AN: I don't own Narnia or anything in it. This will be partially based on the movies, and partially the books, depending on which version I like better, though the concept comes from the speech Aslan gives during the movie-version of the coronation.

Chapter One: The Eastern Sea

"To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant

The glistening eastern sea. A sea speckled with exotic islands and mysterious people. She had visited them all. Galma, Terebinthia, the Seven Isles, and even the Lone Islands had welcomed Queen Lucy of Narnia into their courts. She had gone in times of trouble and times of peace, resolving conflicts and celebrating good fortune. The Great Eastern Ocean was her domain, and she attended those within it with compassion and care, all the while gracing her hosts with sparkling eyes and a ready laugh.

Several years into her reign, she had made her first sea voyage, traveling on unsteady legs and gripping Peter's hand tightly. She had been sick, stumbling across the deck until finally consenting to a drop of cordial. She and the sea had been inseparable since.

Eight years after being crowned a queen of Narnia, Lucy and Edmund toured the islands of the Great Eastern Ocean. The island courts were amazed. Queen Lucy was no longer a radiant little girl, following her eldest brother and carefully asserting her opinion. She had grown into an eloquent and charming lady whose feet could now touch the floor when seated. She delighted their children with tales of talking beasts and dashing kings, and it was not uncommon to find her splashing in the surf among some of the court's younger residents, always laughing, always gazing East.

A grin never far from her face, Lucy eased the tensions of the stickiest situations and brought smiles to the faces of even the oldest and wizened of counselors. Queen Lucy and King Edmund worked as a team; Lucy relaying to her elder brother the needs of the people, and Edmund ensuring justice. Always, the island peoples adored the Narnian Queen, Lucy.

Leaning over the side of the Dawn Treader, Lucy gazed into the sea of lilies, her mind thinking, remembering. So different was this voyage from any she had ever embarked on. The islands she had known were different, harsher. They had no memory of the golden queen who had loved and nurtured. At best, she was a legend there.

And beyond those islands, she had seen wonders far more incredible than even those of Narnia. A Magician's Book, an un-dragoned cousin, a Star and his daughter, and a city of Sea People. She thought that perhaps, if there was time, she could tell Caspian the story of the mermaid and the evil sea witch, yet in her heart of hearts, Lucy knew time was nearly up.

Reepicheep's words echoed through her mind.

"Where the waves grow sweet,

Doubt not, Reepicheep,

There is the utter East."

They were sailing East. To the end of the world. In her days as a queen, she had gazed out of her bedroom window in Cair Paravel every morning, eyes fixed on the horizon, mind wondering what lay beyond it.

It had been a mystery existent throughout her reign, beginning only hours after being crowned queen. She had been watching the sun set, contemplating her title, her new life, and Aslan, when she had seen the lion himself, slowly wandering down the beach. And then he had disappeared! Somehow, Lucy knew that he had gone to the utter East. Past the horizon.

She supposed Aslan had known all of this. That every morning she would wake to the crash of the waves and the cry of gulls and wonder what lay in the East—if he was in the East. He had undoubtedly known that someday she would be here, at the end of the world, revisiting a past life and forging a future. She had learned so much from Narnia. So very much.

Now, she would discover what she had been yearning to know these many years. Soon, Lucy would know what lay beyond the glistening, eastern sea.

There's going to be a chapter for each kid, so please let me know how you liked this one. I've never written in this sort of style before (very passive) so it was sort of difficult. Feedback is very much appreciated.