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Chapter 11: Inner Turmoil

Gaara stood in front of two squads of Kiri Genin, staring past them uninterested.

"Hey red head! You deaf? Give us your scroll!" yelled one of the opposing teams. They all seemed to be dressed in the exact same attire with their hairstyles being the only way to tell them apart.

Gaara said nothing as he continued to stare past what he would call 'improper blood'. It wasn't good enough for 'mother'.

One of the Kiri Shinobi stepped forward when a voice rang through the clearing.

"Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" One of the two Kiri teams was blasted away riddled with deep cuts from Temari's wind jutsu.

The remaining team was about to move when they heard a rattling noise. Not two seconds after, they were surrounded by a purple cloud of poisonous gas coming from Kankuro's puppet.

With one team dead and the other not far behind, the two Suna Genin appeared in front of Gaara.

They looked behind him to see the tower that they had been waiting outside of for the past few hours.

"Come on Gaara, we have our scrolls, let's go inside already… I'm getting tired of other teams attacking us every few hours" complained Kankuro.

"No, I must find him…"

'Again with that Naruto kid… Sure he's cute, and he surprised us all with that killing intent, but that doesn't mean we have to wait out here just so Gaara can kill him…' thought Temari.

Kankuro decided not to push the subject or he would probably incur Gaara's wrath.

'Well, I guess I should start setting the traps around the perimeter…' thought the face painted Genin.

Naruto had his eyes shut at the moment, enjoying the feeling of Sakura pressing against him in her sleep.

'This definitely didn't happen the first time I took these exams…' thought Naruto.

He frowned inwardly as he recalled how his first Genin exam had gone… Orochimaru had appeared as the Kusa Nin, he had separated them, and when they had regrouped, Naruto had been knocked out by a five pronged seal, only after slightly losing control to the fox, then Sasuke had been given the cursed seal… All in all, a crappy first time…

This time, was only so much better… While Naruto hadn't been knocked out, Sasuke had still received the curse seal, and for some reason, it seemed different.

All night, Naruto had been glancing at the visible seal on Sasuke's neck, and it seemed, to be pulsing… That had never happened before… and if it had, not as noticeably as this time.

Naruto sighed as he reopened his eyes. Sunlight was streaming through the entrance of the small cave, signifying that it was time to wake up.

Sakura seemed to have gotten the message as she had begun to stir.

"Morning sleeping beauty" Naruto said as he grinned at Sakura's expression…

It was obvious that Sakura wasn't much of a morning person, especially after sleeping in a cave all night.

Sakura glared at her blonde teammate.

"Don't patronize me Naruto…" Sakura was having a slight freak out internally at the moment… She could feel her hair's condition and knew that it was all over the place… She was certainly glad she had cut it when Naruto had suggested it; otherwise, her hair would probably look even worse at this moment.

"How bad is my hair?" she asked flatly.

Naruto stared at it for a moment before giving her a small smile.

"I don't think it's bad at all, but knowing you, don't look in a mirror."

Sakura glared slightly before glancing at Sasuke.

"He'll be fine Sakura, I promise you…"

Sakura nodded before returning her gaze to Naruto.

"What about you though?" she asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this.

"Me? I'm fine, why?"

"Like I said yesterday, those were some HUGE explosions, and they must have cost a lot of chakra! Plus, you didn't even sleep last night!"

Naruto stared at Sakura for a moment before leaning in towards her.

'Oh my god! Is he going to kiss me? I must be dreaming!' Her inner self was so shocked, she had nothing to say. Sakura closed her eyes and waited with bated breath for the kiss when she felt Naruto whisper in her ear.

"We're being watched right now Sakura, act naturally and wait for them to appear… I'll handle them, you just guard Sasuke." With that said, as he pulled away, he planted a kiss on her cheek.

Sakura was torn… She knew she should be on high alert, waiting for the enemy to strike, but she was flustered over Naruto kissing her, and the feeling of his breath on her ear as he whispered to her…

Naruto grinned his foxy grin at her before looking back at Sasuke.

'My clones should be approaching them soon enough…'

Dosu watched the blonde and the pink haired girl talk to each other, obviously flirting if the kiss was anything to go by… But Dosu was a ninja, and was trained to look underneath the underneath.

"He knows we're here" he said to his other two teammates without taking his eyes off of the two conscious Konoha Shinobi.

"Yeah right Dosu!" Zaku said. "If they knew we were here, they probably would've done something by now!"

Kin glared at her cocky teammate. "They're probably coming up with a plan you idiot!"

Zaku flipped his teammate off. "Whatever! So can we charge them yet?"

'We're ninja, not idiots…' thought Dosu.

"Not yet, we should continue to observe for a bit longer" replied Dosu.

"Yeah, I think you're right mummy man!" a fourth voice said.

Dosu, Zaku and Kin all turned around to find nothing…

"What the hell was that?" Kin asked.

"Look up" the voice said.

Naruto grinned as Sakura was startled by a few explosions in the trees not far from their location.

"What the hell was that?" she asked Naruto with wide eyes.

"That was what I like to call, forcing our enemies to reveal themselves" he grinned as the three Oto Nin he had threatened before the exam even started crashed into the ground.

Naruto walked out of the cave as he took of his jacket.

"This is the last one I have with me, so I don't feel like tearing it apart right now" he said when he saw the look Sakura was giving him.

'Typical Naruto…'

Naruto set the coat at the entrance of the cave before continuing forward.

The Oto team jumped to their feet, glaring at the blonde before them.

"I take it you three didn't appreciate my bunshin? You can't really blame me though, after all, you were spying on us for the past six hours."

"So you knew how long we were there? Good for you!" Zaku yelled angrily.

Dosu took a step back, analyzing the situation.

'We won't stand a chance if their skill is anything to go by, even if the Uchiha is out of commission… The only way I think we'd have a good chance is for all of us to focus on the biggest threat, the blonde… But his teammate looks strong enough to pose a problem and I'm betting she wouldn't let that happen… After all, Konoha is a big supporter of teamwork and I'm sure this squad is no exception.'

"Zaku! Kin! Let's get out of here!"

Zaku was about to tell Dosu off when Naruto interrupted.

"Oh don't worry; Sakura is staying out of this fight you guys. It's all of you against me!"

Dosu's eyes widened at this. "How do I know that you're not lying to me?"

Naruto smirked at this. "Obviously you can't trust my word as I'm a ninja, but as you can see; my third teammate is out of commission and therefore, must be protected at all times… Plus, I would like to see that my coat is also undamaged in this fight, so I'm having Sakura guard the two."

The three Oto Nin and Sakura stared at Naruto when he mentioned that he wanted his coat to be protected.

'He must be joking…' thought all four Genin.

"So, Sakura, don't interfere at all… That's an order. Guard Sasuke and my coat."

Sakura shook her head in embarrassment.

'He just had to do that…' She picked up Naruto's jacket and sat down next to the unconscious Sasuke.

Naruto grinned at the three Oto Nin.

"So, still gonna retreat?"

Dosu glanced at Sakura and saw that she definitely wasn't going to interfere.

"No. I'm sure that you'll regret this decision boy."

"The name's Naruto… Namikaze Naruto" he said as he got into a Taijutsu stance, ready to take on Orochimaru's goons.

Sasuke was surrounded by darkness. That was the only way to say it. It wasn't as if someone had turned out the light. It was as if something evil had covered his sight, draped over him, holding him down.

He could hear Orochimaru's voice, whispering in his ear. Promises.

'What's going on?' Sasuke asked himself as he felt a wave of pain hit him. Suddenly, memories were assaulting him, memories he wished he would forget.

Itachi standing over his parents' bodies, cold and lifeless. The Sharingan's piercing gaze staring at him.
Then, he remembered a few things his brother had said. As if he was saying them to him again.

"Hate me, and when you have the same eyes as I do, come and find me."

'No… I don't need them…'

"To obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan, you must kill… your closest friend…"

The image of Naruto came to his mind instantly.

'I won't! Never!'

"You wouldn't be able to if you tried, you're too weak…" Orochimaru's voice whispered.

Sasuke clutched his head in pain.


"Hate me, and when you have the…"

"If you want power…"

"Kill… your closest friend..."

'I refuse!'

"Kukuku… Sasuke, not even your friend Namikaze could stop me… One of the Sannin… Itachi could have easily killed me…"


"He killed them all… and you aren't going to do anything about it?" came a new, yet familiar voice.

Sasuke looked up only to find himself staring at… himself.

'Even if I killed Itachi, it wouldn't bring them back…'

"That's what Namikaze Naruto told you…"


Sasuke had been training with Naruto for about a month and were currently sparing.

Sasuke ran through the hand seals one more time when he sensed Naruto behind him.

Knowing that he couldn't finish the Jutsu, he abandoned the hand seals and ducked down just in time to dodge a round house kick.

'Gotcha!' Thought the Uchiha as he pulled his kunai out of his holster and went to cut at Naruto's midsection when Naruto twisted at what seemed to be an impossible angle and grab his wrist.

"Not so fast Sasuke-teme!"


Before he knew it, he was on the ground, Naruto's foot planted on his back.

"You're getting faster" he said simply. "But you're still not progressing as well as you could."

Sasuke gritted his teeth. He knew what was coming.

"You have to stop running after your brother Sasuke…"

"Shut up" Sasuke spat.

Naruto glared down at the Uchiha.

"Get up" he ordered as he removed his foot.

Sasuke hesitated before getting to his feet.

"You obviously don't think I know what it takes to get more powerful, so I'm going to perform a little test."

Sasuke raised his eyebrow.

"Take off the training weights and the chakra suppression seals for now. You're going to go full out against me."

Sasuke raised his other eyebrow at this but did as he was told.

Naruto watched Sasuke as he took the bracers and the cloths that held the suppression seals.

"Now before we begin, I'm going to fight you at about a tenth of what I can do…

Sasuke nodded before springing into action. He ran forward, displaying speed that he felt was quite impressive, only to find that a split second later, he was in a large crater, with Naruto's fist in his stomach.

"Get up" the blonde ordered straight away as he removed his fist.

Sasuke couldn't even speak, let alone move.

"Let me guess, you can't. Well I'm going to tell you this now; hatred is not the way to gain power… I know for a fact that that's not how Itachi got so strong, nor any of the Hokages, or me!"

Sasuke hacked up blood at this point, pain wracking his body.

"Sasuke, even if you did kill Itachi, it wouldn't bring your clan back, nothing ever will. You need to learn to let certain things go. The path of an avenger is a foolish one, don't follow it."

Flashback ends

Sasuke stared at himself.

"Namikaze Naruto is a fool. Nothing more. He may have strength, but we both know that's because of who his father was and what he used to contain…"

'That may be a possibility but…'

"It's obvious what we need to do… This Orochimaru can give us power. You can feel it right now, power to rival Naruto, to rival Itachi!"

'But Orochimaru must want something! I'm not taking that risk!!!'

Sasuke's counterpart smirked.

"It's not like we couldn't just kill Orochimaru once we've received what we need."

Sasuke glared at what seemed to be him.

'What the hell are you?'

"Kukuku… I'm what you can become! All you need to do is accept me!" his counterpart said as he extended his hand towards Sasuke.

Dosu gasped as Naruto's foot dug into his stomach and launched him into the air.

Naruto had grabbed Zaku's ankle with his one free hand and launched him into Kin's senbon, while his other hand was planted on the ground, and his two feet were in the air.

Naruto pushed off the ground quickly, landed in a crouch and jumped up after the airborne Dosu.

Zaku landed on one foot and his knee and pulled the senbon out of his arm.

He looked up and saw Naruto and threw his hands into the air, palms facing Naruto.


Naruto turned in midair and ran through a few choice hand seals.

'If I ever see Nagato again, I should thank him for creating this technique…'

"Shinra Tensei!"

At the same time, Dosu and Zaku rocketed towards Naruto and straight into the path of Zaku's attack.

Naruto grinned as he created a kage bunshin and had it throw him out of the way.

Dosu knew there was only one way out available.


Zaku nodded and spun towards his own technique.

"Zankukyokuha!" Zaku grimaced as his jutsu clashed in front of him.

'SHIT! It's too close!"

The two jutsu fought for dominance and became suddenly unstable, resulting in a large explosion.

Naruto ran through hand seals again on the ground directly beneath the explosion.

"Fuuton: Kaze Toku!"

Wind visibly picked up and swirled around Naruto, reminding him slightly of Neji's Kaiten.

The expanding explosion seemed to halt when it reached Naruto's shield causing the blonde to grin.

Zaku and Dosu slammed into the same tree and fell to the ground.

Naruto deactivated his jutsu and turned to face the female Oto nin.

"Can't you do anything else?" he asked her.

The glare she sent him was classic in his own opinion.

"I guess not…" he breathed.

Behind him, Dosu had already recovered and had begun to charge Naruto when a green blur knocked him into another tree.

Naruto sighed.

"Dammit Lee, I told them it was only going to be me against them…" the blonde said as he turned to face his eccentric friend.

"I am sorry Naruto-kun, but I felt the need to assist when I noticed you fighting these shinobi.

Naruto simply shrugged and glanced at some shrubbery to the side.

'Oh no!' he thought when he realized what was about to happen.

The slim figure of Yamanaka Ino appeared before everyone…

"Hey there Naruto!!!"

Zaku grinned as he stood back up.

'New targets!'

He lifted his arms and focused his chakra.


Ino realized just what kind of situation she had put herself in as she could only watch as Zaku's jutsu tore towards her.

Ino suddenly felt her body move on its own, being pulled by some invisible force.

Next thing she knew, she was in Namikaze Naruto's arms yet again.

"Two times and both times the same enemy… Fate's funny isn't it Ino?"

The Yamanaka could only nod as she noticed that she was being carried bridal styled.

"Where are Shikamaru and Choji?"

"They're on their way…"

"Then I better wrap this up…" he said as he set her down.

"Lee, guard her…" Lee saluted his friend and took Ino by the arm.

"Let us join Sakura-chan in the cave over there."

Ino finally noticed her former friend.

'Great… Wait, where's Sasuke?'

Naruto walked into the middle of the clearing, swinging his arms.

"Enough of the theatrics, I've already had to fight off your friend Orochimaru and times tight, so lets end this."

Dosu and Kin's eyes widened at this.

"You fought Lord Orochimaru?"

Naruto shrugged.

"I'm sure you guys felt the shockwaves the other day, well that would have been us…"

Dosu was panicking at this. 'He went toe to toe with Orochimaru and caused all of THAT! This is bad, we need to retreat.'

Naruto was about to attack when he felt it. That familiar, sinister chakra that he dreaded.

Sasuke had woken up.

Kabuto was feeling strange at the sight of the Uchiha. He had seen the curse mark in action more times than he could remember; hell he had assisted in its creation, but for Orochimaru to use this specific seal on the Genin was absurd.

'All of the other test subjects died within seconds of activating it, why would he use it on the Uchiha? He's too valuable to be doing this. What's he thinking?'

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the markings on Sasuke.

'They're the same, but different… They're corrupting him faster, spreading, and the chakra output… It's rivaling level 2… Seems like even though Orochimaru knows nothing of the future, he felt the need to change it… This isn't good.'

Sasuke looked at his hand and formed a fist.

'This power, I feel invincible…' he thought. 'It reminds me of Naruto he released the Kyuubi…'

Naruto prepared himself.

"Naruto" Sasuke said as he looked at his blonde teammate. "Let me take care of them."

"No" he said immediately.

Sasuke glared at him slightly. "Why not?"

Just then, Shikamaru and Choji burst into the clearing, kunai at the ready.

"This is so troublesome…"

Naruto quickly glanced at the two friends, providing Sasuke with an opportunity which he took.

The next thing Dosu knew, a large fireball was hurtling towards him.

'So fast! I didn't even sense a fluctuation in his chakra!'

Zaku appeared in front of his teammate, unleashing his usual sound blast at the fireball, successfully disrupting it.

Then, Sasuke was behind the two of them, two kunai aimed at their throats.

Before the sound Genin could react, Naruto had Sasuke pinned to the ground with his foot on Sasuke's chest.

"I said no Sasuke!"

Sasuke glared at his blonde teammate in anger.

'Stupid Baka! I could have taken care of these two and gotten their scroll!!!'

Sasuke didn't voice his opinions and dropped his gaze, glancing at his teammate and the other two Konoha Genin that he had sped past when his seal had activated.

Lee was staring intently at Sasuke, analyzing him, Ino and Sakura both had surprised looks on their faces, surprised that he had nearly killed without mercy.

"I'll deal with you later Sasuke, but for now…" Naruto turned his gaze on Dosu.

"Give me the scroll, or I'll take it from you."

Zaku for once decided to keep his mouth shut, knowing what kind of predicament they were in.

'The whole time, he was just toying with us. That speed he used to subdue the Uchiha was beyond anything he used against us.' Dosu thought as he pulled out the heaven scroll that they had been given.

"Take it, we'll be on our way…" he mumbled, handing the white scroll to the Namikaze.

Naruto nodded, as Dosu and Zaku slowly backed away until they were standing next to Kin.

"Let's go…"

Sasuke stared at Naruto as he talked to Team 10 and the just arrived Team Gai.

Sakura stood next to Naruto, occasionally glancing at Sasuke only to look away.

Sasuke inwardly grinned.

'She's nervous… Good. I don't need to have her fussing over my well being. At least she'll stay out of my way… But what about Hatake and Namikaze? There must be some way…'

"So what was up with Sasuke?" Ino asked her newfound crush.

Naruto glanced over at the Uchiha to see him glaring at all of them.

'Back to his old antisocial self… Nothing I can really do about it. That curse seal's stronger this time around, and probably much more corruptive. The most I can do is just make sure that he doesn't defect…'

"I think its best that you don't know Ino… Just forget what you saw…"

Naruto glanced over at Team Gai and they understood what he meant.

Talk later.

"Well, we've got our two scrolls, meaning we're gonna head to the tower. Hopefully we'll be seeing you guys there soon!" Sakura said, trying to ignore the glare that Sasuke was sending them.

The other two teams nodded.

Lee, Tenten and Neji said their quick goodbyes and were off, jumping from tree to tree.

Team 10 was walking out of the field as Naruto glanced at Sakura and Ino.

'Weird… There was a lot more tension between those two than usual… Wonder why…'

"BYE NARUTO-KUN!!!" Ino yelled as her and her team took off into the trees.

'…O…k? Did she just call me Naruto-kun?'

Sakura glared at the retreating figure of Ino before turning back to Naruto.

"So, I know Ino asked but what did happen to Sasuke?" she whispered.

"Later…" he replied with a bit of venom that didn't go unnoticed by Sakura.

Naruto noticed the hurt expression on her face immediately.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but what happened really bothers me, and when Kakashi-sensei finds out, he won't be too happy about the whole thing either. Same thing goes for the Hokage. It's just not the best thing in the world…"

Sakura nodded, knowing that Naruto would eventually tell her, probably not around Sasuke from the looks of things.

'They were getting along so well, and now… it seems as if they've become enemies within seconds. The glares that Sasuke keeps sending Naruto, and how Naruto seems so tense… I know it's not from the glares. I think he knows more about the whole situation than he should…'

'But we should trust him! Look at everything he's done so far!'Inner Sakura countered.


Squad 7 was jumping from tree to tree, being followed by one thing Naruto hated above all… Awkward silence…

The tension was palpable, and he knew that Sakura wasn't the only one who wanted to talk to Naruto. Sasuke knew that the Namikaze knew more about what had happened, but his stubborn pride seemed to have been reborn when he had awoken and he wasn't about to go ask his blonde teammate anything.

Naruto rolled his eyes when he noticed a chakra signature awaiting them not far from their location.

'Damn… I know that Gaara cleared this exam within a day or so last time, what's he doing just sitting there?'

Sure enough, when Naruto and his team burst out of the trees into the clearing surrounding the tower, there was the redheaded Jinchuriki, waiting with a smile on his face… A very sadistic smile.

Sakura felt a chill run through her when she felt killer intent wash over them.

'S…so much! I don't know how he's doing it!'

Sasuke couldn't move from the amount radiating from the Suna nin and knew that his death was inevitable.

'Even with that new power, I'm nothing! This… this is maddening! And it only just hit me… How could he contain such power, and emotion! How!?'

Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly when he noticed that Gaara's siblings had appeared as well, ready to take care of his teammates.

'Great… and I was so used to having them as allies…'

Naruto formed a ram seal, charging up his chakra too inhumane levels.

Temari was the closest one to Naruto and was blown back from the small shockwave that had been created by the quick yet large output of chakra.

Kankuro focused chakra into his feet to hold his ground while Gaara, being the furthest away, merely raised an eyebrow at this.


Naruto glanced at his two teammates to find that his little maneuver had knocked them out of their shocked states.


"Listen, I don't want any trouble from you guys… If you want to fight, then I suggest waiting until the next exam for that… I'm in absolutely no mood to deal with the Kazekage's spoiled brats!"

Temari and Kankuro both seemed to be irritated by this insult while Gaara continued to stare at the blonde Konoha Shinobi.

"Your blood… Mother wants your blood!"

"Yeah, well tell Shukaku to stuff it!"

The three Suna Genin all tensed at this.

"How do you know about that?" Temari demanded.

Naruto smirked. "Believe me when I say that I know a lot more than many individuals know… By the way, how is the 'Otokage'?"

Temari knew right then and there, that this was a situation that had to be dealt with immediately.

She snapped her battle fan open and began her Jutsu when she felt the fan snap in half.

"None of that Temari-san…" Naruto whispered into her ear, with his Kaze Hiketsu at her throat.

'Fast!' thought the sand siblings.

"One move from you Kankuro and I slit her throat open! Now keep your puppet where it is, or else."

Kankuro gritted his teeth and did as he was told.

"Now then, to answer your unasked question, yes I know of the deal between the Kazekage and the Otokage, if you could call it that…"

Gaara was slightly intrigued and halted the technique he was about to perform.

"What do you mean?" Kankuro asked as he detected a humorous tone in the Namikaze's statement.

Without a word or hand seal, a barrier seemed to appear around Naruto and the sand siblings.

Sakura and Sasuke recognized the barrier and knew that it meant that Naruto wanted privacy for this conversation, although they didn't have a clue as to why.

Naruto grinned at the shocked Suna Genin and released Temari.

"Sorry about breaking your fan, but I'm sure you have spares."

Temari could only nod, looking around at the barrier they were incased in.

"This dome is a barrier that doesn't let anything in or out, including sound. Unfortunately that includes air, so we only have so much time."

"How did you do this?" Gaara asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

I threw down a paper seal to create it right before I captured your sister. It was on a timer so all I had to do was wait."

Kankuro was impressed, but wasn't about to show this enemy that.

"Anyways, what I meant was that I'm sure that you haven't seen the two Kages together since then… Would you care to know why?"

Silence ensued. 'Merry little lot…' thought Naruto.

"Your father, the Kazekage, is dead. Killed by Orochimaru."

"How do you figure?" asked Temari, as she reached for her kunai.

"Well, Orochimaru isn't one to hold his end of the deal, so I'm sure he felt the need to kill him. Orochimaru's one goal is the destruction of Konohagakure and he would do anything to do it."

"How do you know about mother?" Gaara asked.

"I'm sure you realize that everyone has their secrets and that happens to be one of mine. But let me cut you a deal. If you choose to not go through with the invasion, then I will tell you and I'll even get that seal of yours fixed so that you can actually sleep without the fear of being possessed."

"That's impossible" Gaara said, malice lacing every word.

"In Suna, yes it is. Here in Konoha however, we have Jiraiya of the Sannin, who just happens to be an expert on seals. He happens to know a lot about seals containing Biju inside of human hosts and I'm sure that with your consent, he would help fix yours."

Gaara stared at him, killer intent fluctuating wildly.

"I shall consider it, Namikaze Naruto… Now drop this barrier so that I may be on my way."

Naruto grinned as he formed the Ram seal and the barrier fell.

'At least he's willing to think about it.'

Gaara turned around without a word and walked away, being followed by his siblings.

"What was that all about?" Sasuke asked as he glared after the Suna team.

"Old friends talking…" Naruto said calmly.

"You know those guys?" Sakura asked in surprise.

"In a different time…"

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