Black storm clouds boiled overhead making the sky appear as if it was going to fall on from the heavens onto what was left of humanity below


Beast Boy and Raven's son travels back in time to save not only his parents, but the world itself.

BBXRae, RobxStar later with a hint of Cy/jinx


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Flashback - Prolouge

Black storm clouds boiled overhead making the sky appear as if it was going to fall on from the heavens onto what was left of humanity below. Lightning struck here and there giving the duel effect of briefly lighting up the grey afternoon against ruined earth with the flashes of white, and showing where the Echrid were moving. Between the small slats of what looked like a massive pile of rusted metal and other junk – maybe the leftovers of a junkyard long since abandoned – a pair of violet eyes watched where the beasts that had all but made humanity an extinct species. It had happened so fast too the girl whom those eyes belonged to thought. The Echrid had come only 13 years ago and in that time had reduced the human population from over six billion to maybe a hundred thousand scattered across the world, and it all had started here, in Jump City.

Raven closed her eyes for a moment trying to push down the sorrow that came with thinking of those that had been lost, most the justice league was gone, and every villain had been eliminated as well. But the losses that hurt the most were the ones that were the most recent; her best friend and companion, Cyborg, and the most irreplaceable, her lover Beast Boy.

A single tear fell down Raven's cheek as she remembered how he had died saving both her and their son but she quickly wiped it away, now was not the time for tears or sorrow, now was the time for action.

At least that's what Robin had told them when his tinkering skills had finally finished the time disk that Cyborg had been working on until the Echrid destroyed him. Raven turned from the open slat in the metal shell they lived in and walked access the small room, ducking through an even smaller opening into the 'main room' of the junk bunker that they called home. Robin knelt next to the much smaller boy as he mounted the Flashback Drive to the back of her son's armor. Raven allowed herself a small smile as she looked at her son and Beast Boy's son – Beast Boy had named him Tyler and while that wasn't her favorite name Raven had agreed as well, Tyler looked like a Tyler. He was short for a boy twelve years of age but Raven supposed that was because of lack of a stable food source and his fathers late bloomer genes, standing only an inch shorter than what Beast Boy was and just as thin when the titans were first formed, back when they were teenagers, why did that seem like so long ago? Tyler's other distinguishing features where his dark green hair he inherited from his father, pale skin he had gotten from her, and his eyes were an emerald green like his dad's. Raven sighed as Robin helped him get ready for his mission – he reminded her so much of Beast Boy that at times it made her heart ache from missing him and while she knew that Tyler's mission was going to be very dangerous if he was able to succeed, than he would change this future forever and the world would not be coming to and end as it was right now.

"There." Robin said as he stood up "that should do it, all you have to do to activate it is use the runes your mom made on your armor…whichever ones those are." Robin scratched his head as he glanced over the rune covered armor that Tyler wore most of the time.

"It's the two underneath your left forearm dear." Raven said as she approached her son so glanced at the place that Raven had placed the control runes and smiled, then ran to his mother and hugged her. "Now you remember that this is mission we are sending you on is going to be very, very dangerous, and under no circumstances are you to tell my past self or your father's past self that you are our son. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Tyler sighed, "I don't agree with it but I promise I won't tell."

"Good." Raven smiled and knelt down to wrap her arms around her son, and last link to Beast Boy, "Now listen very carefully Ty. The past we are sending you to is a very different place than what you have grown up in. there are many, many more people in the world you are going back to."

"That's right." Robin chimed in, "And be ready for my past self as well, I was well…to be honest I was a – "

"High strung person" Raven finished for him, not wanting him to swear in front of her child.

"I know." Tyler said, they had gone over this about fifteen times already and he was more than a little exasperated with the adults in his life, "I wont tell past you or past dad that I'm yours I can deal with Robin I wont let Cyborg run tests on my armor I wont play pranks on mom with dad's help and I wont eat too much junk food and I'll brush my teeth every night there happy?" Ty folded his arms at the two grown ups who stood there for a moment then laughed.

The light hearted moment though was cut short when a loud 'Boom' echoed through the small junk bunker and from the tunnel to the right Starfire quickly flew into view.

"My friends they have found us!" She said with more than a little panic in her voice.

"Battlestations!" Robin yelled and ran off to quickly grab some supplies.

"Tyler." Raven said and knelt down to Ty's level again, "Listen to me very carefully, the Echrid have found the bunker." Another loud explosion sounded somewhere outside the bunker to accentuate what Raven said, shaking the underground structure so dust fell from the ceiling, "Activate the flashback drive, Robin has already set it to the right date and time which will give you about three months before the Echrid arrive on earth, find a way to stop them warn the titans." She said as another loud explosion rocked the junk bunker sending Raven and Tyler to the floor, Ty hit the ground hard but rolled back up onto his feet while raven struggled back to hers.

"Activate the Flashback drive Ty!" Robin shouted as he sprinted by with Starfire in tow towards the failing main hatch, "do it now!" Raven added.

Ty felt like he didn't know what to do, the Echrid were destroying his home and if he left now all the people he cared about would most likely die. There was another explosion and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, as Starfire was thrown back from the tunnel her and Robin had just ran into, Echrid came pouring out of the tunnel a moment later as their six legged triangular bodies with square-ish heads that had razor sharp pincers as teeth. Starfire shot a larger than normal flash of green light at the monsters who exploded on impact with her power then she shot into the smoke to help Robin who was still battling the creatures on the other side of the initial wave, surrounded. Raven used her black powers to throw large chunks of rocks from the walls into the creatures one at a time as they broke past Starfire and Robin but Tyler could see what was happening and they were quickly being overwhelmed. Tyler's hand hovered over the runes on his armor that would activate the flashback drive not knowing weather to just activate it and run away or stay and help fight a doomed battle, tears began to roll down his eyes What do I do?! He screamed in his own head.

Son he heard in his mind mom?! He thought back. I need you to listen carefully, there is nothing left for you or us here, the world is lost and our lives soon will be as well, but you have a chance to change the future and if you succeed we will live again, because this future will have never happened do you understand? His mothers voice said in his mind, Tyler didn't want to leave his mom behind to die but knew that she was right, the fight was lost, the world was defeated and there was nothing left here for anyone. With tears in his eyes Ty touched the two runes on the underside of his forearm and instantly the Frisbee shaped flashback drive activated with white light shooting out from the ring in the center. He then focused the power of his demon heritage through the runes on the wrist plates of his armor and blew the whole ceiling upwards and away from the ruined junk bunker then with the flight runes glowing shot quickly into the air and flew as fast as he could towards where the Titans tower used to be.

He had thirty seconds before the flashback drive reached full power and transported him back in time and forced more of his own power into the flight runes to go faster, he had to be as close to the tower as possible or he would get lost. The sounds of swarming insects behind him told him the Echrid were in hot pursuit but he would NOT allow them to catch him, this was too important, this was the fate of the only family he ever knew in his hands, he would not fail them. Then it was there, the ruins of the tower appeared over the mounds of junk and earth but he was still about half a mile away and from the sound of it, the Echrid were gaining on him.

But the would not catch him as he quickly rolled and held both palms flat against the other and when the swarm was in front of him let loose the largest wave of energy he had ever attempted to let go, the swarm was destroyed almost instantly but the exertion from using that much power cost him dearly.

Now without enough power left in him for flight he plummeted back to the earth, a few stray Echrid he had missed close behind…


Twisted in the air, turning to fend of the approaching Echrid as they dived at him.


The first Echrid reached him as he fell but was moving faster than he, Tyler spun as it went by grabbing its pointy back and kicking its insectoid head clean from the body before letting both fall away.


Lightning bolts shot from the clouds to the left and right of Ty as he spun again and sent what little reserve magic he had left in himself into two more Echrid blowing both to pieces at the same time but still leaving one dangerously close.


Ty didn't have time to spin this time as the final Echrid stabbed its stingers into his side piercing his armor but activating the emergency protection runes on the inside of the armor sending demon fire lancing through the beast, incinerating it in the same instant leaving only a single singer protruding from his abdomen.


The flashback drive activated just before Tyler hit the ground and in an instant he was nothing but a ball of light as lightning and beams of even brighter light expanded outward before collapsing back on itself in a tremendous shockwave that rocked the earth beneath it, and when the dust settled, Ty was gone.