This came to me in a it came to me when I was trying to fall asleep,but anyway it takes place in New Moon,and Bella gets pregnant from Edward but he leaves and neither of them know about goes sum-i veggie because he leaves but she finds out and she has to try and pull herself together for the when Edward comes back in five years what will she do?Will she tell him?Enjoy!


I was laying on my bedroom floor barley left just a two weeks after we-But what if he never really loved me? What if it all was a lie and I was just some toy for him to play with?

No! I know better than that! He always told me how much he loved me and how he could never live without if that was true he wouldn't have left.

I love him so much.

But he doesn't love told me he didn't want me.

I cried myself to sleep.

Two Months Later

I kept throwing up but that was really all I did to move, and to brush my teeth after that.

I hardly did anything at all. I just stared at the wall trying not to think, praying for a dreamless sleep. I didn't want to have any more nightmares of him. I woke up screaming and drenched in sweat.

I remember Charlie called Renee to come and take me to Florida but I screamed and threw stuff. I broke a my mirror too. I was glad I did, I didn't want to look at myself at all. I thought that I was nothing, that I was pathetic and no one would ever love me because I was so worthless. I could never be truly loved.

Oh gosh!

I ran to the bathroom for another round of vile coming up.

After fifteen minutes of that Charlie came into the bathroom." Bella I think you should go to the doctor you've been sick for two months." He said picking me up off the floor.

I didn't say anything to him. I don't really remember the sound of my voice.

"Bella I'm taking you to a doctor alright?"

And thirty minutes later the receptionist called my name and I was going into the room and the doctor came in.

How did this happen so quickly?

"Bella your father tells me that you have been throwing up for the past two months."

I just looked at him barley comprehending his words.

He looked at me worriedly and looked at the clipboard in his hands." Bella have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone?" He asked me.

I didn't even feel embarrassed when he asked me. I was much to far gone to feel any I just nodded my head, once.

He nodded and said" I think you should take a pregnancy test Bella."

I didn't really think anything of it that he asked me to take one. I knew I couldn't be pregnant, he couldn't get me .

When I finished and went back into the room, I came back twenty-three minutes looked at me calmly and said softly" Bella you are pregnant."

That one sentence, those four words, broke pulled me out of my deep made me wake up and think straight. I have to move on, I have to pick up everything, I have to my baby.

I realized that I was being stupid. I shouldn't have lingered on him or any of them for that made his choice and can't change anything about it. I just needed to accept I do. I understand that he needed to stop pretending, he needed to get on with his life because I was only a distraction for was only playing if he really did mean he loved me all those time and still left, well I can accept that. I can move forward if he was only thinking of me when he left, he thought he was doing the best thing for he was wrong it only brought on a round of depression, I was on anti depressants just in case because I almost kept falling into that abyss again, but he did and I needed to forget about them, to move on with my life.

I did. I cut my ties with all of them, if I ever see them again I wont feel bad, I wont be scared about the might have some affect on me but I can push it away. I'm not lost anymore. I have my world with my baby that will be born in eight months. I can move on. I have moved on.

First chapter more to come.

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