Hello and welcome to my story. This is a fanfic that has been on my mind for a while now and it had to be let out. Hope you enjoy it. This is definetly a NaruSaku fanfic but i might add Ino in cause i like her.

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Chapter 1: Jikanhanten

The forest had been obliterated by the two powerhouses that were facing off against each other.

Sakura, Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Neji, Lee, Gai, Tenten, Gaara, Shikamaru, Ino, Choji, Tsunade and Sasuke had been watching the battle unfold for over two hours. Madara Uchiha in his Akatsuki robes and orange mask and Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze wearing the same outfit that his father had worn were at a stalemate. They stared at each other for a moment before resuming hand seals. "Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu!" (Water Type; Explosion Skill)

The two pillars of water that they had created clashed and exploded. At that moment, another explosion rang out from a mile away in the undestroyed portion of the forest and a few minutes later, Kankuro, Temari, Kurenai, Hinata, Shino, and Kiba appeared.

Naruto's gaze shot towards the group of spectators and then back to his crimson eyed foe.

'Damn it' thought Madara. 'I don't know how he did it, but if I try to use the Mangekyo Sharingan again, he'll just break Tsukuyomi and use that technique to force it back to a normal Sharingan, and I'm nearly out of chakra!'

"So now you're the last one Madara!" Naruto said. "You're the last member of Akatsuki!"

"You know that this battle is inevitable Naruto!" he spat at the whiskered blonde. "You won't kill me!"

Naruto frowned for a moment and said, "I've already taken the abilities your Sharingan gave you and added them into the equation. You don't have much chakra left, let alone to prevent this next technique!"

Suddenly, behind Madara, a Naruto kage bunshin had popped out of the earth and went through a few hand seals. "Suirou no Jutsu!" (Water Prison Skill)

A sphere of water surrounded Madara and trapped him. 'Damn it!'

The real Naruto smiled.

"You still can't kill me you brat! I'm immortal!" Naruto's smile grew a bit.

"Kinda like how Kyubi was?" he asked. Kakashi, Tsunade, Gai, and Yamato knew what he had just implied.

"NARUTO!! PLEASE DON"T DO IT!" Tsunade yelled. 'That would make four people I've lost.'

But Naruto had just finished the hand seals. "Fuuin Jutsu; Shiki Fuujin" (Enchantment Spell; Dead Demon Imprisonment)

Behind Naruto, invisible to all but Naruto, Madara, Sasuke, Kakashi, Neji and Hinata, was the god of death.

"I'll say hi to Jiraiya for you Obaa-chan" Naruto said. Then, everybody realized what was about to happen. "I'll miss all of you…" Naruto said.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried out. "Please…"

She fell to her knees knowing that the next few minutes were her fiancé's last minutes on this planet as she stared at the ring she had been given just a few days earlier. "I love you…" she whispered.

"I love you to Sakura…" Naruto said. The Shinigami had just finished his ritual when Naruto dashed towards Madara and ran into the sphere of water and grabbed him by the shoulders. Once that happened, the clone Naruto had summoned disappeared and the water prison collapsed. The Shinigami grinned and reached through Naruto and towards Madara.

Naruto smirked and said, "He feels like you cheated him with that Sharingan's ability."

Madara's eye was filled with fear and Naruto glared at Madara and his permanent Sharingan. "But, you'll die as well!" he yelled frantically.

"I already know that, I may be leaving my family and friends here, but I'll be joining others in the afterlife and I'll finally meet my father. Besides, if you had your way, I would have died when you extracted Kyubi."

Madara began to hyperventilate and Naruto smirked again. "Don't worry Madara; you're only going to be sealed inside of me, inside of Kyuubi's cage! SEAL!" The Shinigami quickly tugged Madara's soul and into the seal on Naruto's stomach and creating the same seal on top of it.

Before the jutsu was fully completed, Naruto quickly retreated into his mind.

When Naruto arrived in front of the Kyuubi's cage, he chuckled softly. Madara was in the corner in the fetal position while Kyuubi laughed at him. Madara had tried to use his Sharingan to repel the fox, but nothing worked and Kyuubi knew why.

"It's the seal you idiot. It prevents you from using your chakra for a while and therefore negates your ability to control me!"

Madara whimpered when he saw Kyuubi bare his fangs in a low growl of laughter. "After eighteen years of dreaming of my revenge, eighteen years of being sealed in Naruto all because of you, will be paid back!" With one smooth motion, Madara Uchiha, the most powerful Shinobi yet, was eaten by the fox he had once had control over.

"Not bad for an Uchiha, tastes a bit like a cat!"

"I hope you enjoyed your last meal…"

"I did, thank… Last meal?"

Naruto looked slightly embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Damn it! Kit we both agreed to not use it unless absolutely necessary!"

"And it was necessary you dumbass! We both know that this was the only way to actually beat Madara because of his damn Sharingan!"

"Then let's use my jutsu!"

"No. We finally beat Madara and if we go back then there is a chance that we might not be able to do it again."

"True, but what about your life?" Kyubi had decided to pull out all the stops in this conversation. "Your friends, your family, your future family. Sakura loves you and if you leave her it will crush her heart. When she thought she loved Sasuke and he left, she was devastated. Now imagine what she might do if she sees her true love that had just proposed to her throw his life away! She might do something that could hurt many!" Kyuubi didn't really care much for the pink haired kunoichi that Naruto had loved and thought of for a decade, but he did care for himself and had slightly started to see the boy as a type of son. The type that you're disappointed in but a son none the less.

Naruto had flinched at these comments and didn't have anything else to say.

"Don't worry kit. You'll have all of your knowledge and power, and your body may change slightly but other than that, there isn't much to worry about. Now whether you want to or not, THIS. IS. HAPPENING!" Kyuubi roared as his chakra quickly engulfed Naruto.

Madara's body had collapsed when Naruto's body started to change. He was screaming out in pain as it started. His body slowly began to contort until he was starting to look like a mini kyubi with six tails.

Everyone gasped as it happened and Sakura began to cry when two more tails appeared.

The now transformed Naruto stood up on two legs and began to do hand seals.

"What jutsu is that?" Sakura asked the two Sharingan wielders.

"Can't follow the seals…" they both said in shock.

After one minute, Naruto stopped on a tiger seal and said in a demonic voice. "Oni: jikanhanten no jutsu (demon: time reversal jutsu)"

"?" everyone was shocked to hear this. "He's reversing time?" Kakashi yelled in disbelief when he felt his chakra leaving his body.

"He's taking chakra from everything!" Sasuke exclaimed. "Why is it doing that?"

"It's what this jutsu does!" Gaara said. The wind had picked up and was blowing towards Naruto. "I remember hearing Shukaku considering using it. The jutsu takes chakra from everything within a mile of the user and I mean everything! Shukaku couldn't use it though; it required too much chakra to use while being sealed in a human. Kyuubi however, has enough chakra to initiate the jutsu successfully without dying.

However, it's never been done with a Jinchuuriki so there could be negative side effects."

"So what's going to happen?" Sasuke asked.

"He's reversing time so that none of this actually happened. We will never know of this timeline and its events. We will revert back to what ever age we were when the jutsu is finished. He however, will retain both his memories and his abilities."

"So, he's pretty much pressing the rewind button of life?" Ino asked.

"Yes, but like I said, mentally, he will be the same as right now."

"Physically?" Sakura asked.

"A mix of how he is now and how he was when he was however old he was when the jutsu stops."

"And us?" Hinata asked.

Shikamaru sighed. "You weren't listening? This never happened and hopefully never will. I'm guessing that he's trying to change things so that the future is for the better." As he said this, everyone's eyes had landed on Sasuke.

"Let us hope that he does…" Ino said. "Honestly, he's kinda cute now…"

Sakura glared and was about to say something when she heard something.

"See you soon!" Then there was a flash of white and then nothing.


Naruto felt like his limbs were on fire. 'What the hell?' Just then, memories of his conversation with Kyuubi assaulted him mind. "I can't believe it!" Naruto yelled as he sat up. He looked around the room he was in and quickly realized that the jutsu had obviously been successful. Yet, something was different. He had felt this feeling before, but it hurt more when he used it.

'Kyuubi's chakra?'

He quickly went into his mind to find something that shocked him. The Kyuubi's cage was open and there was a small one tailed fox curled up in the corner of the room outside the cage.


The fox lazily opened an eye. "Hello, Naruto." The fox's voice seemed less foreboding.

"What happened to you?" Naruto asked the now chibi like fox.

"Well," the Kyuubi stood up and stretched in a feline manner. "The jutsu may have had some, unexpected results concerning me and you."

"I have a bad feeling about this…" Naruto sighed.

Kyuubi walked up to Naruto and sat back down in front of the blond shinobi.

"Indeed. Well, usually, I wouldn't have had a problem with the jikanhanten, but it has never been tried by a Biju while sealed away."

"You already told me all of this before we fought Pein."

Kyuubi growled at the young Namikaze for interrupting him. "Let me continue!"

Naruto stayed silent. "Anyways, when I activated the jutsu, I noticed what started to happen right away." Kyuubi took a deep breath. "I'm dying."


"Thanks for your concern Kit."

"Well, you can't exactly blame me for not being to broken up about it."
The small fox chuckled. "True. At most, I have about a month left."

"Why are you dying?" Naruto interrupted.

The former nine tailed fox stared at his host for about a minute before chuckling.

"While possessing you by forcing so much chakra into you, the jikanhanten forced your body to permanently absorb the amount of chakra into your own spirit. Normally, this would kill you instantly, but the jutsu had a filter effect on my chakra and successfully changed it into your type of chakra, although, it is a lot more potent than it should be."

Naruto thought for a moment before speaking. "How's this going to affect my body?"

Kyuubi grinned. "Theoretically, the jikanhanten would have slightly altered your body to suit some of your knowledge, but not to drastically. Thanks to the 'transfer' of power, your body has undergone a transformation." Naruto's jaw had dropped at this.

"Don't worry your still a human, just this time, you'll look… Better."

Naruto stared at the fox demon, searching for anything that would give him a better idea of what the fox was implying. Kyuubi used the silence to continue.

"Your strength will be immense as well as your chakra control, despite your increase of chakra capacity. However, you will still have your limits."

"What about my healing?" Naruto didn't want that to leave him just yet.

"You will still retain the healing ability that came from me, but from now on, you can call it a Kekkei Genkai."

"…" Naruto was shocked that his healing ability would be able to be passed to his children.

"Also, another part of your newly formed Kekkei Genkai is pretty much a copy of the Rinnegan. The ability to use all the elemental chakra types. Thankfully, it won't be one of you 'doujustu' that are so pathetic."


Kyuubi sweat dropped as Naruto began to jump around as if he were twelve again. 'Will he ever mature?'

"GAKI!" Kyuubi yelled. Naruto stopped jumping and looked towards the fox.

"You won't have the elemental chakra ability for a while, and when you do receive it, it will still take immense training to actually be able to use it to your advantage!"

Naruto nodded yet he didn't seem deterred in the slightest. "You currently have the healing ability, but you won't receive the element ability until you've absorbed my final tail."


"Each of my tails is condensed with chakra and you have already taken eight of them."

"So, I'll be as strong as you…?"

"No. Demonic chakra is much more potent than human chakra, and my chakra is being filtered into you so that your body can handle it. Although, I doubt that anyone else will have the same amount of chakra that you have. You could easily be compared to the four tailed beast."

Naruto grinned.

"That's pretty much it about that, but I do have a warning for you kit."

"What is it?" Naruto asked feeling slightly uneasy at Kyuubi's tone of voice.

"Even though my chakra is being filtered, the remnants that aren't absorbed have to go somewhere. The eight tails worth that was left was dissipated while the jutsu was in effect, but you have one tail left and so that unused chakra will be absorbed into your hormones, so to speak."

"Am I going to be a pervert?" Naruto asked.

Kyuubi chuckled. 'Whenever this kit hears hormones, he always thinks of mating.'

"No, hormones effect more than that. This chakra will affect your mood. You'll be more prone to losing your temper while you absorb my chakra. Don't worry, I doubt you'll physically hurt anyone, but knowing you, you might verbally tear someone down, especially in this time."

It had finally dawned on Naruto that they had gone back in time.

"How old am I?" he asked, fearing the worst.

"You meet the Cyclops today…"


'Here we go…' Although Kyuubi had then noticed that Naruto was in a corner with anime style tears running down his face.

"What is it?"

sniff sniff. "Sakura's a fan girl again…" Kyuubi sweat dropped.

"Kit, get up!"

Naruto slowly got up, the tears having disappeared, yet disappointment was clearly written on his face.

"You got her last time; I bet it'll happen again."

"… I guess…"

"Even if you don't, there was that blond and the Hyuga. They seemed to be interested."

Naruto smiled. "True, but we'll see what happens."

"Indeed. Anyways, kit!"

Naruto snapped to attention.

"You're going to need to find some new clothes and make up a good excuse."

"Huh, why?" Instead of receiving an answer, Kyuubi forced Naruto out of his mindscape.

"Damn fox!" Naruto yelled as he sat up yet again. He looked around his room and saw that it was indeed the same bedroom he had slept in while he was at the academy and when he was a Genin.

"Wow, this sure brings back memories… I better get used to that feeling." Stretching his sore limbs, Naruto slowly climbed out of the small mattress he once called a bed. He slowly made his way to the small bathroom only to hit his head on the frame of the door.

"OW! I never hit my head on that!" Rubbing the lump on his head, he ducked under the frame and entered the grimy bathroom. He pulled his toothbrush up to his mouth after smearing some mint toothpaste on it and looked in the mirror. It took him a second for his mind to process the new reflection staring at him.

"… Wow…" he whispered.

He didn't look like his former self. Instead, he looked like a mirror image of his father. The whisker marks that he used to bear had disappeared and his eyes were just as striking as Minato's. He was obviously taller than he used to be. He was about five feet ten inches tall. His hair was the same as his father's was. His face contained no trace of fat and was lean.

His body was covered in lean muscle that didn't make him out to be scrawny, but it wasn't overbearing.

Naruto grinned at his 'transformed' state. 'Not bad Kyuubi…'

Naruto quickly finished up in the bathroom while he contemplated possible excuses for his new look and had come up with a passable excuse. Although, people would definitely have their doubts.

Naruto walked back into his bedroom and threw his closet open to be greeted by several orange jumpsuits.

'Back to this? I think it's time to do something about this!' He grabbed the wallet he would always have and rummaged through it.

"Not bad Gama-Chan! You have enough for what I need!" Then, Naruto remembered how hated he was in this time. 'Damn, looks like I'll have to use a Henge.'

He quickly molded his chakra without any hand seals to see how well he could perform the Henge without them.

"Not bad" Naruto said to his 'new' reflection. In front of him, was a boy he had befriended while training with Jiraiya.

"Better get to it!" Naruto quickly darted out of his apartment and ran with his newly acquired speed to the nearest tailor he could find.


It was still early in the day and not many people were out so Naruto didn't run into many people. When he arrived at the tailor, the owner was just unlocking the door when he noticed the henged Naruto.

"Oh, hello there! You must be new in…" however, the man noticed that the 'boy' in front of him was definitely under a henge.

"Drop it…" Naruto looked surprised. 'Is it that bad?' he mentally asked himself until he noticed the man's eyes. 'SHIT! A HYUUGA!!' he mentally shouted.

Naruto looked downcast as he released the jutsu and was surprised to see the Hyuga grinning.

"W… what?" he asked the grinning man.

"I'm guessing that you're Konoha's number one prankster?" asked the Hyuga.


"Naruto. I see that you aren't using a henge to change your appearance and I have not met you before, but I know that this isn't how you look. Care to explain?"

'Damn, twenty minutes in and I already have to explain.'

"Well, I assume you know that I'm a Jinchuriki, am I correct?" The Hyuga nodded and held the door to his store open, motioning for Naruto to enter which Naruto decided to do.

"Right, well, about five years ago, the fox attempted to break the seal when I was in a 'weakened' state."

'Weakened my ass, he was beaten I bet' the hyuga thought. 'Poor kid, he doesn't even know of his lineage.'

"Well, he nearly broke out" the hyuga paled when he heard this but remained quite.

"The seal had to speed up the process of absorbing the fox's chakra and adding it to my own."

'? Was that what the seal was designed for?' the Hyuga thought.

"When that happened, it started to show me some of the moments in time that the fox had seen as well as shorten its own life span. When I saw a few of it's memories, I also noticed how much I looked like the Yondaime, especially without my whisker marks which had faded the day the seal had sped up."

'Has he figured it out?'

Naruto grinned. The Hyuga's face was showing several different emotions.

"One of those memories was from October 10th. That day was the last day it would walk free. In that memory, I learned something… interesting… I'm guessing that you already can guess what that was…"

The Hyuga nodded but said nothing, just in case the blonde Jinchuriki was bluffing.

"Just before the fourth sealed the fox-teme, he said a few things that, thanks to the fox's enhanced senses, he was able to hear. Let's just say, that I would be in danger if I wasn't strong enough to protect my self from the enemies of my father who earned the nickname, the yellow flash of Konoha."

"Can you prove it?" the Hyuga said quickly. 'The Sandaime might not want to release this information just yet.'

"Yes I can, and I intend to. The Namikaze estate disappeared on the day that my father died. I'm guessing that there was a powerful Fuuin jutsu on the house that would activate a barrier around the estate when the last Namikaze died and would reappear the day an heir was found. I'm guessing that if I sign the title of the estate in blood and I am his heir, then the estate will reappear."

"So you hid what you truly looked like so that your father's enemies wouldn't come looking for you?"

Naruto grinned. "Pretty much, but it was also good training trying to keep a henge going for five years."

"You must have released the jutsu sometimes, right?"

"When I went to bed."

The Hyuga nodded. "So why are you here?" he asked.

"I've decided to stop disguising myself now that I'm a Genin and now I need clothes that fit me."

"Anything special in mind?"

"My father's outfit, with a few modifications."
The Hyuga smiled.

"Truly your father's son."


Naruto then gave the specifics on the outfit and half an hour later, he was walking out of the store in an outfit mirroring his fathers. He wore black shinobi styled pants and a black t-shirt with a mesh tank top underneath. His sandals were also black and wrappings covered his ankles. His coat was white with red flames on the bottom of the coat. Naruto's shurikan holster was on his right thigh and he had a pack where he usually kept it. The coat had many pockets for scrolls on the inside.

In Naruto's hands, were bags with the same outfits and a few training outfits that he had picked out.

Naruto noticed that more people were out than there were earlier and decided that he should walk through town under a henge of his former self.

He quickly dropped his new stuff off at home and decided to talk to the Sandaime Hokage about his new look so that he would be able to walk around without a henge. Plus, he was sick of the apartment he was currently living in.

'Jii-sans alive…' was the thought that kept passing through Naruto's mind. This time would definitely be different.

He arrived at the Hokage tower and walked up to the receptionist for the Hokage.

"Hey there Naruto!" she said as soon as she saw him.

"Hi! Is jii-san busy?" he asked.

The receptionist shook her head. "Nope, just doing his usual load of paperwork."

Naruto shuddered at this. He remembered when Tsunade had said that she would probably be naming him as Rokudaime in about a year but he had to get a feel for what had to be done. He was quickly given the task of doing all of the paperwork which Tsunade was glad to give. Although, Naruto had quickly found a loophole to the bane of all Kage's.

'Wonder if jii-san ever figured it out?'

"Thanks!" he said to the receptionist as he walked past the two ANBU guards stationed at the door leading into the Hokage's room.

Naruto pushed the door open and was happy to see that the Sandaime was quietly muttering under his breath while going over a trade offer with the land of rice.

When he heard the door open, Sarutobi was glad to see that Naruto had decided to visit him. He hadn't seen him for about a week, since he had met Konohamaru.

"Naruto! How are you doing?"

Naruto closed the door behind him and quickly preformed a few seals that the aged Hokage recognized.

'A privacy jutsu? How did Naruto learn that?'

Naruto grinned before he let the henge release. The Sandaime Hokage was a man who wasn't surprised by many things. Sure he had fallen victim to the Oiroke no Jutsu, but what male wouldn't. Orochimaru had defected from the village, but Sarutobi could sense it coming contrary to what he had wanted to believe, this however shocked him to the core.

"M…Minato?" he whispered.

Naruto grinned and shook his head. "Nope, just his son!"

This shocked the Hokage out of his shock induced state.

"You know?!" Naruto nodded. "It's like this…" Naruto then proceeded to tell the third Hokage the same story that he had told the Hyuga tailor.

"Wow" the Hokage exclaimed while he leaned back in his chair. "You fooled everyone for five years with a basic henge! Even Hyuga's."

Naruto grinned. 'Not really, but if only!' he thought.

"Pretty much" the blonde replied.

"So, I'm guessing that you'll want to be moving into the Namikaze estate?"

"After I sign the deed to the estate."

"You're smarter than I thought Naruto, no offence."

"None taken. So when will you have that ready for me?"

Sarutobi leaned forward and thought for a moment. "Come back after you meet your Genin squad."

"Care to tell me who my sensei will be?"

"Sorry, you'll find out later though. Anyways Naruto, you should get to the academy so that you stay as a Genin. If you're not there when they announce the teams, you'll be dropped from the roster and be put back into the academy!"

Naruto smiled. "I don't really feel like it. How about this, if I can perform one A ranked jutsu, you'll let me have the day off and I'll go to the academy around lunch time."

The Hokage smiled. "Fine with me, but it can't be kage bunshin."

Naruto smiled as well. "I'm not a one trick pony jii-san." Naruto then held out his right hand and molded some chakra in his hand while spinning it. Then he condensed it and formed a small blue ball of chakra in his hand.

"Look familiar?" he asked the Sandaime who had his jaw on his desk.

"The Rasengan?" he asked himself.

"Yup, it took me about a week to master it."


Naruto nodded. "I read about it in a jutsu scroll I found at the library. Someone had checked it out and forgotten it. Yeah, it had some good descriptions but few instructions, so I just improvised."

"Improvised?" The Sandaime asked.

Naruto nodded as he let the condensed ball of chakra fade out of existence.

"About a year ago I found out about it and saw that it required loads of chakra control. Luckily, I found a way around that with the kage bunshin which I had learned not long before that by accident."


Naruto nodded as he sat down in the seat across from the aged Hokage.

"I had seen someone perform that technique when I was ten and had tried to copy it. Took me about a year and found that I wasn't throwing enough chakra into it. The same week that we were taught the bunshin no jutsu at the academy; I read up on the differences between the two and found that the kage bunshin no jutsu needs a lot of chakra while the bunshin no jutsu needs very little."

The Sandaime Hokage nodded. 'He truly understands it; he's smarter than he lets on.'

"So, I just had the clone help me manipulate the chakra in my hand. After all, three hands are better than one!"

"… I didn't know that there were any books or scrolls in existence that taught the steps to the Rasengan."

'DAMN!' Naruto screamed mentally. 'What do I say?' He then quickly brought out another excuse.

"There aren't, but the Kyuubi had been fairly intelligent and even though he is a teme, he kinda helped me figure out how to do it."

The Sandaime went white as a sheet. "What?"

Naruto smiled. "Don't worry; I'm stronger than he is so he can't actually influence me into doing anything, even if he is an ass!"

This led to another question.

"How long have you known? I thought that you had no knowledge of your condition prior to the Mizuki incident!"

Naruto sighed. He hated to lie but he couldn't just blurt out the truth that he was from the future.

"After one of the many beatings during my childhood, I was dragged into the shithole that is my mind. There, I met the Kyuubi who explained how he had wound up in me. I wasn't actually that angry with the fourth for what he did to me, especially when I learnt that he was my father."

"… What else do you know?"

Naruto sighed. "Well, I can speculate over a lot of things, like where the other half of Kyuubi's chakra is, but it's all speculation and I don't really care about it."

Sarutobi nodded. He knew of the sealing, but he didn't know where the other half of the chakra was sealed.

"Well, what are you going to be doing until lunch?" the Hokage asked.

Naruto grinned. "Well, two things. First thing, I'm going to help you figure out a way to keep the council calm while you tell them of my heritage."

The Hokage flinched at this statement. He had completely forgotten about the council and their hatred towards Naruto.

"Second, I'm going to tell you that I know of a way to complete all of your paperwork without actually having to do it!"

The Hokage stared at Naruto before chuckling. "Don't tell me that the Kyuubi has knowledge of how your father managed to pull that off!"

Naruto shook his head. "No, I thought of it myself, but I bet that my father used the same method."

Sarutobi's eyebrows were raised. 'Did he actually figure out a way?'

"Your father said that it was so simple, that a kage wouldn't even think of it."

Naruto grinned. "Then that means that I figured out what he was doing! It's still pretty complicated to certain groups of people, but for others, it's pretty simple."

"What is it?" the Hokage asked, getting slightly impatient.

"I'll tell you on one condition!" Naruto said.


Naruto nodded. "If you find this information to be correct, which it is, then you'll give me access to all of the jutsu scrolls in the Hokage's library!"

The Sandaime Hokage looked at Naruto for a moment, considering his offer. "Only if it's accurate!"

"Also, you can never tell anyone this secret! Including your successor."

Sarutobi nodded. "I agree!"

Naruto smiled his widest smile ever. 'I'm gonna love his reaction!'

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu." Naruto let the statement hang in the air while the aged Hokage thought about it for a moment.
Naruto was not disappointed by Sarutobi's reaction.

The most powerful shinobi in the village, the man known as the professor for knowing all of the jutsu in the village excluding clan jutsu, and the hiraishin, had begun to beat his head on his own desk while muttering one word repeatedly.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid…"

Naruto had started laughing, holding his gut and doubled over laughing. The Hokage had never felt so humiliated.

'Damn you Minato! Even after death, you get revenge on me!!' the Hokage screamed in his head.

"Oh…MAN!! I'll never… forget… that reaction!!" Naruto said as he tried to catch his breath.

"So Naruto," the Hokage said as he halted the self inflicted beating. "If you already had all of this knowledge, why did you fail the Genin exams three times?"

Naruto had forgotten about his past failures and used his new lying ability to satisfy the Sandaime.

"Kakashi Hatake. I wanted him as my sensei and the only way to do that was to be on the same team as Sasuke Uchiha seeing as how Kakashi would definitely be training the last Uchiha to use the Sharingan. Then there is also how the class is divided into Genin teams. Rookie of the year with the dead last for example."

Sandaime nodded with a smile on his face. 'Naruto is practically a genius.'

"Well then, today has been… enlightening." Naruto grinned as the aging Hokage stood up to escort him out of the office. "I'll summon the council so that we may tell them about your heritage, only after you have met Kakashi."

Naruto nodded. 'Thank god he doesn't remember me asking about who my sensei was…'

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