A/N: Yes, it really is the anniversary of Edge. And it's the six year anniversary of the Jeff/Undertaker ladder match. What an awesome birthday.

"Come on, man, we need to celebrate," Jericho pressed onto Edge, begging him to go out and have some fun like they used to.

"What is there to celebrate? It's not my birthday, and it's not yours, either," Edge replied, fixing his sunglasses and leaning back on the plastic pool chair. He and Jericho were sitting poolside at the hotel they were staying at. "And can you step out of the sun? The glare from your swimming trunks is hurting my eyes, even with these sunglasses on."

"Oh, sorry," Jericho said as he picked up a towel from the chair next to Edge and wrapped it around his waist, covering his purple and silver glittered swimming trunks. "Of course there's something to celebrate. It's the anniversary of you going into the wrestling business."

"It is?" Edge asked, but wasn't really paying attention. Then, he sat up. "It is! But it's not like my WWE debut or anything. I've only been in the WWE for ten years. I've been wrestling for sixteen years…SIXTEEN!"

"Then that makes it even more special. It's your sweet sixteen anniversary."

"Does that mean I can get my license now?" Edge asked. He took off his sunglasses since his eyes were now safe from Jericho's glitter.

"You're not driving. I know how sixteen year olds are these days," Jericho said in a fatherly tone.

"Remember all the good times we had in Canada?" Edge asked, reminiscing about the past.

"Yeah…We'd get so wasted on Canada Day every year and play hockey," Jericho smiled.

"When is Canada Day, anyway?"

"July 1st."



"Today is July 1st," Edge noted, his eyes widening.

"It is…" Jericho whispered, his eyes reducing to slits as he evilly contemplated their future endeavors for the evening.

"I think it's safe to say that you won't be driving tonight," Edge said, getting back at Jericho.

"Hm…It's your sweet sixteen wrestling anniversary and Canada Day. I have an idea."

"And that is?"

"Do you think it's too late to call up MTV?"