"A Little Adjustment"

Summary: After Miranda, the crew of Serenity faces a few "little" adjustments after another memorable visit to Persephone.

Author's Note: Post-Serenity, so both Wash and Shepard are dead.

Warning: Spanking in this story. If this bothers you, DO NOT READ THIS STORY OR REVIEW IT.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or this concept. I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes.

Chapter 1: Another Visit To Persephone

"Ya know," Jayne said, smiling brightly, "I think I might just take back every rotten thing I ever said about that no-good rat-faced pig-smellin' Badger." He jingled the bag containing his share of the profits from their latest job.

The crew of the Firefly transport-type ship called Serenity had been hired by the local crime boss (the only crime boss, in his opinion) to pull a rather simple heist. After sustaining the wounds they had on the planet Miranda, the losses they'd suffered, Captain Malcolm Reynolds had been reluctant to accept another job so soon but the physical needs of his crew outweighed, only just, their emotional needs. They had to eat, and they had a ship in bad need of repair. They took the job.

For once, Badger had kept his word and paid them what he'd offered.

"Don't go tackin' halos on 'im just yet, Jayne," Mal told his resident mercenary. "Next time he may not be so obliging. Besides, we still gotta find work after this."

"Boreos is nice this time of year," Zoe, his second in command, spoke up for the first time. "Wash always did want to watch me take a bath there." She grinned, but there was no happiness to it.

Mal looked at the beautiful black woman a moment. It had only been a month or so since Halbard Washburn, called Wash to those closest to him had been killed. Wash was Zoë's husband and had been the pilot of his ship. Last month, in their little squeamish over the planet Miranda, he'd lost his life when a Reaver spear had crashed through the bridge and speared the man right through the heart just as he'd managed to land the ship safe and sound.

As long as he lived, Mal would carry around the guilt of his friend's death. "Zoë," he said, speaking quiet like, "if yer needin' some time…"

She cut him off. "No, Sir," she said, shaking her head. "Wash knew the risk the same as all of us, Sir. Me sittin' in my cabin mournin' myself to death ain't doin' you or the crew any good and it certainly ain't gonna bring him back to me. It's best if I just keep busy."

Mal nodded, understanding. "We're here though," he reminded her, "ya know that, right?"

She nodded. "Of course, Sir," she said, looking him in the eye. Of course, she knew. If it hadn't been for them this last month, she would never have survived the heartbreak of her husband's death, let alone be able to carry on without him.

Mal smirked. "Shiny," he said, nodding his head toward the ship, "let's head to the ship and then head to Boreos." They nodded and headed for home.

Heading up to the gang plank, they found a very anxious Inara Sari pacing back and forth. "Everything all right?" he asked the former Companion-turned-ship's-resident-counselor.

The dark haired beauty spun around and threw herself into his arms. Now, he knew something was very wrong! "What is it?" he asked, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"They haven't come back yet," she told him, blinking back tears.

"Who?" Mal asked, puzzled.

"Simon, River, or Kaylee," Inara answered, biting her lip uncomfortably.

Mal looked perplexed. "I thought I told everybody to stay on board?" he asked. He could have sworn those were the orders he'd gave the four remaning members of his crew this morning before they'd left to meet with Badger.

Again, Inara looked uncomfortable. "Simon needed some medical supplies," she explained, "and well…he knew someone close by where he could get some. He said they'd only be gone an hour, but they haven't come back yet. I've been trying and trying to radio them, but all I've gotten is static. Mal, I'm worried."

Mal's eyes widened. For the tough-as-nails-woman to admit that she was scared to him meant that she was really scared, and that he should be really worried as well. "Stay here in case they come back," he ordered her and Zoë. "Jayne, yer with me." He spun around, and headed back down the gangplank at a dead run with the mercenary following.

"Where we goin'?" Jayne asked, following behind as fast as he could.

Mal shrugged. "Don't know," he said, "but we're gonna search this entire planet if we have to. I ain't about to leave no crew behind." Not again. Not ever again.

Jayne sighed. "Great," he muttered, "just another fun filled trip to Persephone."

Mal had to grin despite it all.

My sentiments exactly.