Chapter 1: A Great Evil

Chapter 1: A Great Evil

In a place darker then night came a voice. From the sound of it, it is a women's. "It is time to take over Grathor. You know what I am meant to do and I intend on doing it." She said calmly but put full power into her voice.

"I know Scarlet; I have no right to stop you. But remember that whatever happens after you get there, there will be those ready to stand in your way." Then the voice stopped and footsteps could be heard but only just barely.

"W.i.t.c.h, watch out, because I am coming for you." Then a laugh was heard and the voice disappeared.

In another part of the darkness is a place brighter then the sun. A man in about his thirty's looked in a cauldron filled with water. Then a picture of five girls appeared and the man looking into it saddened. "Prepare yourselves girls, one of the toughest challenges are about to knock on your door."

As usual W.I.T.C.H had gone off to meridian. They had arrived to see their good friend Elyon waiting for them. Everyone walked into the queen's castle and noticed that there are more guards then usual but they shrugged it off and continued to follow their friend deeper into the castle. Then they arrived into a giant room, the same room Phobos tried to take Elyon's powers. Cornelia shuddered unnoticeably at the memory. "Everyone, I am glad you're here, unfortunately you seem to have come at a grave time. You see everyone; I fear that a great evil has awoken. I saw you five look at the guards oddly when you walked in. Well, I just gave you the reason for them."

Then a fold appeared and in walked the Oracle. "Guardians, you're here, good. Elyon did you tell them about the evil awakening?" Elyon nodded sadly and kept her head down. "Good, then you five must return to earth immediately."

Everyone's jaws dropped in shock and confusion. The first to speak was Will. If the new evil that we don't know much about is going to be here, then shouldn't we be here also?" Will asked not understanding what the Oracle has in mind.

"Will, the evil won't be coming here, for it can't come here without the heart of Kandrakhar." Seeing how this made everyone else confused even more, he continued. "You see the evil has returned to earth and it is coming after you and if you're not there, this evil will kill anyone and everyone till you arrive. I fear that some victims have already been taken and the more it takes, the stronger it gets. Now go guardians and save our worlds. Whatever you do, hold on to the Heart, do not let it have it." With that said, the guardians headed through the fold back to earth.

"Oracle, I want to help them, they are my friends after all." Elyon said angrier then she planned to.

"You know that that is impossible you highness. If she finds you, then it will leave the guardians alone and take the Heart of Meridian. All it has to do is grab you and it will break you in half and take everything we have worked for. I am sorry but that is out of the question but I do understand your frustration. Now I must take my leave and if any of its minions come by, be happy that their power is far weaker then it's. Good luck to you and the guardians. They are going to need more then the elemental dream powers to defeat it." Then the Oracle left through a fold back to Kandrakhar.

Elyon got confused by the last comment made. "What did he mean by elemental dream powers?" Elyon thought for a moment and then it hit her. "That's right, they have their powers but they can also turn into the element they control. That is their most powerful form and if that can't beat this evil, then what does the Oracle plan to do?" Elyon went straight to her room and when she arrived, she found a book on her bed. She picked it up and looked at it. The cover had one side dark with eyes and on the other half was a person more or less anyway. She couldn't really tell what it was other then it has two arms, two legs, and a head. Elyon opened the book and something black shot out of it throwing her to the floor. "What the heck?" Elyon got up off the floor and walked over to the big black orb that had formed. Then a person formed in this ball. Then the person started to speak shocking her out of the daze she was in.

"I am Scarlet, daughter of the underworld with my sister by my side. The time has come to destroy the guardians and take over what is left of their world and after that, the other worlds starting with Meridian." Then the picture faded and the book closed by itself.

Elyon hadn't realized it, but she had started shaking beyond control. She could hardly breathe now and slowly, tears had started to run down her cheek. Then for no reason at all, she fainted onto her bed.

Earlier after the Guardians had left Meridian, they arrived back on earth. Everything looked ok and so they all went over to Wills home to talk. When they arrived, they found Will's mother asleep on the couch and the T.V. on. "My mom must have had a long day, she never leaves the T.V. on or sleep on the couch. Come on, let's go to my room." They all got to her room and they took a seat. "So far we know nothing of this new evil other then it has awaken. Anyone have any ideas?"

Everyone sat there for no more then a second before Irma spoke up. "I say we transform into our elements and get rid of the thing right away."

Everyone looked at Irma with shock but not because she came up with the idea but because she was the only one to think of it. "We have been practicing so I say we go for it. Agreed?" Everyone nodded and then went and grabbed some games to play.

In another part of town, Scarlet prepared for the guardians. "I am ready for you guardians, so give me your best shot."