Chapter 21: Revelations

Chew. Chew. Gulp. Sip. Other than the sound of everyone eating, it was basically silent at lunchtime. The others could sense that something was wrong with Naruto. There was definitely tension in the air and he hardly said a word. In class, he hardly cracked any jokes or tried to instigate the teachers. Even the teachers were perplexed by Naruto's sudden change in character.

-"So…uh…how was everyone's weekend?" Ino asked, attempting to break the silence.

-"That's the third time you asked, Ino." Shikamaru said.

-"I know." Ino whispered. "But I'm trying to get at least some conversation going." All eyes turned to Naruto who only kept chewing on his sandwich. He looked up from his food and gave them all a questioning look.

-"What?" He asked. Sakura glanced over at Naruto with a concerned look. 'Naruto…' It has been weeks since the incident with Hinata and nothing was resolved. In the beginning, Hinata tried to keep her friendship with the others the same but it was hard with Naruto constantly ignoring her. Eventually, she gave up all together and started sitting somewhere else. Besides, she had a wedding to prepare herself for. Sakura and Sasuke exchanged looks.

-"I don't know what to do anymore. He's not the same…" Sakura sniffed.

-"Yeah, he doesn't come back to our dorm until way late at night. Half the time, I don't even know if he actually comes back." Sasuke shook his head. He was honestly concerned about his best friend. Neji and Tenten tried their best to help but they were also preoccupied with their own plans to go to American together. Tenten was training harder than ever before, and Neji was busy with the arrangements.

-"Ne, Naruto? Neji has been so busy with our American plans that he's starting to get stressed out. Why don't you two go out and have a boys' night out or something?" Tenten offered.

-"What? But I'm not stress-ow!" Tenten elbowed Neji in the ribs and shot him a look. Neji rubbed his side but got the idea. "Oh yeah, how about it guys? I might as well take advantage of the time I have." Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Gaara all agreed but Naruto only glared at Neji. He was not the in mood to participate in anything that involved a Hyuga.

-"You sure about that, Neji? I'm sure you have other stuff to be worried about. You know, like a wedding. I hear it's going to be big." Naruto snatched his lunch bag and got up from his seat to leave the cafeteria. Sakura tried getting up from her own seat but Sasuke grabbed her arm.

-"Really, I think he needs to be alone. There's only so much we can do or say." Sakura stared at Sasuke for a few more seconds before sitting back down.

-"I know." She let out a deep sigh. "But I want to help him. I just don't know how…" Sasuke placed his hand on top of Sakura's. He smiled weakly.

-"When he needs us for sure, he knows where we are." Sakura smiled softly at him.

-"Oh, I hope I'm not too late for lunch!" Sayuri exclaimed, running down the halls towards the cafeteria. She was hoping on having lunch with Sasuke but a teacher asked to talk to speak to her after class. She tried sending a text to Sasuke but he never responded so she assumed that he did not get it. She tried running a bit faster and saw the cafeteria doors coming closer but then-Thud! Sayuri staggered backwards but a hand caught her in time.

-"Oh my goodness. I am so sorry!" Sayuri apologized but then saw that it was Alex. He quickly let go on Sayuri's wrist.

-"It's fine. I should've looked where I was going." Alex tried to smile but stopped short when he saw that Sayuri was trying to stifle a giggle. "What?" He asked.

-"Sorry." Sayuri laughed." But you have some spinach on your teeth!"

-"W-What?" Alex picked at his teeth but he couldn't figure out where the darn thing was stuck. Sayuri doubled over in laughter.

-"Sorry sorry. I don't mean to laugh but you look quite funny. Here, let's go into the cafeteria. I have a mirror somewhere in my purse so you get it." Sayuri opened the door as Alex followed.

-"What? The whole green tooth thing not working for me?" Alex smirked. Sayuri laughed.

-"Mm, not really your color but—" Sayuri froze in her tracks. Alex noticed and followed Sayuri's the direction of her stare. There, along with whole gang at a table, was Sasuke and Sakura laughing and smiling. But what caught his eye was how Sasuke had his hand over Sakura's hand. Sayuri hung her head low.

-"Um...maybe it's not what it looks like!" Alex exclaimed. He couldn't see Sayuri's expression and he wasn't exactly good with crying girls. Sayuri took a sharp intake of breath. She turned to Alex and grinned.

-"They're just really good friends and I'm sure Sasuke-kun is just trying to make Sakura-chan feel better. I hear that Naruto-kun is going through some stuff." Her voice then lowered. "Yeah…that's it. Anyway, let's try to get that spinach out of your teeth!" Sayuri giggled as she fished out a mirror from her purse. Alex took one more look at Sasuke and Sakura before sitting down with Sayuri. 'That Uchiha idiot…'

-Sai's Apartment-

-"But I don't understand…you just got here!" Sakura sulked on the couched. Sai packed away some of his books into another box.

-"I'm sorry Ugly, but things change." He said, taping up one of the last of his boxes. Sakura came by to Sai's apartment when she heard the news that he, Nick, and Sunny were headed back to Europe. Sakura slumped down in her seat.

-"Alright, fine. But why are you guys going back so soon? I thought you guys were on break." Sai paused.

-"Sunny got a call back for an audition. You know, for a movie, and she got the role."

-"Really? That's great! Wait…she didn't tell me about this."

-"Well technically she didn't want anyone to know about it. At least until she was positive that she was going to get the role." Sai explained. "Plus, Nick's vacation had to be cut short too because he needs to practice for an upcoming solo recital at his academy."

-"Okay…so where do you come in? You don't have any dance obligations for a while and—" Sakura paused but then smirked at Sai. He sweat dropped.

-"W-what? Stop looking at me like that!"

-"You're leaving 'cause of Sunny, aren't you? I mean, I heard you saying that you are going to the city that she is going to."

-"Please, that's not the reason. Y-y-you're just being ridiculous!" Sai scoffed but felt heat rushing to his face.

-"Okay. I'm just saying, Sunny is a very beautiful girl and I'm sure a lot of guys will probably try to get with her. You know, ask her on dates and possibly ki—"

-"Shut up!" Sai yelled, pinching Sakura's cheeks.

-"Ouch!" Sakura rubbed her cheeks but then laughed. "You're hopeless, haha. Just tell her how you feel." Sai blushed and faced away from Sakura.

-"I can't." Sai sighed deeply. "I think she likes Nick. It's pretty obvious since I live here and I see how she reacts whenever she's with Nick." Sakura placed a hand on Sai's shoulder.

-"So? You have just of a chance as Nick does. You don't know if he feels the same about her. Besides, you're following Sunny. Nick isn't." Sakura winked.

-"Yeah, true." Sai smiled softly. Sakura smiled back.

-"So…uh…what are you going to do about Ramen? Are you bringing him with you?"

-"Nah. I think the Uchiha will enjoy having Ramen around. They absolutely adore each other." Sakura gave Sai weird look before both burst out laughing.

Demetri slammed his hands down on his desk. "I am starting to get bloody irritated! Sakura is still close to that damn Uchiha fellow. Hikari, I am losing my patience here." Hikari rolled her eyes, flipping her hair to one side with her hand.

-"Relax. You don't think I am getting annoyed either? We just have to think more tactfully."

-"Think?! We need to act! The school year is almost ending and we haven't done anything except bring those two closer." Demetri sneered. "Unless you want Sakura to have Sasuke all to herself instead of you." Hikari slammed her glass to the ground. The shards of glass crunched beneath her heels as she marched over to Demetri. She grabbed him by his tie and brought his face closer to hers.

-"Don't you dare suggest that." She warned in a low voice. "Sasuke-kun will be mine. And he will be soon." She then released Demetri from her grasp.

-"Okay, then how do you suppose you're going to do that?" He demanded.

-"I have plan." Hikari smirked sinisterly.

Sakura waited outside the Day Care Center. Her hands were feeling a bit cold so she stuffed them in the pockets of her coat.

-"Spring needs to get here fast." She murmured. After leaving Sai's apartment, there was nothing left to do for the day so Sakura decided to go pick up Nathan from day care. She was slightly early so she waited outside. Normally she would have hung out with her friends but they all had plans. Plus, there was some uneasiness hanging around them since the whole Naruto-Hinata situation is going on. Naruto refuses to speak to Hinata or even acknowledge her, so in turn, Hinata stayed away from their group at all costs. Naruto also wouldn't stop picking fights with Neji over petty things. At some point, Naruto finds a way to bring the argument back to Hinata's engagement despite the fact that Neji has nothing to do with it.

Sakura also pondered over graduation. It was just a few months away and things were changing fast. Sai, Sunny, and Nick were leaving again, Neji and Tenten are planning on going to America together, and Arisa and Yuudai were also going to be leaving too. Sakura got the news last night from Arisa that after graduation, she and her son were going to leave the Haruno household and get a place of their own. Sakura smiled at the memory of Yuudai being the one who saved her when Karin pushed her off the cliff during that camping trip. Her smile then faded when Marshall's face appeared in her head. Sakura sighed.

-"Oh Marshall…if only you didn't have to go so soon. We all miss you. Millie misses you. I miss you." Sakura brushed away the tears from her face. Millie and Danny were doing better. Thanks to Kira, Danny was starting to accept Kakashi and Anko's relationship little by little. Well, the fact that Anko sometimes gives Danny apples help a bit too…

-"Mommy!" Nathan cried happily. He ran into Sakura's arms and hugged her tightly.

-"Hey buddy! How was your day?" Sakura asked, kissing Nathan on the cheek.

-"Good! I'm hungry."

-"You are? Well let's go home and get some dinner. Mwah!" Sakura put Nathan down and grabbed his hand to walk back home. But before they could walk another two steps, Sakura noticed a familiar car parking near them. The driver rolled the window down.

-"Sasuke!" Sakura was surprised but she smiled. Sasuke got out of his car and walked over to the two.

-"I need to talk to you about Naruto." Sakura opened her mouth but Sasuke cut her off. "Nothing happened to him. I just need to talk; If we can." Sasuke looked into Sakura's emerald eyes before bending down to Nathan's level.

-"Hey kiddo, how have you been?"

-"I'm turning three soon!" Nathan held up three fingers and beamed.

-"Two? Wow, you're going to be a big boy." Sasuke ruffled Nathan's hair. Sakura smiled at the sight in front of her. Despite Sasuke's nonchalant disposition, he was actually pretty good with kids.

-"I think you're going to make a great father someday, Sasuke." Sakura complimented.

-"What? Oh, hn." Sasuke looked away. Sakura rolled her eyes.

-"No need to be so modest." She said sarcastically. "Anyway, we can talk at my house if you want. Nathan needs to be fed."

-"We can take my car. It's too cold out to walk." Sasuke opened the car door for Sakura and her son.

Back at the Haruno household, Sasuke and Sakura tried to have some privacy by going into Sakura's bedroom.

-"You can sit on my bed." Sakura offered but Sasuke shook his head.

-"No, it's fine. I can sit on the chair." Sasuke tried his hardest to suppress a blush coming on. Being on a bed with Sakura would only further complicate things.

-"Okay, well talk. You said you wanted to talk to me about Naruto?"

-"Yeah. Ahem." Sasuke cleared this throat. "I know I said earlier that we should just leave Naruto alone but Tsunade spoke me today and she said that he's on the verge of failing the year."

-"No!" Sakura gasped. She covered her mouth with her hand. "He can't fail! We're supposed to all graduate together. There must be something we can do." Sasuke ran his fingers through his raven locks.

-"Yeah, I would talk to him but…I'm not really that guy. What am I supposed to do? Give him some pep talk? It's not really my thing…" Sakura laughed a little. She knew how flustered Sasuke got when he was brought into emotional things.

-"You're his best friend. I know talking with him isn't exactly your cup of tea, per se, but maybe if you just let him know that you're there for him will help." Sakura smiled at Sasuke. "We all can do that. All of us."

-"Tch. Neji is not exactly Naruto's favorite person at the moment." Sasuke pointed out.

-"Well he just needs to get over that." Sakura flopped down on her bed. Silence fell between them. Sasuke opened his mouth but then close it because he didn't know what else to say. Sakura stared up at the ceiling and closed her eyes.

-"Hey Sasuke, remember the day we first met?" She asked. Sasuke was startled by the random question but remembered anyhow.

-"Yeah, you weren't paying attention and so you bumped into me." Sasuke chuckled at the memory.

-"It was my first day at Konoha Academy. To me, you were just this scary looking guy who didn't even say a word to me." Sakura murmured. "Then as we got to know each other, feelings developed and we dated. It was sweet and wonderful….while it lasted."

-"Where are you going with this?" Sasuke gave her a puzzled look. Sakura laughed a small laugh.

-"I'm just saying how funny things work out. We hated each other when I came back because obviously things have changed. I guess, for the better." Sakura opened her eyes and turned her head towards Sasuke. "I mean, we're friends now. I'm just glad that we're back to where we were." She smiled softly. 'But we're not.' Sasuke thought to himself. His heart pounded in his chest.

-"Sakura…" He gulped. "I—" The door slammed opened. It was Gaara.

-"Oi, you two! Temari and Itachi are here and they want everybody to meet in the living room now!" Gaara said.

-"Why?" Sakura and Sasuke both asked. Gaara shrugged and motioned for them to follow him to the living room. Sasuke and Sakura exchanged looks but followed him anyway. In living room, Daisuke, Carole, Arisa, Yuudai, and Nathan were all seated while Temari and Itachi were standing up, looking really happy. Temari noticed the three walk in.

-"Well come on in you two!" She invited happily.

-"Er, ok…" Sakura sat down on the couch and Sasuke followed suit. For a second, his hand brushed against hers.

-"Well now that everyone is here, Temari and I have news." Itachi grinned.

-"You're pregnant?" Carole guessed excitingly.

-"No, we're getting a divorce!" Temari exclaimed and Itachi nodded.

-"What?!" Everyone yelled out.

-"Just kidding!" Temari and Itachi laughed. Temari placed a hand over her belly. "I am ten weeks pregnant." Everyone let out a sigh of relief but then cheered. Itachi and Temari have been trying to have another baby since Temari's miscarriage from her first one. It was a difficult time and everyone in their family refused to talk about it because Temari was prone to breakdowns.

-"That's fantastic! I'm going to be grandmother! Oh congratulations!" Carole cried tears of excitement. Daisuke wrapped an arm around his wife.

-"That's great. Who else knows too? Does mom know?" He asked. Temari nodded.

-"Yes, Sonomi knows, as well as my parents." Itachi replied. He winced at the memory of his mother screaming and crying when he and Temari told them the news.

-"Let me guess. Mom wants to plan the whole nursery and everything." Sasuke smirked. Itachi pinched the bridge of his nose.

-"Worse. She wants us to move in with her and dad so we can all be 'one happy family' together and she can raise the baby." Sasuke shook his head. That definitely sounded like Mikoto.

-"What about Kankuro?" Sakura asked.

-"He's still far away at school with Kin." Gaara answered.

-"They already know too." Temari said. "He says that he'll skype with us tonight!"

-"I honestly can't believe. I'm going to be an aunt." Sakura rushed up to hug her aunt.

-"This calls for a celebration!" Arisa said. Daisuke nodded in agreement.

-"Indeed! Let's all go out for dinner. All of us! I'll call Sonomi and Itachi can call up his parents." Everyone got up from their seats to prepare to go out to dinner. There was so much noise and excitement going on that Sasuke didn't notice his phone going off.

Sayuri hung up her phone. That was about the tenth time that she called Sasuke. "Are you kidding me?" She was in bedroom all dressed up because she and Sasuke were supposed to go on a date since they haven't been on one in a long time.

-"I know! I'll call the others. Maybe they will want to hang out." Sayuri dialed the numbers of Tenten and Hinata first but they didn't answer. Eventually she was able to get a hold of Ino. About half hour later, Ino arrived at Sayuri's house.

-"Hey Sayuri." Ino greeted when Sayuri opened the door for her. Admittedly, Ino was caught off guard by Sayuri's call to ask if she wanted to come over. After all, she and Sayuri weren't exactly at the level of friends to be hanging out outside of school but Ino felt bad because she detected some sadness in Sayuri's voice over the phone. "What's up?"

-"Nothing. Just—uh…Sasuke-kun and I were supposed to go out tonight but he hasn't been answering my calls or texts." Sayuri blurted out. Ino raised an eyebrow.

-"Maybe he's busy. Is that why you wanted me to come over? You've just asked Shikamaru or one of the other boys. I'm sure they would know where that piece of stone is." Ino knew she sounded kind of harsh but she couldn't help it. Sayuri's face fell and she sighed.

-"No, that's not the reason why I called you over. Truth is…I called you because I need you to reassure me about something."

-"What is it?" Sayuri placed her hands on Ino's shoulders.

-"Tell me not I'm crazy and that I'm just being paranoid. I know Sakura and Sasuke-kun are great friends! I respect that. I do. But I feel like there is something more going on when I shouldn't, right? I love Sasuke-kun so much and I can't hand him over to Sakura just like that." Tears were pouring out of Sayuri's eyes. "Just please tell me that I'm imagining things and that everything is alright because I can't keep going on like this."

-"I can't" Ino said plainly. She grabbed Sayuri's hands and pulled them off her shoulders.

-"Is it because you're Sakura's friend? Don't worry; this will just stay between us."

-"No Sayuri." Ino's voice was hard. "I can't tell you all that because then I will be lying." Sayuri's eyes widened.

-"But then that means…" Her voice trailed off. Ino gave her a sympathetic look.

-"Sakura's my best friend. We have always been there for each other; therefore, we also know each other very well. She doesn't have to say anything nor does she have to realize it on her own, but I know that she is still in love with Sasuke. And he is most likely still in love with her." Sayuri looked down at the floor.

-"But I love him too."

-"I know you do but you need to let him go, Sayuri. You can tell yourself a million times and even convince yourself that Sasuke will stay by your side forever but the reality is that he is only staying with you is because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings and he's not even aware of his own feelings. I'm not saying this as Sakura's friend. I'm also saying this because you need to stop putting yourself through this pain and just accept it. Because trust me, it's only going to get worse." Ino patted Sayuri's backed.

-"I can't." Sayuri whispered.

-Hatake Household-

-"You're a cheater!" Kira pointed an accusatory finger at Danny.

-"You're being paranoid." Danny rolled his eyes. Kira slammed her fist on the table.

-"No, because I know a cheater when I see one!" Danny reached over to touch Kira's face but she slapped his hand away. "No you don't get to touch me, you cheater."

-"You need to calm down."

-"Calm down? How can I calm down when you're doing this to me?" Kira asked. Kakashi walked into the living room.

-"What's all the commotion?" He questioned. Kira pointed to Danny.

-"Your son here is a cheater. You should be ashamed of him!"

-"What! Danny, I raised you better than that!" Kakashi was prepared to give his son a speech but Danny put up his hand to silence him.

-"Before you say anything, you should know that she's talking about scrabble." Danny pointed down to the board game in front of him and Kira.

-"Oh. Is that all?" Kira crossed her arms.

-"Tch. This guy right here is trying purposely gave me the most random letters so I wouldn't be able to put together any words."

-"Danny, you seriously need to stop that. It might work with your sister but Kira's too smart to fall for that trick." Kakashi waggled his finger.

-"How'd you know?" Danny wondered.

-"Your mother used to play the same trick on me years ago." Kakashi chuckled. Kira stuck out her tongue.

-"See? I was right! I was—mm!" Danny cut off Kira but kissing her right on the mouth. When they parted, he gave her puppy dog eyes.

-"You're right. I'm sorry. Forgive me?" He added a small whimper. Kira scowled.

-"You're ridiculous." She then kissed him on the cheek. "But I love you anyway." Danny winked at her. "So where are you Kakashi-sensei that you're dressed so spiffy?" Kira asked.

-"A date with Anko. That woman is purely amazing." Kakashi beamed. Danny felt a twinge in his heart but instead he took a deep breath and genuinely smiled at his father. "As long as you're happy, then I'm fine with Anko-sensei." He said. Kakashi crushed his son in a hug.

-"Oh I never thought I would hear those words!"

-"Dad…I'm dying." Danny choked.

-"Sorry!" Kakashi quickly released his son. Kira laughed at them but then noticed Kakashi's briefcase.

-"What's that for?" She asked. Kakashi followed her gaze.

-"It's for Naruto. He's been skipping a lot of classes so Tsunade asked that I try to hand him some of his missed classwork. She would do it herself but Naruto refuses to talk to her or Jiraiya. It's like they 're living with the stanger, they say. Anyways, I gotta go. Don't stay up too late and Danny, be a gentleman!" Kakashi patted his Danny's head and then left. As soon as they were sure that he was absolutely gone, Kira and Danny exchanged worried looks.

-"Should we tell him?" Kira asked.

-"My dad loves Naruto like another son. Can you just imagine how he's gonna feel when if he finds out that Naruto is possibly doing drugs now."

-"Maybe it's just a rumor." Danny shook his head at Kira.

-"You heard my dad. He's almost like a stranger to us."

-Next Morning-

Sasuke looked all over the school for Sayuri. With all the excitement over Temari and Itachi's news, he completely forgot his plans with his girlfriend. By the time he got to his phone, it was already really late so he decided to just talk to her at school instead. The problem was that he couldn't find her anywhere. Just when he was about to give up, he finally spotted her sitting at a table in the social lounge. He walked over to her with his hands stuffed in his pockets. Sayuri looked up from her book.

-"Hey, sorry for forgetting about our plans. I seriously didn't mean to forget." Sasuke apologized. Sayuri waved her hand around and smiled.

-"Just forget about it. I'm sure you were very busy. See? All forgotten." Sasuke sat down next to her.

-"Okay, but I just want to say that I forgot not because it wasn't important. It's just that Itachi and Temari came to Sakura's house and told us that they're expecting a baby so we all decided to go out and celebrate. I forgot that my phone was on silent so I hardly looked at it." Sasuke explained. Sayuri's eyes widened. Her heart was racing.

-"Wait—so you were at Sakura's house?" She asked slowly.

-"What? Oh yeah. I had to talk to her about something."

-"And then you went out to dinner with her?"

-"With my family too. Anyway it's forgotten, right? Because I noticed that our anniversary is coming up soon so I was thinking that maybe we go somewhere nice for a vacation." Sayuri bit her lip as she put down her book. Last night's conversation with Ino was all coming back to her.


-"I was thinking maybe a bed and breakfast? I know that sounds stupid but I'm not exactly good at these things, and that sounds like a good idea because we would have some privacy."

'You can tell yourself a million times and even convince yourself that Sasuke will stay by your side forever but the reality is that he is only staying with you is because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings and he's not even aware of his own feelings.'

-"No Sasuke-kun, listen. I—"

-"I know you're a bit hesitant since we haven't really been good lately with all this drama going on but we can make it work. We can go up during a weekend and just do all kinds of things. Maybe a hike? You said that you always to go hiking up some mountains and…"

"She doesn't have to say anything nor does she have to realize it on her own, but I know that she is still in love with Sasuke. And he is most likely still in love with her."

"Because you need to stop putting yourself through this pain and just accept it. Because trust me, it's only going to get worse."

-"Sasuke-kun, you need to stop." Sayuri said, slamming her palms down on the table. Sasuke blinked.

"What? I was only talking about what we can do during the trip. Unless you have some ideas too."

-"No, that's not what I mean." Sayuri said with an impatient sigh.

-"Then what do I need to stop?"

-"You need to stop lying to me and yourself! You are obviously still in love with Sakura-chan." It was as if all the weight of her troubles was lifted off of Sayuri's chest once she said those words. Sasuke gaped at Sayuri for a few seconds before glaring at her.

-"That's not funny."

-"I'm not trying to be funny, Sasuke-kun. You know it's the truth." Sayuri felt her bottom lip quiver but she tried to remain strong.

-"Why are you saying this? Because I blew you off last night to be with Sakura? Listen, I know you're mad but you don't need to throw this in my face just to make me feel even guiltier than I already am."

-"Oh my god, you're so dense!" Sayuri groaned. "You're still in love with her, Sasuke-kun. Everybody knows it except for the two of you. Even I know it! And let me tell you, it's so annoying and disgusting to watch you two deny it over and over again. And…" Sayuri took a deep breath. "And I can't go anywhere with you, Sasuke-kun. Not anywhere because there's nothing to celebrate."

-"What are you trying to say?" Sayuri couldn't take it anymore. She let the tears fall but she forced herself to smile.

-"I'm letting you go, Sasuke-kun. There's no reason for me to keep you to myself when there's obviously no room in your heart to accept all of me." Sayuri grabbed her belongings and then paused to look at Sasuke. "So…just go. Go be happy." She kissed him on the cheek before leaving the room. Stunned, Sasuke sat down. So Sayuri knew. So many thoughts were racing in Sasuke's head.

-"Sayuri broke up with me." Sasuke whispered. "She broke up with me. Ha…" Sasuke smiled. He was overwhelmed with some unknown feeling of content. 'Sakura' Sasuke shot up from his seat. "Does this mean…I have a chance now?" He didn't know what to make of that. 'Naruto.' "Naruto! I can tell the dobe. Maybe he'll know what to say. Maybe…maybe this will bring him back to his old self. He was always rooting for me and Sakura to get back together. I've got to go find him." Sasuke snatched his backpack and quickly ran to his dorm in hopes of finding Naruto in there. Unbeknownst to him, someone was watching him the whole time. Demetri gritted his teeth and kicked flipped over a table. He tried to keep himself concealed when he saw Sasuke and Sayuri arguing. He stomped over to a window and punched the wall as dialed a number with his other hand. "Whatever you've got planned, you better act fast because that Uchiha twit is getting ready to profess his love to Sakura." He hissed.

To Be Continued…

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