I do not own "Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street." If I did I would be in Cocoa Beach, Florida visiting my friend Jeannie telling her of my success. :D

This story is based on a confusing time-period. For instance the first part of this chapter is actually where they are at the end of the chapter, so it may confuse you at times.

Chapter One: Loathing A Desire

Written and daydreamed by

Pandora Spocks

There they were.

The two stood in the middle of his barber shop. Hate, lust and secret love burned in their eyes. They were surrounded by everything that they themselves created. The heartache, the unsolved closure, the need for one another's touch, all of it radiating off of each other.

Mr. Todd had a strong grip on her waist and only tightened it when he saw the reflection of his back in the mirror. Mrs. Lovett had one of his razors and was dangerously holding it open behind him.

Their eyes suddenly met.

He could see that she was on the verge of tears. But he didn't really know why, he thought it was just because he had a butcher's cleaver to her neck. When in reality, it was because she couldn't kill the man that she loved.

Mrs. Lovett could hardly remember how it all started or how their relationship even got to be like this. Yet at the same time the past few months seemed to pass vividly through her mind.


Two Months Earlier

Mrs. Lovett was walking down to the bake house to fetch more pies when Mr. Todd snook up behind her and firmly wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. Mrs. Lovett gasped at the sudden gesture before quickly realizing it was just Sweeney Todd trying to scare the living daylights out of her. Mrs. Lovett put her arms around his neck as he kissed hers. "Mista T…" Mrs. Lovett said as she closed her eyes and smiled at his touch.

"What?" Sweeney managed to say as he continued to kiss her neck, breathing in her womanly fragrance.

"I 'ave to get more pies." Mrs. Lovett replied.

"Later…" Sweeney mumbled.

"I can't now love." Mrs. Lovett pulled away from him and continued over to the oven.

Sweeney grabbed her hand and pulled her over to a dark corner where and grabbed her wrists and lifted them over her head. Mrs. Lovett decided to give in; she couldn't resist temptation, besides they had to finish what they were unable to do earlier that day.

As soon as Mrs. Lovett made her way back upstairs, forgetting the pies, she noticed that everyone had left and all that was left was a big mess and Toby asleep leaning over the sink. Mrs. Lovett sighed, "Poor dear." She picked Toby up and carried him to the couch. Mrs. Lovett covered him with a blanket and kissed his forehead.

Mrs. Lovett sighed as she looked at the heaping pile of dirty dishes that seemed to mock her in the doorway. "Oh bugger." Mrs. Lovett said as she began to wash a dish.

About a half hour later Mr. Todd came in and put his arms around her waist as he did before and whispered into her ear, "Come to bed pet…"

Mrs. Lovett chuckled at the tempting gesture but continued to wash dishes. Realizing this didn't work, she attempted to weasel out of his hold. "I can't love, I'm still behind from earlier."

"From what I recall, Mrs. Lovett, you didn't seem to protest that much." Sweeney managed to turn her around so he could face her.

"Well…" Mrs. Lovett returned his playful grin, "You can be…" Mrs. Lovett kissed his jaw line, "Quite persuasive." Mrs. Lovett gave Sweeney a deep and passionate kiss before letting him speak.

"Can I now?" Sweeney pushed Mrs. Lovett against the wall, "Maybe I'll show you just how persuasive I can be." Sweeney grinned and let his hands fall freely to the back of her corset, unlacing them and sending Mrs. Lovett to a world of helpless pleasure.


Back in reality she wondered why things couldn't be as simple as they were.

But things really were never simple- it was just madness in disguise.