House rules Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.

So I found this while I was supposed to be working from Hermione Vader. Her's is awesome, and inspired me to write my own so I dug out my iPod and set in on shuffle and just let the words flow.

Rules for this little game are as follows: 10 songs on shuffle. One catch is that you only write for the duration of the song. And I tag… uhh… anyone who has a half hour to kill and 10 songs to listen to.

Standard Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine, although I wish it was. Furthermore, none of the songs mentioned are mine either.


Mayfield – Augustana

Dean ran forward, afraid of not making it to his brother in time. Beams crashed around him and he had to roll out of the way so that his clothes didn't catch fire. How did they get here anyway? How did a simple hunt turn into burning down a whole building they were still inside of?

"SAM!" He yelled through the thick smoke.

A gust of wind blew away the smoke for a split second and Dean could see all the way to his brother, lying very still underneath some rubble. "SAM!" He yelled again, hoping to rouse his brother from unconsciousness to no avail. Dean looked up horrified and saw the ceiling was in flames, threatening to cave in at any moment. He had to make it to Sam before the whole building collapsed.

And so he ran.

Boat on the River – Styx

Sam gave a sidelong grimace to his brother. He was worried about Dean, his older brother had been unusually quiet since their father's death. Sure, Sam was taking it hard, but to him, John had been dead and gone for four whole years when the younger Winchester had been at Stanford.

Dean needed help though, his family was all he had and Dad was gone. Sam could tell he was shutting himself off, trying to find his own way through the loss.

The older Winchester looked straight ahead, impassive after burning his own father's body and Sam had to hurry to catch up with Dean's pace. "Come on Sam, let's get back to the car…" he said somberly.

Be My Escape – Reliant K

Sam Winchester laughed as Jessica pressed play on the stereo player, "What the hell are you listening to?"

She raised an eyebrow, "Come on, you don't like it?"

"Just never heard it before, my dad tended to listen to hair bands and mullet rock."

Jessica leaned in and kissed him, "Yeah? Well I like those too, I think I have some Creedence packed away somewhere in the boxes." She looked over her shoulder towards the pile of boxes they had yet to empty out from the move.

Sam sighed, "I'm trying to leave my family behind me. Besides, I kinda like this music."

"Knew you would…" she smiled.

Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

"Let's go see the Red Sox play," Dean suggested.

"What?" Sam asked incredulously, surprised at his brother's idea. Dean never seemed like one to enjoy baseball, preferring football or hockey more. Sure, he played some baseball in high school, but never too seriously.

Dean shrugged, "We're in Boston. So why not?"

"Uhh… because since when have you liked baseball?"

"Something about an 86 year curse and breaking it," he said casually, tossing Sam a flippant smile.

Sam rolled his eyes and grinned.

Hells Bells – AC/DC

John wiped the sweat from his brow with his sleeve. Lights from the stage made the bar hot and sticky, and he couldn't seem to get the cool beer down fast enough. Slightly dazed, he stood up, fumbling while putting on his leather jacket.

"Where you going Johnny?" A woman from the bar asked seductively, eyes turning red.

Drunk as he was, John Winchester knew a demon when he saw one. Standing his ground he glared at her.

She smirked and raised her glass, "Say hi to the boys for me…"

Leningrad – Billy Joel

Sam stared out the window of the Impala, knowing that this could be his last night with his brother. Could? It probably was… Sam looked for so long, to try to find a way to save Dean from the pit.

He closed his eyes, letting his head fall back against the head rest. So close… he wished he tell his brother to turn back and see what Ruby had to say, because despite his brother's reservations about Ruby, Sam believed she could help him save Dean. Sam knew the risks of trusting Ruby and of using his powers, but then what was the point of having them if he couldn't do the one thing he wanted so much? Saving people, hunting things… saving Dean...

Mad World – Gary Jules

Dean blinked, the light was way too bright for the morning. Unless it wasn't morning… that made sense. He turned his head to see a young man there, looking as though he had been crying.

"Dean," Sam asked tentatively, his voice trembling. The younger brother had been afraid if he made too much noise he would break his brother, and he wondering how his brother would react to, well, being alive.

Dean gave the man a confused smile… he looked so familiar. He felt tingling in his fingers and he tried to work out through the haze why his body ached. Waves of pain raced through Dean and he arched back, screaming out loud.

"Dean?!" Sam asked, sitting up looking for how to help his brother – but his brother was lost in pain and even though Sam saved him, he wasn't sure if it had been soon enough.

Fire Escape – Fastball

Dean had been so happy to have Sam there hunting with him again. Sam almost had to think about that twice, because it astounded him that Dean could find happiness in this lifestyle. Yeah, it had a lot of what Dean loved, fast cars, fast women, but it was so futile, there would always be the hunt and people were going to be hurt.

Sam wanted more with his life, more than to simply be John's son and Dean baby brother. He had buried his past at Stanford and became a whole new identity. Then it hit him, yeah, Dean had the Impala and the call girls and the reckless lifestyle, but underneath it all Dean had only one thing that was important to the older Winchester. Family. He didn't need any more than that.

Sam hung his head, passing the sign welcoming the pair back to Palo Alto. He silently wished Dean would find their father so that Dean would have at least him… at least John could be there for Dean because Sam found his own happiness at the sake of his older brother's.

Scarborough Fair/Canticle – Simon and Garfunkel

John came back from the funeral home, finding Julie bent over Sam trying to feed the infant and Dean pushing around carrots with his fork sullenly. He tiredly crashed on the couch, hiding his face in the throw pillows.

"How'd it go John?" Julie asked gently, knowing her best friend's husband was beyond exhausted going through arrangements for Mary's funeral.

"It didn't," John replied.


He sat up, "I'm not having a funeral, I love her too much to…"

Julie sat next to John, wrapping her arm around his shoulders, "You need some closure John. I'm sure Mary's in peace right now watching over her boys."

John looked down to the carpeting. Mary had been watching over them, from the ceiling, and anything from peaceful. He choked and buried his face in his hands.

The Song of Purple Summer – Spring Awakening

Dean looked out of over the water, leaning into the wooden railing. So much was going on, and both brothers were drowning in it. But here? With Sam, like this… clear spring day, blue sky above and green grass all around… it was almost easy to forget he was going to die in a few weeks and go to hell.

As if on cue, he could hear Sam say beside him, "Dean I'm gonna find a way to get you out of this."

Rumbling could be heard from behind the boys, and Dean looked over his shoulder at the darkening sky. And Dean was back in this reality. His reality. He was going to die and the sky was quickly overcome with clouds.


Author's Note: Wow… I have some really depressing music… at least… they make me think of depressing scenes, granted, some of them coughMadWorldLeningradcough are supposed to be. And as for Sweet Caroline, what can I say? I'm a hardcore Bostonian… of course I love the Red Sox. Oh, and a small note… I can't say enough how awesome the musical "Spring Awakening" is. Go check it out. I'm actually working on a 5-part Sam fic with the title and all the chapter titles are from that musical. Anyway, my favorite ficlets are Boat on the River, Hells Bells, Scarborough Fair/Canticle, and The Song of Purple Summer. Let me know yours! And for the love of Kripke, tell me if you go ahead and do one of these too so I can read them!