OK, so I'm not going by what the document word counter on this sight says anymore, it says 52 words but I counted it three times and it's 50? Whatever, just trust me on it, alright? ;)

Choice this time was Xianghua, and no, it's not a Xianghua/Maxi thing, she just wishes he remembers them. I do not, nor do I claim to, own the rights to Namco's Soul Calibur. 50-word drabble this time.

Kilik and Xianghua are staring at the sky. Staring, thinking, dreaming.

He suddenly takes her hand.

"We'll destroy it, together, and once it's gone...all the loose ends will be tied up, Xianghua, and we can be together."

Xianghua looks away and thinks of Maxi.

"No, not all of them."