Knowing you: Book 3

Chapter 15: The Final Wish
This chapter is going to end similar to some other stories I have read in the fact that the couples will remember each other but no one else in the group. However the next installment will be original content.I do my best to keep to my own story lines.)

Tsukia and Terran entered the throne room to find Glacius and Pheobe attacking Hecate and Kaze. As Tsukia went to try to stop the fight, Terran held her back. "We are fine! Go take care of Beryl!" Hecate told her cousin.

Sadly Tsukia nodded and turned her attention to the red haired witch that sat upon her throne. "Finally we meet, Sailor Moon. Endymion I give you the offer as I did before come join me and the winning side."

"This too may sound familliar, I would never join sides with a snake like you." Terran countered.

"Fine. Die with her AGAIN!" She screamed sending a human sized crystal at the couple. Terran threw a rose and summoned a thick wall of rosebushes to block them from the shards; however Hecate, Kaze, Mercury, and Glacius were to involved to notice and were struck down by the shards of shattered crystal. The rose however hit it's mark and caused Beryl to retreat.

Tsukia broke from Terran's grasp and ran to her fallen friends. "Long live cousin. You are all that matters." Hecate said before falling unconscious. Mercury couldn't even look at her princess as the memories of attacking her fellow senshi flashed in front of her eyes.

Kaze just smiled at Terran, "Together til the end. I give you permission to avenge my death."

"Always good for a laugh,"Terran answered as Kaze closed his eyes.

"It wasn't your fault. Either of you!" Screamed Tsukia as she watched as Glacius and Mercury closed their tear filled eyes. "You will NEVER WIN you WITCH!"

Beryl in the meantime was deep in the heart of the negaverse base talking to Matalica. Matalica was an evil being who ascended several millennia before and continued to enlist anyone and anything to help her take over the universe. The gas cloud that she was forced to be due to lack of power and energy was only one thing that made her hate the universe and Beryl's begging never helped her mood. "FINE, BERYL BUT THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! DON'T FAIL ME!" Matalica screamed as she possessed Beryl and obtained physical form giving this pathetic form what many claimed unmatchable powers.

On the surface Tsukia and Terran took a moment to rest as something had caused the palace to crumble. Tears still trailed down Tsukia's face. Terran placed his hands on her shoulders. "I know this is hard. This isnt' easy for me either." He forced her to look into his eyes as he removed his mask. "But for them and the others we have to do this. If we die here we let Beryl win and this world dies along with us."

Tsukia nodded and wiped her tears. "Thank you!"

They hugged and then hand in hand headed toward where a giant flower had recently grown and an all to familliar laughter erupted from. Tsukia stopped and faced Terran, "This is something I need to do." Terran sighed and looked up without a word switched places with her as a sting of lightning came down on them.

Beryl couldn't believe her luck. She had killed them both in one shot, she broke into hysterical laughter. "Better enjoy that laugh, Beryl. It will be the last one you'll ever have."

Beryl turned and looked at her ice spike as it began glowing glowing silver and soon produced the Moon Princess on a pedistal. "You pathetic little Princess Serenity."

Back in Tokyo and all around the world the power is drained to feed Matalica's form and Luna calls out to her charge, "You can win this one. Everyone is counting on you."

Serenity opens her eyes, "I hear you, Luna. I am not afraid anymore." Calling forth her staff and planting it firmly into the pedistal of ice she summons the crystal to it's resting place within the crescent at the top. "Cosmic Moon Power!"

"You should be!" Screamed Matalica as she sends her own attack at the Princess.

Through the power of the crystal Serenity hears her friends and companions. "I know what you said and I respect that but, isn't this a battle we all should fight?" Endymion asked.

"Hey, Usa." "Want some help with this one?" Ryo and Ami inquire.

"You can do it, Usa-chan. Ow, Rei." Rei smiles innocently. "Let us help or I will never speak to you again."

Makoto laughs at Rei while Kenji calls out, "Let us help you put her away." " Yea, girl. There are still too many things we need to buy."

"We only just got a chance with these girls." "And we want to see you whine when Endy gets you knocked up." Motoki laughs and Mina goes to hit him.

"I do need all of you. Please HELP ME!"

Endymion appears behind her and puts his hands around her, "You said the magic words. GOLDEN CRYSTAL POWER!"

Hecate appears beside her with Kaze in a mirror image of the couple Hecate holding out the crescent moon wand, "Lunar Emotional Cascade!"

"Gaia Tornado Dragon!" Slowly the generals all formed around Hecate and Kaze while the senshi did the same to Serenity and Endymion each calling out for their powers.

"Mercury Planetary Ice Storm!"

"Gaia Glacier Dragon!"

"Mars Planetary Fire Storm!"

"Gaia's Vengeance Dragon!"

"Jupiter Planetary Storm Erupt!"

"Zeus' Thunder Dragon!"

"Lunar Star Crystal Power!"

"Elemental Dragon of Fire!"

Serenity smiled at Hecate. Hecate called out, "Elemental..."

Serenity took her turn, "Planetary..."




In chorus the whole group called out, "DEFEAT THIS EVIL!"

Matalica couldn't believe this. A group of teens had defeated her. "NO! NO THIS CAN'T BE!" as the joint attacks engulfed her and she disappeared beyond the horizon.

Serenity smiled. "Thank you, every one!" as she closed her eyes with one last wish on her mind. :Let them be free of destiny if only for a while and have a chance to have normal relationships with each other. Normal teens having Normal relationships....:

From somewhere a mystical voice answered, :As you wish child of Selene. As you wish..."

The next morning Usagi woke up in a strange bed with Mamoru in the bed beside her and her parents watching over them, "Are you too alright?" they asked with concern.

"I think so. What happened?"

"There was an earthquake and it took out the apartment building. Every one survived thanks to you two." Shingo said making it sound like they saved the world.

Ikuko shock her head. "Witness' say that you pulled several people out."

"We are very proud of you two." Smiled Kenji from his chair.

"I just wish you had more concern for you own safety." Ikuko shock her head as the young couple laughed.

Else where in town five other couples were out enjoying the sunny day as the Princess had wished as normal teenagers on normal dates..... at least for a while.....

Well there you have it book 3 is complete. Book 4 should be out sometime in the new year unless I get alot of spare time and insperation (hint hint for reviews) lol