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Flashback 7: Paradox


The Titans would look back on that night with awe, wondering how they ever pulled it off. The entire population of jump city had been evacuated in only twelve hours with the help of the Titans and now the only residents of Jump City still there were the Titans themselves, all of whom were sleeping as much as they could before the Echrid ship arrived. Each of the Titans were napping in the common room with a duffle bag of supplies and possessions they would take to the old bunker when they woke up. Robin had insisted that they all sleep together in case something else happened while they were asleep.

Raven and Ty slept on the couch with Beast Boy on the floor in front of them, the three teens had the toughest of the jobs that night, helping the panicking citizens that didn't have a way to get out of the city to transports of flying them out themselves. Robin and Starfire didn't fare much easier however, directing traffic in a massive evacuation proved to be more work than Robin had initially thought and now the two slept next to each other on the other side of the couch. Even Jinx and Cyborg were exhausted after the effort, more idiot petty thieves tried to stay behind than they thought as well, the two teens slept and charged in Cyborg's room as the metal teen would function best if he didn't have to use his emergency charger.

Yawning Ty opened his green eyes and looking around the room finding that everyone was still asleep even though the sun was high in the air. Ty rotated so he flipped off the couch and floated above the sleeping Titans landing softly in front of one of the large windows facing the sea. In the air he could see a dark red circular shaped distortion in the sky that every once in a while would flash with bright red lightning, above which he could plainly see the form of the Echrid ship as it approached – the sky in the distortion was the same as from his time and reminded him of the death and wholesale destruction he had witnessed first hand – he hugged himself as he heard someone walk softly up beside him.

"Should we be concerned about that?" Raven said as she looked at the growing distortion in the sky, but softly so she wouldn't wake the others.

"No, it's just the gravity well the Echrid's ship makes interfering with the earth the whole sky around the ship will look like that once it lands." Ty replied not taking his eyes off it.

Raven nodded and the both stood there in silence for a moment or two.

"Are you sure there is no way for me to phase into the ship so we can simply plant the time machine and escape?" Raven asked and looked down him.

"No…the ship is one massive organism, it has its own protections that prevent that." Ty said, "In the future you tried but it didn't work, you bounced out the side you started."

Raven nodded as that sounded about right, she had only been denied the ability to phase into places a few times and it always ended with a painful landing on her rear back at her starting point.

"Like I told Robin when we finished last night, when the ship lands there will be about twenty seconds where the top is opening before the soldiers can swarm and come out of it, we just have to get the flashback drive in there and activated in that time frame." Ty said as if it would all be so easy but Raven could see right through it – call it motherly instincts.

"There is something you are hiding Ty." Raven said keeping while keeping her gaze locked on him. Ty sighed, Raven wasn't even supposed to know she was a mother yet and still she held that motherly power over him that swayed him to tell the truth.

"I'm scared what will happen if we are able to defeat the Echrid." Ty admitted quietly, "If we win I won't exist anymore because my timeline will have never happened so…does it hurt to die?"

That question caught Raven off guard; she had to look away from her son and out the window to formulate some sort of answer.

"You're not going to die." Raven said.

"Then what will happen to me?" Ty looked frustrated.

"If time travel is at all similar to dimensional travel then if we win, it will create a new timeline and while your own will still exist the farther the new timeline moves from your own the…harder… it will be for you to stay in this time." It was the simplest explanation Raven could come up with and if time travel was like dimensional travel then being cut off from his own timeline would make Ty simply cease to be, and she did not want to tell her son that. Ty sighed and wandered over to the kitchen to get a glass of water while the other Titans began to stir.

"What is that in the sky!?" Beast Boy exclaimed when he walked up next to Raven and Ty had to explain again what it was, but this time to everyone. Breakfast was a somber affair passing with only a half hearted attempt at a fight about tofu verses meat, probably more to keep a sense of normality more than anything else and after breakfast, was a strategy session on what would go down when the Echrid mother ship arrived. The plan was a simple one, as simple usually worked best. Once the Echrid ship landed the Titans would emerge from their bunker and Jinx, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy would distract whatever Echrid solders that emerged before the warm while Raven and Ty flew into the ship and planted the time machine. Everyone thought the plan was great except for Beast Boy, who kept quiet but felt he should be going with Raven and Ty.

"No Beast Boy, you can't fly fast enough and they will need to get out of there in a hurry, maybe even teleport out." Robin said and changed the subject back to preparations for heading to the bunker, effectively ending that discussion.

"Don't worry Beast Boy, nothing will happen to us." Raven whispered in his ear to try and calm Beast Boy down, which only a mild effect as Beast Boy made a face that he was still not happy.

All too soon though, the hour came for the Titans to leave their home behind for safer grounds and as the all piled into the T-Car with the things they wanted to take with them, Robin couldn't help making an observation.

"You never know how much something means to you until you have to leave it behind huh." Robin said, referring to the tower.

"Yeah, Jump City has been good to us I suppose." Cyborg said as he lifted a tub of supplies into the back of the T-car while the others climbed in.

"No I mean everything that's happened to us here…all the good things ya know?" Robin said as he looked over the garage at the bottom of the tower, thinking about all the happy events that took place in the tower.

"Don't worry, we built her strong it should survive the impact of that big thing landing in the city." Cyborg said confidently and Robin nodded.

"Right then." Robin turned around, "Are we ready?"

"Yeah." Cyborg said as he closed the trunk of the T-car.

As Cyborg walked around to get in the drivers seat Robin walked over to the passenger side and stopped just before he got in to talk to everyone before they left.

"Alright team, I know we have been through some hard things but this is probably going to be the hardest I won't lie to you. We've protected this city countless times and we will protect it again after we win." Robin smiled confidently. "Let's get to that bunker."

The rest of the Titans grinned, boosted by newfound confidence in themselves and their plan and the T-car left the garage and followed Robin's directions as they entered the city. In front Cyborg drive with Robin next to him – the center console folded away to make the front a bench seat – and Starfire on the end while in back Ty had the window seat, with Beast Boy and Raven in the middle and Jinx on the other window. All of them were grateful for Robin's talking while directing Cyborg to the bunker as the city itself was so scarce of life it seemed as though it were haunted. Empty windows and shops stared out at the lone vehicle as they made their way to safety and Ty clutched the time machine in his lap a little tighter, he was getting nervous.

But before he could voice his concerns to Beast Boy a sudden sound broke the relative silence the Titans sat in. Looking up to the source of the noise the Titans saw that the Echrid's ship was beginning to break the atmosphere and fall to earth, a process that began with a simple cracking sound but was followed by a loud and deep 'BOOM' as it broke the sound barrier and began to turn into a massive fireball in the middle of the red, gravitational mess in the sky.

"Turn left here CY! The bunker is just up that alley!" Robin shouted and turned to watch the mother ships descent. The metal teen didn't need to be told twice as he drifted around the final corner and saw the bunker at the end of the alley. Racing up the street the T-car made it there in less than ten seconds as Robin entered a code that opened a heavy steel ramp on one side of the bunker.

"Drive into the bunker I'll close the ramp!" Robin ordered

"Wait!" Jinx suddenly said before the T-car entered the bunker and the car came to a screeching halt as Jinx opened her door and hopped onto the ground.

"What are you doing?!" Cyborg shouted.

"Just Drive into the bunker I'll be in there in a moment." Jinx yelled back as another 'BOOM' almost drowned her out.

"Jinx we don't have time for this!" TY added but Jinx was ignoring them and staring at the sky Raven could sense she was working her magic and had an idea as to what she was doing.

"Jinx is trying to get some bad luck into the aliens landing!" Raven shouted at CY, "Get into the bunker and we will come back out for her!"

"Right." Cyborg said and floored it causing the car to lurch down the ramp.

Jinx stood facing the explosions that were coming from the now red sky, she needed to time this perfect or she would end up causing more damage than if the ship were to land normally. She could sense its shape with her power as the massive organism completed its rotation so the spike was pointing earthward and at last, the ship inside the fireball completed its entrance into the atmosphere and began to rapidly fall earthward with the noise of a freight train crashing into a dynamite factory. She was vaguely aware of footsteps coming up behind her as she thrust her hands skyward, eyes and hands glowing bright pink. Try to mess with my mind will you, well I'll show you what bad luck can do! Jinx thought as she felt the power around her hands – the spell was ready. With a titanic effort Jinx brought her hands down and cast the spell that blew out as many thrusters as she could locate on the massive ship before her strength was sapped from her and she fell into Cyborg's waiting arms.

"Stay with me Jinx." He said as he carried her bridal style and ran into the bunker, ducking in just before the ramp lifted again and closed, sealing the Titans in the concrete structure.

"What did you do?" Raven asked the weakened Jinx once Cyborg set her down.

"I blew up as many of the aliens control jets as I could." She grinned, "lets see it land safely now." She laughed weakly.

Raven nodded and returned to Beast Boy and Ty who were huddling in one corner of the bunker's main room. Robin and Starfire sat at the other side of the room near Jinx and Cyborg waiting for the coming impact.

"Hey Jinx." Cyborg said quietly garnering the pink haired girl's attention, "When we make it through this, how about we start over – that is to say…I'd like to take you out to dinner."

Jinx smiled, "I'd like that…I've missed you since H.I.V.E. was broken up."

"Me too." Cyborg smiled and hugged his friend.

Across the wall Robin and Starfire were having a similar conversation.

"Star if we make it through this I want to take you out on a date." Robin said seriously and Starfire, knowing her regular outbursts of joy would be out of place in this situation simply smiled brightly hugged him in response.

Beast Boy kneeled in between Raven and Ty with an arm around each, this was his family and he was going to protect them from whatever happened. He and Raven locked eyes and no words needed to be said for Raven to sense the love coming from him as she leaned into his embrace, and waited for the impact.

"I know this place." Ty said looking around the bunker; this was where he was born and raised, this was where he had learned to fight, this was where his family had died. Ty leaned into his teenage parents and closed his eyes; he needed to get out of this bunker as soon as the ship landed.


The Echrid's ship had entered the atmosphere at full speed knowing the hardened carapace it was made of could take the punishment easily and as it finished rotating so the spike was facing earthward something went wrong, all of the port and aft thrusters gave out at once, this was not good as there was no time for drones to repair any of them. In a panic the Echrid mind fired the thrusters it could all at the same time making the ship lurch dangerously to one side. Now falling at a diagonal angle the ship rotated so the working thrusters were on the other side to right itself but it was too late.

The massive plunged into the earth at a forty five degree angle travelling about nine hundred miles an hour. Shockwaves ripped through the earth as the ship's hull buckled over the stress from a sideways landing as the mother ship was split down the middle of its hull at a vertical angle spraying yellow goo this way and that, the ship it self finally came to rest against a pile of rubble from the countless buildings it had destroyed on impact and water from the ocean filled the crater as the dust settled. The Echrid's mind though wasted no time, deploying its drones to repair itself while still readying the swarm for battle.


The Titans huddled together while the impact quake threatened to shake the bunker from its foundations but the old building was built to withstand such punishment, and its supports did not fail. As the shaking subsided, Robin was the first on his feet running over to the door while the ground was still making noise and throwing open the heavy steel door on the other side of the bunker as well as opening the ramp again.

"Alright Titans we have a Job to do lets move!" He said and all seven teens ran out of the bunker and climbed up some rubble to the top of the building to get a better view but no amount of crime fighting would prepare them for what they saw. Jump City was completely in ruins; not a single building still stood in the once proud city and at the center of a rapidly filling crater, was a large, yellow, and very broken spacecraft that appeared to have something moving on the outside of it. The harbor would never be the same again, earth that was thrown skyward had come back down in enough volume to change the shape of the shoreline in places and reduce it in others, and Titans Tower was nothing more than one or two stories of wreckage standing on a pile of rocks and debris.

Ty latched the modified flashback drive to the back of his armor.

Raven cleared her mind of fear and doubt.

Beast Boy narrowed his eyes and cracked his neck.

Cyborg activated his extra energy packs on his back.

Jinx peeked out from behind Cyborg.

Starfire narrowed her glowing green eyes waiting to serve justice.

And Robin cracked his knuckles as the T-car drove up in front of the teens.

"Titans, GO!" He shouted and the team sprung into action. Robin Cyborg and Jinx all got in the T-Car and the massive SUV roared towards the landing site while the others took to the air.

"Those things moving on the ship are probably drones trying to repair it." Ty said, "They will be easier to kill than soldiers but we need to hurry and hope the swarm hasn't been released yet!"

As the T-car neared the crippled ship Cyborg pressed a series of buttons that made a laser cannon deploy from the roof of the vehicle, as well as a smaller laser cannon from the passenger door. "Upgrades." He grinned, "I thought they may come in useful just didn't know for what."

"Good work Cyborg." Robin said taking the controls of the side gun while Jinx moved into the turret for the top cannon.

The Echrid drones were shaped like a scarab that was the size of a car and the first ones they encountered were still about a quarter mile from the base of the ship gathering what looked like pieces of the Echrid's home to bring back and repair, but these drones were run over by the T-car as blue lasers lanced out at those that were save from its tires. Starfire flew along side the large SUV throwing starbolts at any alien she saw and every once in a while, Cyborg would fire his sonic cannon out the window. Some of the drones clumsily tried to attack the car to defend the ship but were not as agile as soldiers and met with death when they tried – Ty was right these ones were easy pickings. Soon the large, well armed car was driving circles around the bleeding ship taking pot shots at drones up the sides of it with Starfire throwing bolts at the ones higher up.

Meanwhile Ty, Raven, and a green pterodactyl climbed higher and higher until they hovered above the massive domed nose of the ship, which had yet to open.

"Why isn't it open?" Raven narrowed her eyes.

"I don't know it doesn't make sense, it's supposed to open to release its soldiers." Ty shrugged.

Beast Boy flew down to the domed surface and shifted back to his normal form after landing on it.

"There's a small hole here!" He said as Ty and Raven landed next to him, "I think I can force it open enough for us to get through."

"Beast Boy! Lookout!" Raven shouted as an Echrid soldier drone came out of an invisible split in the surface of the ship and lunged at the changeling.

Ty's reflexes were quicker than Raven's though as violet energy seemed to come out of nowhere to blow the soldier away. But another solder appeared from a different invisible slit in the dome moving to attack the green man but Beast Boy saw this one and smashed it in gorilla form but then another had appeared and was flying strait at Ty who was busy firing at a different solder that had also appeared – Raven concentrated and blew that insect into a million pieces before it could harm her son – where were all these coming from?!

It was then that she saw it, and insect pushed up a hidden flap of-skin like material and crawled out of it as it closed. The whole process took less than a second but she had seen it.

"Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" A beam of black energy shot from Raven's hands to the point where the insect had crawled out, blowing the hatch away and making a hole wide enough for all three to fit through, but the opening came at a price, more soldiers appeared coming out by the dozen now and Ty acted quickly as he flew into the hole and disappeared.

"Go into the ship!" Beast Boy shouted, "I'll hold them off as long as I can!" he then turned into a T-rex and proceeded to stomp on as many as he could at a time.

Raven hesitated a moment but knew that Ty would need her help more than Beast Boy, and so against her better judgment, she followed her son into the ship.

The inside of the Echrid's ship was like nothing she had ever seen, massive veins carrying green and yellow blood of some kind pulsed slightly against the walls that held them in place, brown and yellow tendons stretched farther back than she could see and a soldier was coming at her! Instinctively raven raised a black shield that was hit with such force it sent her flying backwards painfully into the wall. As the alien insect lunched for the kill however violet light came from the side blowing it away.

"You okay?" Ty asked as he helped her up.

"Yeah, let's get this done so we can leave." Raven said and followed her son as he led her to the opposite wall of the crevice they had found.

"The brain should be on the other side of this wall, it's too tough to blow up and you can't phase through it since its living, we need to find another way." Ty said.

"That wall is…but did you notice how fragile the top of this dome is?" asked thinking quickly and wondering why she didn't think of it before.

"Of course, I'm an idiot." Ty said and Raven followed him out of the ship to find Beast Boy struggling against a large wave of soldiers.

"Help!" he said as he shifted to a humming bird and flew as fast as he could away from the gathering swarm as Ty pulled back his hands, gathering a large amount of his spare energy in his hands and threw the violet ball at the Echrid. The ensuing explosion was great enough to not only kill the Echrid on top of the ship, but also open a sizeable whole and exposing a green, round ball the size of a semi truck within the ship – the Echrid's controlling brain was exposed. Wasting no time Ty dove into the ship before more soldiers could gather, Raven close behind and Beast Boy orbiting as a pterodactyl above.

Taking the Flashback drive off his back Ty set the timer for ten seconds and plunged it deep into the hive mind as it activated.

"Alright let's get out of here!" Raven shouted above the sound of approaching insect wings and Ty flew out with her as they fired bolts of black and violet energy at any Echrid that dared get in their way till they were clear.

But hovering above the ship Ty could tell something was wrong, it had been ten seconds and the ship was still here…looking back he noticed that drones were climbing up to the hive mind, they were going to remove the flashback drive! Not saying anything Ty turned back and charged the drones at full speed, flying strait through one and kicking the head off of the other. Looking back at the hive mind his worse fears were confirmed, the Flashback drive was active, but sputtering as its blue light became more and more dim.

"Is something wrong with it?" Raven asked as she caught up to him.

"There isn't enough power; it doesn't have enough power to warp the whole ship!" Ty yelled as he threw violet energy into a group of soldiers and drones, the explosive power destroying the aliens on impact.

"Then get the time machine, we need to fall back and come up with a new plan!" Raven said as tendrils of her black energy fended off a few drones, they couldn't stay here much longer or they were going to be overwhelmed.

"No! If we don't get rid of them now then we never will!" Ty shot back.

"Yes we will Ty, you are here and as long as you are we can change the future!" Raven looked at him in the momentary quiet while the Echrid regrouped and that was the exact moment that the answer hit Ty – the reason the Flashback drive was failing was because He couldn't exist in a world where the Echrid didn't exist. It wasn't underpowered it was because of the paradox – He was the cause of the paradox so he was the only person that could finish the time loop and change the future – which meant he was free to use his full powers to provide power to time machine.

"You need to leave." Ty said quickly, "I'm going to use my own power to turbo charge the time machine leave now or you'll go with us."

"NO." Raven said the thought of losing this boy was not an option.

"It's the only way! I created this mess and I'm the only one that can finish it!" Ty was almost frantic.

"We will find another way Ty you do not have to die!" Raven shot back and Ty could see that even though it was a younger version of his mother, that motherly bond still existed, even though she wasn't aware of it.

"Fine." Ty sighed in defeat, "Help me get the time machine out then it's stuck"

Raven nodded and walked past Ty but as she did he spoke again.

"Mom, I love you." Ty asked, catching Raven off guard and using this momentary shock to his full advantage the boy punched his mother as hard as he could in the gut ensuring the all the wind was knocked out of her then opened his hand and used his violet energy to push her upwards shooting out of the ship like a bullet.

"Get her to safety dad." He said then looked at the failing time machine, its blue light almost completely out now.

When he was old enough Raven had entrusted her son with one word, it was the word that kept his armor on his body. This word was also the one thing Raven had when she was a child, the one person who against all odds had kept her safe. And the one who believed in her when she needed it most.


The thought cause Ty's chrome colored rune armor to glow and fall away from his body, freeing his emotions totally and unleashing the power he had kept hidden since birth. To say the power was immense was an understatement; Ty didn't know that demonic power was this…exhilarating, this free! But his mind was focused enough to maintain enough control to step up to the Echrid's core, and place his hand on the Flashback drive.


Beast Boy flew circles around the top of the ship waiting for something to happen, Ty and Raven had been in there for five long minutes now, the Titans below were running out of drones to destroy and had moved to firing at the ship itself even though it didn't affect the thick carapace. He knew that he had disobeyed Robin's orders but Raven and Ty needed him there, he was sure of it. But he never expected his thoughts to be confirmed they way they did.

His pterodactyl eyes say Raven being propelled skywards by a violet shaft of light, what the heck? Flapping his mighty wings Beast Boy caught up to her just as the light gave out, banking his body in a way that he caught the unconscious girl just as she began to fall again – but why was she knocked out? What was going on in there? The changeling glided towards earth to put Raven in the care of his friends, he needed to go back for Ty.

But as he made his descent something happened he didn't expect.

The Echrid ship vibrated and audible low metallic sound and was surrounded by sparkling blue light that was getting brighter by the minute. Angling away from the ship Beast Boy made a dive for the ground as fast as he could without losing the unconscious girl from his back when all at once the light reached its brightest and began to pull inwards faster and faster until the implosion climaxed with a shock wave so strong Beast Boy and Raven were thrown to the winds by a deep earthshaking BOOM! And by the time Beast Boy righted himself and made a headlong dive for Raven he saw that Starfire had come out of nowhere to catch the dark teen before she hit the ground. The dinosaur screeched happily and followed Starfire back to the rest of his friends.

"Where's Ty?" Robin asked as Beast Boy shifted to his normal form apparently forgiving him for not following orders, "And what happened to Raven?"

"I don't know, they were in the ship and Raven came flying out of it like Ty had thrown her out or something then the whole ship well…you saw it!" Beast Boy said gesturing skyward before becoming more somber as he had a realization. "I think Ty was in the ship when it disappeared."

"Oh no!" Starfire said and covered her mouth, "Is our friend Ty then…"

"He's gone…" Raven coughed, earning everyone's attention. "I wouldn't leave him behind so he knocked me out…he was going to use his powers to make the time machine work because even with the batteries, it wasn't enough."

"But that means…" Beast Boy couldn't say it; no one could say it as they didn't have to deal with the death of a team mate that often, even though they had only know him a week he had still made an impact in their lives, and saved them all from death.

But no one was hit harder than Raven, she knew that it was silly of her to feel this way about someone she had known for only a week, even though he was her son she thought it was silly. But she knew that this victory would always be bitter sweet – Ty wasn't just a son to her, he was proof that her power could be held at bay by a single solitary emotion, he was her proof that love conquered all.

And it was one of those rare times where Raven, in front of all her friends, had cried.


The time warp was harder to maintain than Ty thought it would be but not so hard that he couldn't do it. When the portal closed he ripped the time machine out of the mind of the Echrid and flew out of the top of the ship. Instantly he had to shield his eyes and face for that matter against the massive red orb in the sky. The sun easily took up at least half of the sky instead of being a small yellow circle – and lord it was hot! Ty quickly flew to the nearest shade he could find and huddled down in it to escabe the burning light, the sun must be in the red giant phase still but hey, calculating when or if the sun would explode, he thought that he did pretty well.

Examining the flashback drive Ty found that it warping the massive Echrid mother ship had broken the machine beyond repair – he and the Echrid were stuck here. Looking around Ty saw that everywhere around him was a barren wasteland, no water, no food, no chance for survival. Fate had dealt him a cruel hand most of his life and this was no different.

But if he was going to go down he may as well go down fighting.

He had no armor, little real control over his powers other than the ability to blow massive amounts of things up at random – which in this situation could prove useful – but other than that all he had was his skills as a fighter, and his memories of his loved ones.

Tossing the useless time machine aside Ty stood up and faced the sun, which at that very moment did a very peculiar thing. The red giant dimmed and then rapidly began to shrink faster and faster until the whole mass of the star reached a single point and a bluish shockwave of massive proportions was sent flying into the solar system. Ty blinked, he had really put the Echrid on earth right before a super nova, which meant he had only a few seconds left to live.


"Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!" Ty yelled at the top of his lungs, throwing his arms up into the air.


He had done it, he had changed the future forever. His parents and friends and everyone he loved would have a better life now.


Lowering his arms he still had the silly grin on his face.


Closing his eyes Ty raised his arms again and waited for fate to finally claim him, facing his demise head on.


Ty opened his eyes and was shocked by what he saw…his mother was coming towards him, and not the teenage version of Raven. His mom was coming but she looked different. She was dressed all in white with a long flowing robe instead of her normal Titans uniform and was grinning from ear to ear at her son.

"Mom?" he whispered.

"Yes Tyler, it is me and I am so proud of you." She said sincerely, "You have helped more people than you know; countless millions owe their lives to you."

"Aww." Ty blushed, "I was just trying to help."

"And you did, you helped more than you know." Raven said, "There is someone else here who is also as proud of you as I." Raven motioned behind Tyler.

Tyler turned around and his green eyes went wide at who stood beside him, "Dad!" he exclaimed and ran into his fathers waiting arms – and it was at that moment that the earth and all on it, was destroyed.



Flashback: Epilogue


Two years later…

Raven stood in the common room of the new Titan's Tower looking out at the bay and thinking about everything that had happened about two years ago. The skyline of Jump City was starting to be recognizable again, though some buildings would never be rebuilt because the shape of the bay had changed. Sky scrapers were still under construction on the higher levels while smaller buildings were already up and running again, even the tower had been rebuilt in less than a year. The city was moving on from what was total destruction and giving all the credit to the Titans for saving the day again.

But it had not been the Titans who had saved the world that day; it was another unheralded person that only the Titans knew existed. Tyler Logan, Raven and Beast Boy's son had come from the future to change the past for the better, and was able to do just that, by overcharging a time machine with his own power he had taken the Echrid out of this timeline, and with luck destroyed them forever.

"Oof." Raven put a hand on her very round midsection as the baby that was within her gave a little kick to her ribs. She had married Beast Boy only a year after the events with their child from the future took place, and three months after the wedding was pregnant. For a long time she assumed it was going to be a boy that she could give a better life than her future son had lived, but when she was still in her first trimester Raven and Beast Boy were blessed with different news.

Raven was pregnant with a girl.

"Hey Honney." A familiar voice said as beast Boy walked into the common room and over to his wife, normally Raven would glare at him for using a pet name but since the other Titans weren't around she let it slide.

"Hey, your daughter thinks my ribs are a punching bag." Raven said with an 'I'm-not-amused' tone in her voice.

"Aww she's a little fighter, just like her mother." Beast Boy grinned and hugged Raven from behind, gently placing a hand on her round tummy. Raven leaned into her husband and closed her eyes, enjoying the embrace.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"Yeah, I suppose." Raven said, she hated travelling in this state but this was important.

So with the help of her husband Raven waddled to the elevator and was taken down to the garage and helped into the back seat by a large green gorilla. Then the Titans were off, talking about this and that discussing strategy in dealing with crime and wondering if Raven would ever have her baby. You see, the Titans weren't on their way to any crime or big event; they were going to see a memorial that had been made for a very special person and as they entered the Jump City grave yard, the conversation ceased out of respect for those lost. Soon the T-car came to a stop and everyone piled out of the car – Raven with Beast Boy's help again – and followed Robin across the grounds.

It was then that Raven saw it near the top of the hill was a solitary headstone that was their destination and once they arrived Raven read the name that was engraved into the granite.

Tyler Logan

May he find the

peace he never had in life.

2009 - 2008

Raven couldn't help but smile as a tear came down her cheek, the years of his birth and death were even correct, to the casual onlooker this would appear to be a mistake on the headstone but all the Titans knew better. The thing that got Raven the most was the simple statement in memorial of her son – he had never known what it was like to have peace in his life, born as a child of war he had grown up fighting and had died the same way. But he had given his life to give the world the chance that he never had been given and now…Raven was sure that he had indeed found peace.

And it was in this moment of reverence for those fallen that Raven, had a contraction.

"Umm." Raven grabbed her tummy, "I hate to break up the moment but we need to go to the hospital."

"Are you sure?" Cyborg asked earning a glare from the soon-to-be mother.

"We need to go to the hospital. NOW." Raven repeated.

"Alright! Cyborg pull the T-car closer, Starfire fly ahead to the hospital and let them know we are coming, Beast Boy get Raven to the car I'll go with Cyborg." Robin ordered, "Titans, Go!"

The Titans sprung into action, only this time it wasn't to stop a criminal or prevent the end of the world, this mission was the most important one they had embarked on – they would help bring a new life into the world.