sasuke will come too… pale-faced son of a bitch!' thought, quietly cursing under his breath.

Then an unnerved voice came from the unspoken kunoichi, "Orochimaru… he's down there Naruto," she slightly whispered, letting out a noticeable gasp.

That was the clincher. Now he had to go down there. If not for the firming grip of Hinata's hand on his shoulder, he would be on the bridge in a flash. "Gomen Naruto-kun, demo we really must wait for the s-signal" damn, she cursed her self inwardly for letting that last stutter slip. The heiress was quick to repel her hand as soon as the blonde was stable once more, hiding a slight tint of red in her cheeks.

So there he crouched on his toes, edging on the rock, waiting impatiently for the signal, 'C'mon… c'mon… kuso hurry up!' then the awaited signal was given and all that was seen was a yellow flash.

Appearing in front of both Kabuto and Orochimaru crouched a fox-like Naruto trailed by Sakura, Hinata, and Sai. "Give… Sasuke…back!" he growled in a feral voice, startling his four comrades. From there, his hearing became limited. Only the words that spoke of Sasuke's whereabouts and threats were in his line of hearing.

There! That was exactly what he heard… both info and threat pulled into one sixteen simple words. It didn't matter what those were but instincts told him to strike… and strike he did in all his one-tail power. But caught in such rage left him numb to become aware of the presence of three startled nins. Sadly, this was how they discovered his powers… no warning or comforting words that would brace their selves for the exposure of such raw power.

Before he knew it he was up to three tails and in a overwhelmingly powerful scuffle with one of the legendary Sannin. Was it odd for Naruto to get in such a state of rage in a short amount of time? Yes, unless of course the person denied freedom of his best friend and claimed ownership of him, then all is fair and logical.

'N-Naruto-kun… I-is that s-still you? W-why does this h-hurt? It looks like him… d-demo… it doesn't feel like him at all… its so e-evil…' the Hyuga teen thought watching in both fear and awe at the Jinchuuriki's great ability. The rest had similar thoughts of the boy, but neither girl seemed to let them have ill will towards the boy, feeling deep within themselves that this was a different person, that he isn't a demon. Though he resembled the Kyuubi, he wasn't it at heart.

In the boy's perspective, he was increasingly losing consciousness. Rage seemed to flood out his thoughts and inhibitions, as logic was drowned in a sea of red. The last thing he noticed was piercing yellow eyes. And the next time he awoke… all memory of him exposing his secret would be gone. But his blissful knowledge of thinking his secret is still safe wouldn't last too long.

He'd awake to find the surrounding destroyed and things in disarray. The bridge was smashed in half, a large crater was formed not to far away, Sai had supposedly betrayed the group, and Hinata had a strange wound in her arm. Naruto was told he was knocked unconscious while Orochimaru wrecked havoc and fled, but that only led to more questions. Yes his blissful ignorance couldn't of last forever whether he liked it or not.

"Hinata… are you sure your alright?" the blonde asked.

She gave him a fake smile, but truth was put plainly in her eyes. "Hai" anything else said may give away too much, but 'hai' was all she needed.

"Don't worry Naruto, I'll check her out," Sakura too gave him the same fake smile and the same worried eyes. For once he was glad that he was dense.

Then the wood wielder called out for him, "Naruto, come here for a moment. Give the girls some space while I discuss the new plan with you" he said indifferently. Just hearing of a 'new plan' got his worries out of him as he cheerily walked towards the Jounin.

"So what's the plan?" the whiskered teen asked with a grin.

Gradually Yamato's stoic face went to one of slight sadness. "You should tell them," his answer was written across the boy's face, first a shocked expression then turning into a scowl. For what reason would he need to tell them. He already had one friend leave, and now he's gotten closer to Hinata, quickly becoming one of the few trustworthy people in his eyes and his sensei wants him to let her go to?

"Why should I?" he almost shouted, to the point that if the girls had been paying attention, they'd hear his words.

It was silent for a minute, the blue-eyed genin still not getting the hint. "Who do you think hurt Hinata? Doesn't she have the right to know what happened after seeing you in such a state, as well as Sakura" he said raising his voice just a bit.

This news was world shattering to him. Not only was his secret discovered, in the worst way possible in fact, but also he'd even hurt one of his precious people with the damn fox's power. How could he ever face them again, but both Hinata and Sakura deserve the truth. 'Kuso… what do I do? Damn fox!' he shouted inwardly.

"Next time, rely on your own strength and not of one that causes harm to those dear to you. To bring back Sasuke, to protect your precious people, do this with your power and not of the Kyuubi" Yamato calmly stated. Things seemed to brighten up for the boy. His goals were put back on display but the task of being open with his secret was still there. He knows he can't put it off, but is now really the best time?

Slowly he walked towards the two girls… I guess it is. "Ano… Hinata, Sakura" he started. 'Ok I started it, what now?' it seemed that the boy hadn't thought it through, but he had a knack for improvising. "Your arm… ano does it hurt? I mean, ano… Gomen" there it was done.

She slowly rose, trying to meet dim orbs of blue with cloudy pearls of lavender. "I-i don't know w-what happened, but you are you, a-and I don't care a-about anything else as l-long as you stay the same.

"Demo… I'm a Jinchuuriki, a human sacrifice, and the jailor of the Kyubi that attacked the village sixteen years ago. This is why the entire village hates me. How could you be so accepting?" he wondered solemnly.

Sakura walked up and put a hand on his shoulder, "Naruto, even though you can be the worst baka I ever met, you'll always be Naruto, not a demon…" she paused when the other teen spoke up.

"E-even if all of Konoha thinks you're a demon… then they're all too ignorant to see the real you" she said, slightly stuttering. That was all the boy could take. Tears were already building in the corners of his eyes, and it was only a matter of time till he'd give in, which was exactly what he did, in the form of an embrace. Sobs were all he could muster to fight back as tears rolled down his cheek but still let out a smile of joy and relief

She was startled at the sudden contact at first, but her comforting side soon took over, soothing the teary-eyed boy. Sakura could only smile watching the heart-felt moment of Naruto getting support from Hinata. But in the boy's view, it had all happen so suddenly that he didn't notice exactly what he was doing. It wasn't long until he jumped out of the embrace, to the secret disappointment of both. He took a second glance at the two girls looking at him and flashed his trademark grin, "Hinata, Sakura… thanks" the blonde said happily.


He watched her, standing still, not moving a single muscle. 'She found him' the blonde thought. Naruto rushed into the crumbled room and saw the teen with his own eyes. "Sasuke…" the Genin whispered.

"You too Naruto? And a Hyuga as well… is Kakashi here too?" he asked showing no emotion.

As if on cue, Yamato stepped into view, "He couldn't make it but I'm here in his place. Sai is the fill-in for the team and Hinata-san is here for the mission. Uchiha Sasuke, were are here to bring you back to Konoha" the Jounin explained.

"I can't do that. I severed all ties with Konoha and Team Seven the moment I decided to leave" he replied.

This raised serious questions with the blonde. What was he doing here then? Was it all a waste? Will Sasuke ever want to come back? But the most striking was, "Then why didn't you kill me… why didn't you strike me down when you had the chance?" he asked in a stern voice, meeting Sasuke's cold eyes with his confident ones.

He stood atop a crumbling wall, peering down on them, contemplating what exactly to say, "Out of whim. It was out of whim that I spared you…" in a flash he was in front of Naruto, blade being drawn out, "and out of whim I can kill you" he ended.

At the sight of the ex-Konoha nin ready to strike her ally, Hinata quickly jumped in to parry the blow, but it was Sai that saved Naruto. But both males weren't standing long. Sasuke observed the position of the two and gave a smirk, "Chidori Nagashi" he said, instantly frying the two and knocking them unconscious, if only for a moment.

By the time his eyes were again open, he could see the bodies of his comrades on the floor. Sai was still unconscious, Sakura was holding onto a wounded arm also knocked out, Hinata lying in the verge of unconsciousness against a rock, and Yamato had Sasuke's Blade of Kusanagi stabbed through his shoulder now slowly paralyzing his body. It took all of his will to suppress the Kyuubi's influence, screaming at him to kill the traitor. The sounds of his hands pushing small pieces of rock alerted the Snake Sannin's apprentice.

"Still awake Naruto? Maybe you aren't as weak as I thought you were?" the Oto nin sarcastically assumed while he watched the struggling form get up.

From the side of the action, a wounded Hyuga began to regain conscious, "Naruto…kun" she whispered.

After fighting his mind and body, he was finally standing on his two feet. But still the Kyuubi insisted, "Use me Kit. Kill him!" the fox shouted.

Naruto gripped his head, trying to rid himself of such thoughts, "What's wrong Naruto? Afraid to fight?" the dark-haired teen asked, not aware of Naruto's internal struggle. It was then that Hinata rushed to his aid, spring to her feet and only a few more steps to reach him. 'The Kyuubi!' it was then he figured out that he may be attempting to summon his powers. He had to stop that at all cost, he was yet to be strong enough to defeat it.

A long and liightning charged blade shot forward, aiming for the boy. Two azure eyes watched the thin katana approach him, still not able to move, in fear of letting any of the Kyuubi's chakra out. Five feet, four feet, three feet… then it stopped. A blur came into view, blocking his sight of the sword. His gaze rose to meet two sad lavender-eyes, a metal edge poking right through her abdomen. It took him a few seconds for all the information to register in his brain. Hinata had jumped in front of the blade and took the fatal strike to save him.

"H-Hinata?" he whispered looking straight into her cloudy views. He's alive and she's about to die, that wasn't how it was supposed to happen. 'She saved me? Why is she smiling at me?' he thought as his eyes flooded with salty tears. "Wha… why… Hinata?" he asked a little louder for her to hear.

Still her small, partially wincing, smile did not falter. Blood trickled down the corner of her mouth. Her ears were failing, barely catching the distorted words coming from the blonde. Even her throat was dry, how can she tell him now? Slowly she leaned forward as the blade exited her body, causing her to fall a bit until she was caught in the arms of Naruto. Only inches away, she moved her head closer and closed her eyes. Two pairs of lips touched, only briefly, until she backed her head away for him to see her mouth the words 'that's why'.

Watching her eyes begin to flutter, he buried his sobbing face into her chest. "Hinata… you didn't have to. You shouldn't…" he began to murmur under his muffled voice.

"Hmph, pathetic. In the end, she was only useful as a meat shield. Look around you Naruto, you're all alone… just like I was," he said without hate, joy, sadness, or any other emotion.

Any control, or even signs of attempting to control its power were out the window. His fingernails began to grow into claws; his eyes made into slits, the thin whisker marks on his cheeks began to thicken. The Kyuubi was taking over again and he couldn't care less. As long as he beat Sasuke into a pulp, into such a state that he was barely alive, then he'd be satisfied.

But his feral changes didn't go unnoticed to the Konoha traitor, for he instantly lunged at the boy, looking for another hit. Naruto's enhanced awareness and reflexes allowed him to narrowly avoid the hit while he leaped onto the rim of the wall. Those few precious seconds that it took him to get on that wall were enough to get a first tail out. Sasuke was now too late to suppress the Kyuubi.

"Sasuke…" the blue-eyed Genin growled menacingly. Even more, his claws grew to a impressive and dangerous five inches. In response, the dark-haired boy pointed his blade in the direction of his opponent.

Three seconds of the calm before the storm seemed like hours of intense pressure. Naruto's rage was only building as a second tail began to grow, and to Sasuke, that was his cue to strike. Not even a millisecond later, the blonde was flying down towards him, Claws versus blade… then both strike.

Yamato, now getting some of his senses back, slowly opened his eyes. The first image worries him, seeing Sakura sprawled against the wall, the next shocked him even more, looking at what seemed to be the dead or dying body of Hinata, and the last was equally as shocking and frightful but in a different way. Two teens stood next to each other, their foreheads leaned against each other's shoulder and out of their backs were a long blade and four sharp claws that both seemed to pierce directly through their heart. The only sounds heard were the dangling of a green necklace tapping against the hard blade of the Kusanagi, and drops of blood splashing on the floor.

"Guess you'll never become Hokage" the typically stoic nin whispered.

"And you'll never get the chance to kill Itachi…" the Leaf shinobi added before coughing up a bit of blood.

"… sorry… Naruto" the sound of the handle of a blade being let go soon followed.

"… yeah… me too…" then darkness fell on the two brothers.

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