Bonds of Love

By Dueler312

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of OLTL.

Chapter 1

The smell of bacon was coming from the kitchen when Cole woke up. He figured Starr was cooking. "She's getting better at cooking everyday," he said. He sat up and started to get dressed, while seeing the picture of the two of them from their wedding day. Starr and Cole would never forget that day, as it was one of their most special days ever.

It have been nearly 5 years since that day Starr and Cole were married, and that Starr told Cole that she was pregnant. Now, the little fetus egg that was in Starr was now a healthy five-year-old boy named Patrick. He seemed to inherited Starr's hair color, but Cole's hairstyle and his eyes. Patrick was starting school in Kindergarten as well. Unfortuantely though, he usually got in a lot of trouble bothering Nicole, who was now 10 years old and starting 5th grade in school. She was starting to look a lot like her mother. She still though was the same girl who would stand up for her family. Starr noticed that Nicole definitely looked like her when she was young, defending her family.

Back in the present, Cole went downstairs after getting dressed for his job. He and Markko were coaches at Llanview High: Cole, football. Markko; Lacrosse. Cole and Starr were now living in a house that they bought, since the apartment they had wouldn't be able to accumulate what they needed anymore. On the way downstairs though, he stopped at Nicole's door and knocked to see if she was up.

"Hey, Nicole. Are you up yet?" he asked without opening the door. Cole got his answer with Nicole opening the door and coming out in lime green shorts and a pink top. "Up and ready, Dad. I had my alarm set to wake me up so I could get ready," she said.

"Good job, remembering," said Cole. "Is your brother up yet?" he asked.

"I don't know, Dad," Nicole answered. "I just hope he doesn't start messing with me today."

"Hey, save that tone when you really need it, okay," Cole warned his daughter.

"Okay, Dad. Sorry," Nicole apologized.

"All right. Why don't you go help your mom while I go check Patrick, okay," Cole suggested. Nicole nodded and grabbed her backpack and headed downstairs.

As she reached the bottom step, she caught the smell of bacon reaching her nose. "That smells pretty good, Mom," she said.

Starr looked at her daughter and said, "Thanks, darling. If it wasn't for your dad, I wouldn't be able to cook this good. Where is your dad anyway?" she asked.

"He's checking to see if Patrick is up," Nicole answered without hesitation.

Cole went over to Patrick's room and knocked. No voice came, so he opened the door. Cole then let out a huge breath of air and shook his head. Patrick was still asleep in his bed. He was usually a heavy sleeper.

"Hey Patrick, wake up," Cole said as he went over to him and shook him lightly. The five-year-old boy woke and sat up, seeing his dad. "Hey Dad, what is it?" he asked.

"You got to wake up," his father said, "or otherwise you're going to miss your first day of school."

"Its that day!?" Patrick almost yelled out. "Excuse me, Dad. I got to get my clothes on." Patrick then hurriedly threw his covers off of him, and then got up and made his bad, and started searching for clothes.

"Make sure you hurry up. Your mom is almost done with breakfast," said Cole, as he left for Patrick to get ready.

Downstairs in the kitchen, the phone rang, and Nicole answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey Nicole, Its Langston. Can you put your mom or dad on, please?" asked Langston.

Langston and Markko were still together and married a year after Starr and Cole were married. They even had a baby a year after that. It was a girl, named Laura, who was now three years old. Nicole always loved to play with her when she had the chance. Langston had become a great writer, and started to write plays in books.

"Sure. Hang on," said Nicole. "Mom, Langston is on the phone." Starr went to take the phone from her daughter when Nicole brought it to her.

"Hey Lang. What's up?" asked Starr.

"Hey, could you ask Cole to pick up Markko on the way on dropping your kids off? His vehicle is in the shop because of something minor," said Langston.

"Sure, he's coming down right now. I'll ask him," said Starr. "Cole?"

"Yeah?" Cole answered.

"Markko is needing a ride to your guys job, and he's wondering if you'll pick him up after dropping Nicole and Patrick off?" asked Starr.

"Sure, I got no problem with that," said Cole. "I can even pick up on the way before I drop off these two," said Cole. Starr nodded, and said to Langston, "Cole says its okay, Langston."

"Okay, thanks. Later," said Langston.

"Talk to you later," said Starr. "And say hi to Laura for me." Langston made sure she would do that, and hung up.

"Hey, where's the breakfast?" asked Patrick, who was coming down, dressed finally. Unfortuantely, Nicole shook her head and said to her brother, "Patrick, you got the shirt inside out."

Cole went to his son and went to fix it, while Starr laid out the breakfast of bacon and scramble eggs. They had a good talk while eating, talking about how Starr's job as a herpetologist is coming, to Nicole's and Patrick's first day of school coming in a matter of minutes.

Soon after, it was time to head out. Nicole and Patrick headed in the back seats of the their father's car, while Starr and Cole stood outside for a little bit.

"I'll see you tonight, okay," said Cole.

"Sure thing," said Starr. They shared a quick kiss when Cole noticed something. "What is it?" Starr asked.

"Huh? Oh, I just saw that someone bought that house down there finally," Cole said, pointing to a house that was five houses away from theirs and on the other side of the street.

"Well, I hope they are friendly," said Starr. "We can meet them after work and dinner tonight," she suggested.

"That sounds cool," said Cole.

Nicole saw the house that was bought as well, but she thought she saw someone staring at them. She shook her head, and looked again, but there was no one there. "What up with you?" Patrick asked her.

"Nothing," said Nicole, but she felt a little weird after that. Their father then came in the car, and asked them if they were ready to go. They both said yes, and they headed off, with Starr heading off to work in her car.

Unfortuantely, Nicole was right about someone watching them from that house. "Don't worry, Cole. Soon you will be mine, and you won't have anything to do with Starr or those little ones," the person said. "You and I have a bond stronger than what you have with her. You're all mine."

Looks like Nicole spotted the weird person first. And who do you think the weird person is, and what that person has in store for Starr, Cole, and their family? Stay tuned.