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Chapter Four

They were getting nowhere.

When Alex pulled up at her apartment building that night, she knew she was in for a boring night, well boring two hours before it became morning. Oh what to do? Shower? Yes. Get dinner? Hell, yes! Watch TV? She'd had enough of that. Read? No new books and she highly doubted the library would be open, or any shops for that matter. Sleep? Not an option. Go out clubbing? Probably not the best thing to do, look bad if a cop saw her; and it got back to Deakins - she could almost imagine the conversation. Cooking? Hell there couldn't be anything more pointless...oh what the hell.

She rolled into the underground parking and got out, when she heard it. The whoosh in the air of movement, the soft padding of footsteps, and she knew instantly that she wasn't alone. She stopped where she was, eyes narrowing, body tense. She could hear it, moving, waiting, and yet for some reason there wasn't the familiar thud, thud, thud of a heartbeat. And the smell was all wrong for a human - it wasn't musty and was far too sweet, far too inviting...

It was a vampire...she was sure. But was it hers? She almost hoped it was; the bastard probably thought he could take out the little blonde cop. Was this bastard in for a surprise! She grinned, and gently walked away from her car.

Though if she knew he was a vampire...then wouldn't he know she was? She froze. If the perp was one and knew she was - which he should, then why would he come here? Why? To fight? Even before she had become this monster she could kick ass...

Unless it was a vampire version of Casper...

"Good evening!" came a soft baritone voice to her right.

She turned her head slightly, to see a tall man come out from the cars. He was handsome to say the least. He was of a lean build with a black and light blue suit that hung on his body perfectly - probably tailored. He had an accentuated jaw line, a large smile, brown floppy hair that fell just over his eyes, and a devilish twinkle in his blood red eyes...wait red eyes? No it couldn't be him...her maker didn't have the sense of style this guy had...he had attacked hookers for Christ's sake. She shook herself; she hated it...whenever she ran into a vampire with red eyes she always remembered.

"Who are you?" said Alex shortly, cutting to the chase.


Alex rolled her eyes, "Well William, I don't know what you're doing but -"

He held up a hand to stop her, "Please Alexandra...may I call you that?" when she didn't reply he continued, "Alexandra to be frank I have travelled this world...well for two centuries to be exact, now I've just arrived in New York, and I was wondering if you would show an old vampire a night on the town,"

Yep this wasn't him...this guy had a posh British accent, definitely not him. But just because he wasn't him, it didn't mean this wasn't the perp.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"No -"

"You show up here, knowing my name -"

"I heard your partner say it outside that girl's apartment -"

"You do realise I am a cop,"

"Obviously," said William, rolling his eyes, "Listen, you spend one night - I mean surely you aren't going to go spend the night alone in your apa -" at her glare he amended, "Alexandra," she growled "Alex, fine, listen I am vampire, you are a vampire -"

"And currently a vampire has killed a woman and kidnapped a young girl," said Alex, she raised an eyebrow, "See where I'm heading with this?"

He grinned, eyes bright, "Alex, I think the real question is do you take me for a fool?"

"I don't even know you,"

"Then get to know me," he snapped his fingers, "Listen one night and I can find out about your vampire problem? How about that?"

Alex growled, "I am so close to -"

"To what? Arresting me? Shooting me?" said William lightly, "What use are those things to a two hundred year old vampire? What use may I ask?" He sauntered up to her, "What motive would I have to go rampaging around New York like some common fool?"

"You tell me," she challenged. She knew he made sense, and she knew he wasn't lying - of course he could be; two hundred years was a long time...

He regarded her for a moment, "One night that's all. I can assure I haven't hurt anyone -"

This made Alex smile, slightly. She knew what red eyes meant; they meant a vampire that feasted on humans. She'd met only one like her - a golden eyed one, and he'd been a hermit living in a shack in Washington. All the others had red eyes.

"Your eyes tell a different story," she said shortly.

He grinned, clearly amused.

She looked into his eyes, trying to get a read...trying to be like Goren. But she wasn't and she decided to trust her gut, her instincts. Still she had to play it smart.

"Say I believe you...why would you want to spend your time with me? Why not some other woman?"

He smiled at this, throwing his hair back.

"Well when you have lived as long as I do it's rare you come across a single one of my kind," at Alex's confused look, he elaborated, "The majority of vampires are male right? Now every now and then they'll make another female as their see my problem?"

"Well the answer is still no," said Alex simply.

He ran his hand through his hair, "You are cruel Alex..." he leaned in, "But remember one night, and I can help you...what do you say?"

"What kind of help are we talking about William?"

"I have does when you've -"

She rolled her eyes, if she had to hear him flounce his old age one more time -

"Sorry old as I was saying I have contacts, a quick visit and I can find out some information,"

"And then...?"

"And then what Alex?" he eyed her, "If it is vampires I'll help, but I shall not partake in the murder of my own kind,"

"Do you think I'll murder them?" asked Alex.

"Well what can you do? They are vampires..."

Alex sighed. Damn, he was right. And it wasn't like she could tell Deakins and Goren that they were...if they were that was. She needed to know really, and if he could tell her then she could figure out what to do. Besides, what else was she going to do - knit? Hell no.

"Okay I'll go out,"

"Thank you Alexan - I mean Alex," he grinned.

"I'll go get changed," she said, "And you can stay here,"

"I don't get invited up?" said William, surprised.

"Surely a gentleman like yourself can understand why I wouldn't invite a stranger into my apartment," Alex smirked.

"I suppose so," he replied, "I'll be in my Porsche - it's hard to miss,"

And then he was off in a blur. Alex rolled her eyes. Was she seriously going to do this? Yep. Alex grinned, shaking her head. She headed up to her apartment, and immediately made her way over to her fridge. Grabbing her 'secret' key she unlocked her vegetable container.

She glared at her pitiful supply. She could easily have all of it one sitting...but she needed it to last. Shaking her head in annoyance she poured a small bowl, squeezing the last of one of the packets into it. She looked mournfully back her fridge. She knew she could have more...

She shook her head and locked it up. Sitting on her kitchen table she stared at the bowl. Despite her immense hunger she really couldn't get excited over her meal. She drained the blood quickly, licking the bowl, allowing none to go to waste.

She breathed in, feeling strangely calmer, though still slightly on edge. She washed the bowl and headed into her bathroom for a quick shower. She changed into something slightly revealing, and headed outside.

William did have a Porsche...and it looked amazing.

Yep going out was defiantly looking better than staying home.

"I'm driving,"

William grinned, "After you mi'lady,"

He tossed the keys to Alex, who caught them with ease. She unlocked it, and slid into the driver's seat. It was lower to the ground then she expected, but screw it, she was in a Porsche. She grinned; she could only picture Bobby's expression - or Lewis'!

"So where are we going exactly?" asked Alex.

"Oh, well I know this great little place near Time Square," he said.

"Point me,"


Alex chuckled, and gunned the engine. The engine roared to life, and her heart rate increased. William told her the directions, and then Alex was off. It was so powerful, and fast, she sped through the streets, swerving in and out of cabs. Reckless driving...hell she should arrest herself for this.

They reached the 'great little place', and parked about a block away. Not that is mattered, walking wasn't an issue. As they walked Alex questioned William a little bit, trying to figure him out. So far she had 200 year old vampire, who drank human blood but had a rule - if he was going to take blood then the woman had to be wined and dined first...that's right he wouldn't bite men.

"So you ever turned someone?" she asked.

"No, actually, never saw the point," he said quickly, glancing around his surroundings, "- why doom others to this eternal night?"

"Why indeed," mused Alex.

They came to the club, and surprise surprise they got stopped at the door, despite his assurance of a walk in. William rolled his eyes, and pulled out his phone. He spoke briefly and then passed it to the bouncer. The bouncer's face pale slightly, and he hung up and passed it back to William, with a small apology, letting them in.

As soon as Alex entered the club, her senses went haywire for a moment. She could smell such a variety of scents in the confined room; she could hear the fast heart beat of everyone. She breathed in slightly, trying to calm herself. When was the last time she'd had her fix? Seemed like ages ago, though it had only been about half an hour ago. William's cool hand suddenly brushed against hers, and she looked up to see his eyes full of warning.

Shaking it off, she said, "Connections?"

"What else,"

"William!" called a loud voice, and a fat man made his way over to them clasping William in a tight hug, "How are you?"

"Great; and you?"

"Fucking fantastic," the man peered at Alex, "And this is?"

William, stepped slightly to the side, "Where are my manners?" he chuckled, "This Tim, is Alexandra,"

"Pleasure to meet you," said Tim.

"Pleasure," said Alex, coyly.

Tim glanced at William, "Vanessa would like to see you,"

"Of course," said William, he clasped Alex's hand, "We'll head right up,"

They threaded their way to the club. Who was this Vanessa? Alex grinned, she couldn't believe it. Normally when she went clubbing she had to wait in massive queues. She couldn't help but wonder how William knew them. Did they know he was a vampire? Probably not.

They walked up a flight of stairs, a muscular bouncer letting them through with one glance, and headed up. It was like a movie really, everyone in the VIP section were all hopelessly attractive, though not young, well young but thirties young. As Alex passed them she instantly saw New York's richest. Hell, she even saw some people she and Goren had interviewed before.

"Know anyone?" said William softly.

She grinned, "Being a cop has it perks,"

"I can only imagine," he grinned.

They came to a large couch, where a tall, slender woman sat surrounded by a bunch of men. Her hair was ebony black, and her ruby eyes sparkled with amusement. This was a vampire, and probably William's original contact.

The woman waved away all the boys, rising with grace, "William is that you?"

"Who else Vanessa," said William in a cocky tone. He turned to Alex, "And this is Alexandra,"

"Pleasure," said Vanessa coolly, to which Alex returned. She pecked them both on the cheek, and they soon found themselves sitting beside her.

"So Alexandra what do you do?" smiled Vanessa, "I haven't seen you around," she glanced at William, "Unless dear William just turned you," he shook his head, "And here I thought I knew all the vampires in this city," she glanced at Alex's eyes, "Though maybe not, still Alexandra where are you from?"

Alex smirked, "It's Alex, Queens, and I'm a cop,"

Vanessa raised an eyebrow, "Really?" she paused, eyes widening, "As in Alexandra Eames from Major Case?"

"The very same,"

"Well, well, never knew you were a vampire - it's those eyes, such a pity wasting your time on animal blood though," she said calmly, "What about that partner of yours? Robert Goren I he? I have heard that his sce -"

"No, Bobby isn't," said Alex icily.

"Really, that is fascinating," laughed Vanessa, "Extremely fascinating,"

Alex didn't like the way she said that, and she had a strong urge to rip Vanessa limb to limb...wait a moment, why the hell did she feel like this...sure he was her partner...

William must have spotted this because he intervened, "Vanessa have you heard of any...issues?"

Vanessa narrowed her eyes, and looked between Alex and William, "Is this why your here?"

"No, but it is one of the reasons we are,"

"That's all good I suppose," said Vanessa, flipping her hair back, "You'd have to speak to Marcus,"

"And Marcus is where?" pressed Alex.

"William should be able to find him," she said stiffly, "Though if you're really that impatient check out The Rush on Harrison – pitiful place but I hear all the young ones do head there."

How the hell did she know they were looking at popular teenager spots?

Vanessa smiled, "I have friends Alex – friends that tell me when cops are poking around,"

Vanessa called over the men, signalling the end of their little interrogation, and William rolled his eyes, "Alex, let's dance,"

Alex couldn't agree more. The two vampires left Vanessa and slipped down the stairs.

"I apologise for...Vanessa's..." said William, his voice trailing off.

"No problem, she's a whole bucket of fun," deadpanned Alex.

"And one of the reasons I don't live in New York,"

"So where do you live?"

"Well, I did have a villa in Italy," they started dancing, "And then I moved to Tokyo for about a year, and then I got a penthouse in Boston..."

He stopped for a moment, "How about a game?"

"What kind of game?" asked Alex, raising an eyebrow.

He chuckled, "How about a pickup game?"

"A gentleman like you?" teased Alex.

He grinned, "How about it?"

"What's the price?"

"One kiss," he said, when she opened her mouth to protest, "You get my Porsche if you win, and it's only a kiss, just one, nothing more,"

"Why a kiss?"

He surveyed her for a moment, eyes soft and faraway, "You remind me of someone Alex - someone I lost, now this could be God's way of punishing me further, but I have to know you aren't her..."

Alex's eyes narrowed. Who had William lost? Obviously a girlfriend or a wife - but a kiss? Hell, she'd done more on the first date back in college, and he did say no more. She surveyed him for a moment, he really was kind of sweet - not Bobby kind, but sweet all the same. She sighed, and nodded. She liked her SUV, but the Porsche was faster.

"Thank you Alex," he said warmly, that little spark returning, "Now let the games begin!"

Alex grinned. Finally all those years of Vice were going to come to play – for Porsche. The two vampires flirted and danced their way through the night, going to a few different clubs while they were at it. This was fun, in a strange way. Alex found herself really pushing herself, whilst keeping herself in check (William would regularly check on her, realising her hunger). William was good, she watched him go through girl after girl with ease, and that little competitive bug in her urged her on.

Eventually all the mortals decided to head home, and Alex and William found themselves wandering through Central Park, swapping war stories, sharing jokes. Though as they joked, Alex couldn't help but point out to herself, all the reasons William wasn't Bobby...which disturbed her...since Bobby, no wait Goren, was her partner.

"So you ever been married?" asked Alex suddenly, and immediately she too wanted to kick herself.

"Never had that opportunity," said William, "You?"

She nodded, "Yeah,"

"What happened?"

"Got shot," said Alex simply.


She nodded curtly in response.

He chuckled, "You have a thing for cops Alex?"


"I saw the way reacted when Vanessa talked about your partner," he shrugged.

"He is my best friend," she said with strong conviction.

"But of course,"

She rolled her eyes, "What's the time?"

He glanced at his watch and swore, "Haven't changed the time," he started counting, "Well I reckon about seven thirty - coffee?"


She didn't need to be in work for another hour.

They headed to a small diner and sat there drinking coffee, and tearing apart a Boston Bun.

"This is useless," commented Alex.

"The coffee? Or the Bun?"

"Both," said Alex, "It's not like we can digest it,"

"Still taste's good," shrugged William, "Though I have to say I have had better coffee,"

He peered into his empty cup, as if willing it to refill.

"Let me guess - Italy?"

"No actually, Australia, there was this little cafe in Melbourne, superb,"

"You travel a lot," pointed out Alex.

"Naturally," he leaned in, "So how many?"

"Huh?" said Alex in between a bite of bun.

"Our game,"

Her eyes widened, "That game...well I do believe I won,"

"That I doubt," he grinned, he tossed her the keys anyway, "Ahh, what the hell, I've been looking at getting a Ferrari - it's all yours,"

"Did you just want to give away your car?"

He shook his head cheerfully, "Alex my dear, save that one kiss for someone special that's all ask,"

If she had a beating heart it would have stopped.

"Now c'mon you'd better get to work," he said, placing down a hundred dollar bill. The waitress looked shocked, but William just shrugged and headed out. Alex quickly got up and followed him. She called out his name. He stopped and sauntered back to her, eyes with a hint of confusion.

"I thought you had work Alex," he said calmly.

She grinned and lightly rose on her toes and pecked him. His lips relaxed against her, and his hand started to creep around her waist, deepening the kiss. Then he stopped and pulled back.

"Thank you Alex," he said warmly, and he gave her a small card, "I almost forgot, call me around noon - I'll have your information by then,"

Alex watched him walk away. She had no idea why she had done that...why the hell had she done that? Had she wanted it to mean something? A small part of her did, a small part of her was happy she found another one who wasn't wild, but a larger part - her heart - told her that she didn't want to be with anyone else but Bo - she shook her head.

She was tired and she needed to get to work.

Now all she had to do was find that damn Porsche...


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