"Chocolate Violins & Harmonious Eyes"


A/N: This story is dedicated to Izzy, who has been
one of my best friends for the longest times and
even though we've had a ton of fights and disagreements
we're still the best of friends. And she deserves for
this poorly-written story to become a reality, she does.
This is a rewrite of something I did back in 2006.
I'm doing this over to put a smile on her face.
Love ya. :)


He held the instrument, carefully resting it on his shoulder where it gently touched his neck. He took a deep breath. Elegantly, he grasped the bow and began to lightly move it back and forth against the strings. Graceful, light music emitted from the violin and filled the room. Notes from the piece he was perfectly playing leaked from the store and filled the street. Outside of the shop just next-door was a small brunette girl whose heart was pounding. Izzy was her name. She often came around to listen to the beautiful music that had a flair for making her weak in the knees. Violins were her favourite. Locked away inside of her heart was another reason for her frequent stopovers. It was the boy who made that music.

Ever since she'd come to town, the boy who worked in the music store had caught her eye. He gave violin lessons, she knew. She didn't have the money for any such thing, and she was far too nervous to confront him herself. Her personality was unusually outgoing, all except for around this boy. He made her feel bizarrely fretful and anxious. He had long cloudy-white hair that traveled down and rested lightly against his small shoulders. She had never heard his voice or seen him up close, but she counted the days until she had the courage to confront him herself. It wasn't often that she felt this way about somebody.

Soon, the music stopped and Izzy became tense. There were a few patio tables on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant next door. This is where she resided; hiding behind a book she was pretending to read. A few long minutes later, a lavender-haired girl wearing a yellow ribbon and holding a violin case exited the store. Izzy scowled. Stupid girl was probably flirting her little head off,she muttered to herself. She waited until the girl was out of view, and noticed as the shop's door closed and the curtains shut. It was getting late, and the store was closing. Izzy decided that it was time she left, anyway. She closed her book and tucked it under her arm as she walked the few blocks to her home.

When she arrived home, she went straight up to her bedroom. She laid down on her bed and tried to find the tune of the violin in her memory but it just wouldn't come to her. She was lost in deep concentration, and didn't notice her blue-green amulet glow around her neck. Soon, she was no longer the only person in her room.

"Stalker," a more mature voice, accused.

Izzy sat up, not quite caught by surprise. "I'm not a stalker," she said, pulling her legs so that she sat Indian-style.

"Oh? How do you figure?" asked the older woman. Her name was Hijra. She was a spirit, a yami that lived inside of Izzy's necklace. In the past, Hijra was the princess of Egypt and the queen of thieves. Izzy was now her host, and she was a part of her. When she did not inhabit Izzy's body, she only appeared as a transparent ghostlike figure.

"Just because I like to go there and hear the music doesn't mean a thing. I go to the restaurant next door. I like that restaurant," the brunette defended.

"You never order anything except for a water with lemon. You do not even drink it half of the time."

Izzy felt her cheeks grow warm. This was a good point. "Don't worry about it!" She hated how nosey her other half could be.

Hijra ignored her last response. "Stop stalking the poor kid already if you are not going to say something to him. Your lurking is borderlining creepy not to mention that you bore me."

"Shut up," Izzy groaned, falling back onto the bed and pressing a pillow against her face.

"If you will not do anything, then I will. I can easily use your body, and march right up to that store. Heaven knows I will find it just fine, seeing as how you have walked the way a plenty number of times. I can knock on the door and inform that child that he has a… fan." Hijra grinned.

The younger girl sat up immediately. "You wouldn't." She narrowed her eyes at her yami.

Hijra kept her smug facial expression. "So you claim."

Izzy rolled her eyes and sighed. "Listen, Hij, I know that you can't resist a perfect opportunity to make a fool out of me but you don't get it. I have nothing to say to him. I don't have the cash for lessons. I don't know a thing about him."

"Then do not continue acting like a stalker. Since you have moved to this area, you have not left your house. It is pathetic. You never go out and every moment not spent stalking, is spent on that computer of yours. If you want to waste your summer this way, feel perfectly free. And do not think I will not go through with what I said." Hijra's spectral image faded as she re-entered the amulet and left Izzy in peace once more.

Izzy left her old town a month or so away from the end of the school year. Since then, she hasn't been to school or met anybody in her new neighborhood. Her neighbors are all senior citizens or mothers with very young children. It was now halfway through July and the very peak of summer. Hijra had a point, she thought. But that feeling in her chest, and the way that she felt when she even thought about meeting the boy simply prevented her from making any moves. The idea excited her, though. She'd never had a serious relationship before, just a bunch of failed attempts at one. What if this boy could be what she'd been missing out on? It was still early, only about eight in the evening but she drifted to sleep where the tune of the violin had finally found her.


The next day, Izzy awoke with a brilliant new feeling of anticipation and confidence. The night before she'd dreamt about meeting her object of affection. She'd walked into the store, and saw him up close for the very first time. The only problem was, he was turned around. She saw him from the back and when he turned around, she woke up. Izzy took this as a sign of what she needed to do. She made sure not to eat anything all day long, so that she had nothing to upset her stomach when the time finally came. Her plan was to arrive at the store earlier than she usually came to listen, before that lavender-haired girl who was now a frequent customer, showed up.

Her nerves flew like crazy until early afternoon when she decided to go. She called upon Hijra to come out and calm her down, but Hijra didn't respond. She was most likely sleeping as usual. She was quite lazy. This angered Izzy who then scolded herself for thinking Hijra could ever calm her down to begin with. Her yami was only good at making her feel worse or humiliating her, both something that she could do without, especially at such a time. Telling her parents that she was going out for a walk, she headed out of her house and up the street she traveled so many times already, to see—not stalk—the ivory-haired boy.

By the time she arrived next door, her heart was hammering like mad. She had to sit down at one of the patio tables to maintain her composure. Suddenly she had cold feet, and instantaneously wanted to turn back. This was when Hijra finally decided to wake up, or at least say anything to Izzy.

"What is the matter? Have you 'chickened out'? What does the chicken have to do with this anyway?" Hijra could communicate telepathically with Izzy, without coming out. She often tried to use modern phrases and became confused easily.

Izzy responded, "I can't do this. I'm not pretty. He wouldn't like me. He'd think I'm obnoxious and bothersome. I can't just walk in on his job, that's so rude." She continued on her rant of excuses, when she felt a warm jolt that suddenly told her that her body was no longer in her own control. Her features had now matured to the dark skin and long hair that belongs to nothing other than Hijra herself.

"Hey! Violinist boy! Come out here, will you?" she called, her deep voice ringing into the street. Almost as quickly as she came, she left, leaving Izzy once again in power. She turned a deep red and suddenly felt the urge to run. Before she could get out of her chair, the boy came out of the shop looking for who had called her. Hijra's voice could get loud when she wanted it to.

Afraid that it seemed obvious who had called him, since Izzy was the only one outside besides two little kids riding plastic tricycles along the opposite sidewalk, she spoke up. "Erm!" She stood from the table and looked straight at him. Her body weakened in shock that this was actually happening. "It was me, I—I called you." She closed the distance between them a bit, so she didn't have to raise her voice quite as much. Silently, she wished Hijra dead. "I'm sorry, it was so rude of me." Her cheeks burned.

"Oh, don't worry about it," the boy replied kindly. His voice had a British accent. As if Izzy needed anything more to make her weaker. British accents were her absolute favourite.

"You're British!" she burst out, without thinking. "Oh!" she covered her mouth and apologized again. "That was quite rude as well… I mean, I lo—I really like Britain and all of that, I didn't think there was anybody around here that was British…" she felt like an idiot for over-explaining herself. He smiled and the moment quickly became awkward. "I'm Izzy!" she added, as something to fill the silence.

"A pleasure to meet you, Izzy," he replied, holding out his hand. "I'm Ryou. Ryou Bakura." His eyes were chocolate brown, the most amazing eyes that Izzy had ever seen.

She stared at his hand for a few seconds before she realized that he was holding it out for her to shake. Her cheeks once again blazed and she shook his hand. His touch was soft, and ran chills up her spine. "Ryou. I've never heard of that name before. Is it British?"

He chuckled. "Not quite. It's Japanese. My father named me and he's enamored with Japanese culture."

"Oh!" Izzy responded.

"So, what is it that you needed? You called me out here, remember?"

"Oh, right!" she said, feeling stupid and wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole. "Uhm, well," she bit her lip for a moment as she thought of something as quickly as possible. "Violin lessons?" She felt foolish for only saying that, but it didn't seem like her mouth could form the entire sentence in the correct order of words.

"Ah! You're interested, then? That is a relief. Since I opened this store, I've got almost no customers at all. I mean, a few people have come and asked for guitar lessons, but that isn't what I teach here. I can only play the violin, but nobody seems to like that anymore."

"I love violins!" Izzy exclaimed. "They're better than guitars any day."

Ryou smiled. "I'm glad you think so. Come on inside."

She followed him inside of his shop. He walked behind a desk and handed her a flyer. He had an identical one in his hand. "They are about fifty dollars per lesson, which isn't too bad compared to a few other places. Then again, I'm no superior expert, but I have been playing since I could walk."

"Whoa! That's a long time!"

He smiled at her and continued. "Yes, yes it is. Well, lessons are about an hour a day, three hours a week. If you'd like to pay by the month, I can give you a discount of six hundred a month which would save you about a hundred and fifty…"

Izzy felt a pang of guilt as she remembered that she didn't have any kind of money for these services at all. "Uhm," she interrupted, looking at the floor. "To be completely honest, I don't have that kind of money. I—I was looking for my friend, you see, she really wanted to learn to play. So thank you for all of your help, I won't bother you anymore." She smiled and turned to leave.

"Wait," Ryou said.

She turned back around to look at him. "Listen, I know the prices are kind of high, but maybe I can work something out for you." He sensed her lie and she felt terribly embarrassed. "You look like a really nice girl… I haven't seen you around here, you're new, correct?"

Izzy nodded. "Yeah, I just moved here like a month ago."

"I can give you newcomer's discount," he added, with a wink. "Between you and me, eh? I'd hate to be the one to shatter your dreams. The violin is a beautiful instrument. I'd like to see you around here again. What do you say I make the first few lessons fifteen dollars?"

Her face immediately lit up. He wants to see me again. She'd have to ask her parents for the money, but she didn't care. He wanted to see her again. "Wow, really?! Are you sure? That sounds great! I mean, I'd love to take them. W-wow, that's so kind of you."

"I know how it is to be a little short on cash, it's not a big deal. My boss isn't exactly the strictest, I'm sure he won't mind at all. You'll come by again, then?"

"Absolutely. When?"

"Whenever is the best time for you. Keep the flyer, it has my hours."

She beamed. "Thank you again… see you, Ryou!" she left the store and she felt her body glowing. Could it be that this was actually happening to her?