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Dreams Apart

Mile watched with a smile as Avin tried desperately to make a fire that would light their camp that night. It had already been ten minuets of pondering followed by twenty of cursing before he finally decided to step in.

"Need some help?"

"No," Avin growled, still rubbing two sticks together vigorously.

Mile shook his head and laughed a little, smile spreading even wider.

"You know, you could use a fireball-"

"Oh be quiet Mr. Smarty-pants! I'm trying to concentrate here and- …..wait…a fireball would help, wouldn't it?"

Miles chuckled as in the thirty minute mark the fire was lit, with a little help from some magic.

They sat across from one another as the fire crackled and rolled, reaching up for the stars that dotted the night sky above the forest that the two were currently spending the night in. It had been a long day of travel, and with the fresh news they had received on the whereabouts of Avin's sister, the older brother had set a rigorous pace.

Avin starred into the depths of the crackling warmth, mind wondering back to those in the village and how they were doing… and if this newest lead would actually bring them to the final goal of finding Emily…

Being so lost in thought, he never really noticed how Mile was watching him as intently as the burnet was watching the fire.

Mile stared in a bit of ah as the light dance on Avin's face, illuminating his strong features and the muscles that had grown over the years, finally maturing from stringy limbs of childhood to that of practically a man…

How long had it been now since they had first met?


Mile sighed, the real question was how long had it been since he first discovered that he actually... loved his childhood friend. And not just the love one has for a sibling…no, it was much, much more. It felt like centuries since that night…since the night Avin had saved him and made him question his own heart.

They had only been friends for about a year when Avin decided that one day they would go on an adventure into the woods. The young boy of twleve had wanted to prove that he was strong enough to hold his own against the monsters there, just like the hunters. Yet, Miles had the sneaking suspishion that it was also to try and show how he was strong enough then to go and look for his beloved sister, the one he never stopped thinking about.

Mile had begged to go along with the other, and begrudgingly, with a bit of persuasion htat had involved cookies, Avin finally agreed to take along his friend.

Unluckily for the both of them, they were surrounded and attacked by boars fairly far away from the village; the snorting group of beasts immediately went after Mile who caught his arm on one of the tusks, gaining himself a deep cut. in the the end though, Avin managed to get the both of them to safety, but they had to spend the night in the woods, very much like they were now.

Only that time they had to cuddle together to keep warm…

"Yoo-hoo, Mile?" Avin waved a hand in front of the blonde's face, "You alive in there?"

Mile just blunk, and looked up, trying to force the red blush that had crossed his face to go away, "Huh?"

"You were just starring at me blankly; something bothering you?"

"Nothing, really," Mile lied, letting his usual smile lift his lips once more. He knew the thought of love hadn't even crossed Avin's mind, let alone love between one other.

"Really?" Avin looked at his friend skeptically, "I've never known you as the kind of person who would just space out.

"Yeah, well, everyone has their moments," the blonde smiled, then fained a yawn, "It's late, I'm going to sleep."

Avin watched as Mile lied down and hid his blue eyes behind their lids. It was strange, his best friend recently had been acting weird, practically distant for the last few weeks; and it was starting to trouble him. It made him wonder if something was really wrong, for he knew that Mile was the type of person who didn't want to trouble people with his problems.

As he continued to watch the fire Avin could hear that Mile was finally falling asleep by the deep and steady breathes. A chuckle went though his chest; Mile could fool practicly anyone that he was asleep, anyone but Avin.

He stole a glance at the sleeping blonde, only to have his eyes caught.

Mile's chest heaved up and down with each breath, armor and clothing shifting with each rise and fall as if alive on their own. But what kept his eyes the most was the other's face… it was like that of a perfect sleeping angel.

The blonde hair fell gracefully over the soft cheeks which seemed radiant from the glow of the fire, full lips slightly parted as small breathes made their way out...

Avin swallowed, no quite understanding the feeling that now grew in the pit of his stomach. It was that same feeling that drew him over to the other's side and to kneel next to his best friend. His heart started to race as he ran a finger gently and slowly along one of the blonde's perfect lips.

A small complaint escaped from the stirring blonde, causing Avin's already racing heart to skip a beat. After a small moment Mile settled back into his sleep, seemingly even more content than before.

"What am I doing?" Avin whispered to himself as he hovered over the other, not being able to pull away his eyes for one second.

But those lips…so soft…surely he wouldn't wake from just one…

Before he even realized what he was doing, Avin bent down and brushed his lips against the sleeping angel's, but froze when he found himself looking into beautiful blue depths.

Avin quickly tried to sit back up, face turning red as a tomatoe, but was suddenly confused as he was pulled back down by a hand on the back of his neck so that their lips were together once more.

"Mile…I…" Avin breathed, once he was allowed to break away, "I…"


"I…I lo-"

"Yo sleeping beauty! Wake up!"

Mile growled as he rolled over, trying to ignore Avin's laughter. But the hissing sound of the coals filled his ears as Avin threw water on them.

"I'm disappointed in you, Miles! You usually always wake up before I do!"

"Yeah, yeah," Mile sighed as he sat up, watching Avin clean up. He had really felt so close…it felt far to real to be just another dream…

Avin busied himself with packing, trying his best to ignore the stare that was boring into his back; he knew that Miles would never even dream of letting him kiss those lips…

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