Knowing you: Book 3

Chapter 1: Missing


Endymion picked up his Princess and teleported away in a flash of light. Kaze and Venus just a step away. "So this is what Gin was hinting at?" Kaze nodded.

"Tepeu and Pheobe, you two are incharge while we are gone." Kaze turned to Venus and took her hand, "Let's go 'Light the way'."

Venus nodded as her costume changed slightly her bows became red and skirt matched her now blue skirt. ( think sailor V without the mask). In a flash of orange and yellow light the couple disappeared after their Prince and Princess.


Endymion couldn't believe that his Princess had been in battle let alone that the Moon Kingdom had fallen. So there he knelt at the only refuge he was able to find still intact, then again Elysian was always there unless everyone and everything stopped dreaming. Tears forced their way from their ducts at the fall of the civilization he knew and loved. "Priest of Elysian I pray to you for your guidance and sanctuary."

"The doors are always open to those of Gaia, especially her children. Welcome High King Endymion of Earth and High Queen Serenity of the Moon." Welcomed a boy like voice as the doors to the temple opened wide and three figures approached the kneeling man and unconscious woman.

"Helios, my brother I am not King and you know this. It is good to see you none the less."

"My liege you became King when your father left the world. I wish your visit was not as disparate as your cries indicate, what brings you to my home?" The first figure said removing his cloak to reveal a pre-teen with bleach white hair in white shrine robes.

"I am not completely sure, I know that something strange is afoot but details I am not clear on. My first memory is of a shrine like the ones father frequented on earth for Amaterasu-sama, then I felt Serenity in danger." Endymion paused noticing the Helios held his hand up in silent request for silence.

"There will be time. It sounds like a long story and your maiden looks like she needs rest." Endymion nodded. "Allow my maidens to tend to her," Again Endymion nodded as Helios motioned for his two companions to take the Princess inside to be tended to. The two men followed after the maidens whom carried the Princess on a stretcher that they conjured.

Endymion remained silent until Helios and him were seated with food and beverage. "I immediately teleported to aid her, only to find myself in a glass building of sorts and a clone of Zoisite that was female battling with Serenity. She summoned the crystal which I figured the Queen would still have, none the less she used it and passed out." Pausing for a drink of tea, he continued. "I tried taking her to the Terran Palace only to find it non existent; next to the Lunar Palace, it was in ruins and appeared to have been for many cycles; Finally in desperation I came here."

Helios sighed and rose from the table. "Yes, many things have changed since last we spoke. All those of the moon and the generals were reincarnated with you. The earthlings call this time the twenty-first century, and as far as I can tell you have somehow separated from you modern counterpart." Helios looked out a window. "I will summon that part of you here so that we can put you proper again."


The senshi and generals headed home from the starlight tower. Naru climbed the stairs to her room and gasped as she found the new Sailor Venus,aka Hecate. "Kunzite and I left so quick that I forgot that I couldn't leave before passing this to someone of lunar heritage."

Naru stepped back as the senshi approached her, "In this form I am going by Hecate. As Hecate, representative of the Lunar line I grant you the power of the crescent moon wand. Use it to protect this world until Serenity or I return."


"Sailor Pheobe, you are the only one that can control the powers of the Moon. We are leaving the you incharge of the senshi it should not surprise you that I leave this to you as well." Hecate explained.

Naru nodded, "I understand my duty, Hecate. I will not let you or the Princess down." Hecate smiled and placed the wand in Naru's hands and disappeared into the moonlight. Leaving Naru to go to sleep.


Ichiro Hino did as he said he would and diligently watched the prone, unconscious form. A calming presence appeared and he noticed that the young man before him began to glow with a golden light.


In Elysian Helios stood by the summoning alter and awaited Mamoru's subconsciousness. The bewildered teen arrived and looked around like a lost child. "Mamoru Chiba, I am Helios. We were friends a very long time ago and through some mishap some things have gone astray and need to be fixed."

Mamoru was a little uncertain and cautiously approached the priest. "What do you mean things have gone astray?"

Helios bowed low, "May I present a part of your self, His highness Endymion-sama."

"Helios, you know that it is not necessary to bow to me."

"And you know Endymion-sama that I will until I am no longer able and even then will attempt."

Endymion nodded and turned to Mamoru, however as he opened his mouth to speak a maiden came running in, "Excuse me, but her highness is getting worse!" The maiden looked terrified as she spoke the news to her majesties.

"Calm yourself, Fantasia. We will deal with this, let the others know we will be there shortly." Helios said. He watched Fantasia disappear down the hallway before turning to the two men. "This is bad. If we do not act promptly she could die."

"Who?" Mamoru asked.

"Someone special to both of us. Take us to her Helios." The priest nodded and lead down the hallway that Fantasia had disappeared down.

They soon entered an elequent chamber of ivory and gold, a bed was off the center of the room with a maiden laying motionless on the bed. "This is Serenity, High Princess of the Moon."

"You may recall her by a different name," Mamoru faced Helios. "Tsukino Usagi."

Mamoru's head snapped back to face the maiden on the bed and whispered, "Usagi," He didn't remember alot, but he remembered her. The angel and the light of his life; and here she was like sleeping beauty. "What happened to her? What's wrong with her?"

"To tell you what happened would take longer than what we have. In short if we are right her using a magical artifact caused her to become ill with what has no name, but happens to any non-terran after a time and if not treated kills."

Mamoru looked terrified :She could DIE!: "How do we save her?"

Endymion looked down and Helios spoke, "You and Endymion-sama must join as one and then soul-bond with her."

"Give me the cliffnote version of what a soul-bond is." Mamoru asked, not wanting do agree to something without knowing what it is.

Endymion took this question, "A soul-bond joins two souls through time and space. It gives different forms of connections, when Serenity and I did it I was always could track where she was. Serenity told me she could always tell what I was feeling."

"Lets do this then!" Mamoru said. "How do we do this?"

Endymion smiled, "Face me, like you would a mirror and trust me." Mamoru did as he was told mimicing Endymion. Then out of no where Endymion reached into Mamoru's chest and pulled causing the world to shake for the two men. Then a flash of golden and green light the two men disappeared and were replaced with a single form.

"Helios, how long will it take you to prepare for the ceremony?"

"Within the hour, Excellancy."

This man who had replaced a misfit and a misplaced nodded with purpose. "See to it."

Mamoru approached the bed a blinding light appeared behind him. Turning on his toes he transformed into Endymion, "Show your selves or die at my sword."

"That sounded like Mamoru."

"But it was commanding like Endymion," came a second and female voice. The light died down revealing Kunzite and Hecate.

"You two almost got beheaded. " laughed Mamoru releasing the transformation.

"I see you pulled yourself back together." laughed Kunzite.

"What happened to her? She should have awaken by now." Hecate asked.

"She has a form of planetary sickness. Helios is preparing for the soul-bonding ceremony." Kunzite and Hecate looked at him in shock and a little fearful.

"Doing that without her consent could kill you both!" Hecate all but screamed.

"Not doing it and she dies." Mamoru pointed out.

"Mamo-chan?" came a weak voice that Mamoru feared he would never hear again.

Mamoru raced to Usagi's side, "I am here, Usako."

"I consent. I would always consent to loving you." She smiled and received a kiss just as Helios returned.