Fractured Moonlight

Disclaimer: Last time I checked I wasn't a man called Dick Wolf...jeez that means I don't and will probably never own these guys.

Summary: Slight AU Eames-centric. She couldn't take it anymore, after four years she'd had enough - his scent was intoxicating, driving her crazy, mad, insane...what do you do when you begin to lust for your partner's blood? BA


That night the moon was a crescent.

He leered at her, coming closer. Her heart seem to freeze, and she banged on the window. Where the hell was her back-up? Where? She glanced back, and gasped, as his teeth grew, ruby eyes gleaming in the dim light.

"Never bitten a cop..." he chuckled.

Fuck...what had he said? Never bitten? Oh hell no, he wasn't...he couldn't be...her mind was racing, she had no idea on how to react. This wasn't something they taught you at the academy, she thought, edging away. Though in her cramped conditions there was only so far she could edge.

His arm shot out, and grabbed her wrist, yanking her forward. She struggled but it was to no use. The guy was way too strong. He pulled into a strange bear hug, which was more R-rated then PG. She yelled...where was her back-up? Where the hell was it? Suddenly his hand covered her mouth.

She bit down.

He growled but the hand didn't leave. She felt his other hand brush against her neck, his lips kissing it softly, and...she screamed, something was digging into her neck, like a knife. She felt her body pulse, her neck seem to heat up uncontrollably. Her head ached; she felt her body slacken...all her energy seemed to have gone.

Then the sirens sounded.

He lay her against the car seat, and slipped out, not before whispering, "I'll see you in time Alexandra..." he chuckled, "...or not,"

And then he was gone, vanished into the night, leaving a faint petite cop in his wake.


Authors Note: So what did you think? Good, bad, crap? Also this hasn't been beta'd.