What Hurts the Most

Chapter Ten

By KellyQ

It had been three days scenes Johan and Jaden found out that Amon was lurking around. So far, the fox demon had not caused trouble. Johan stared down at Jaden who was sick with a bug. The dog demon had a high fever, sore throat and he shivered. Johan shook his head as he bundled Jaden up.

"Jaden, Johan! Are you guys still here?" came Atticus' voice. The greenish fox kit bounded up, but stopped when he noticed that Jaden was all wrapped in a blanket. "What's wrong with you?"

"He's sick," Johan answered. He rose to his feet and started to walk out of the cave. "And I'm going to get some herbs to bring his fever down. I'll be right back."

"J - Johan ..." Jaden murmured. "Don't ... leave me."

"I'll get the herbs for you," Atticus offered.

Before Johan could protest, the fox demon was off. The cat demon sighed and sat next Jaden who was smiling. Johan stared at the dog demon for a moment and narrowed his eyes.

"What?" Jaden asked innocently. He shifted uncomfortably under Johan's gaze. "I didn't want to be lonely."

Johan sighed. "Get some sleep."

"But I'm still cold," Jaden informed. He didn't want to sound like a whiny child, but he couldn't sleep when his body felt numb.

Johan went into his human form. He pulled the blanket back and laid next to Jaden. "You weren't kidding!" Johan pulled Jaden close, hoping that his body heat was helping.

Jaden couldn't help but inhale Johan's scent, and it wasn't long before the two fell a sleep. Their rest didn't last long when Atticus bounded up saying that he had the herbs. Johan wiggled out of Jaden's arms. The brown-haired dog demon stirred, but he didn't wake up.

"Thanks," Johan murmured. Atticus nodded his head. "Stay here. I'm going to get a few more things."

Jaden woke with a start when he felt someone lift his shirt. The dog demon pushed the intruder away.

"Jaden, calm down," came Johan's soothing soft voice. The dog demon opened his eyes to see that he wasn't at the lab. A small smile made its way to Johan's lips. "That's good you stopped fighting me. I thought I was going to have to tie you down so I can give you the medicine."

Jaden tilted his head in confusion. "And you have to take my shirt off for that?"

"You can take your shirt off - I just need to rub the medicine on your chest," Johan explained. Jaden nodded his head. He pulled the shirt his over his head, allowing the shirt to fall to the side. Johan's eyes widened when he saw scars that ran along Jaden's belly. It looked like the same type of scar to cut someone open. What did they do to you?

"Uh ... you can put the medicine on me now," Jaden spoke up, snapping Johan out of his thought.

Johan nodded his head. Jaden laid down as the cat demon picked up a bowl shaped rock. Atticus bit his lip as he watched the scene unfold. I just hope that the red fox demon I just met told the truth about the herbs he gave me, he thought, hearing Jaden complaining how the medicine stank.

Johan put his hand to his nose and sniffed. The smell caused his sinuses to sting as Johan turned his head, and coughed. "What herbs did you get, Atticus?" Johan inquiered.

The fox kit cringed. "J -just some herbs a red fox demon gave me, saying that it will help him heal fast!" Atticus explained in a rush, not liking the way Johan's eyes changed so quickly.

"I'm alright," Jaden reassured. Johan stared down at Jaden to see that his fever was gone. "I do feel a little better."

Johan narrowed his eyes. "If you say so. Now get some sleep." Jaden grumbled and closed his eyes.

Atticus smiled, saying that he was going to head home.

A smirk formed on Amon's lips when he heard Atticus approached him. He turned and smiled down at the fox kit.

Atticus beamed. "He's going to be okay!"

"I'm glad to hear it," Amon said, watching the fox kit scratch behind his ear. "We make a great team, don't we?"

"Yep!" Atticus barked happily. "What's your name? You haven't told me."

"Oh, how rude of me. It's Adrian, and you are?"

"Atticus! Son of Fubuki and Yusuke!" he stated proudly.

"Well, son of Fubuki and Yusuki, do you think we can be friends? I don't have any ..."

Sympathy flashed across Atticus' face. "You have none at all?" a smile formed on the fox kit's face. "Sure! I'd like that!"

"Atticus!" came strong gentel voice. A yellow fox demon stepped out of the bushes. Atticus' face lit up and he ran up and hugged his uncle.

"Uncle, Honest! I want you to meet my new friend -" the fox kit explained, excitedly. Atticus turned to see that Amon was gone. "Wha? Where did he go?"

Amusement and concern flashed across Honest's face as he watched his nephew look franticly for his new friend. "Are you alright?" After three minutes of watching, Honest picked Atticus by the scruff of his neck and carried him home.

To Be Continued ...