Mrs. Lovett didn't sleep at all the rest of the evening. Her eyes remained closed but her mind was still awake, and when she had finally managed to drift off to sleep, a disturbing dream awoke her. She couldn't remember all of it but she could only remember the smoldering look in Mr. Todd's eyes as he stared at his razors, the chilling feel of the razor blade across her neck before her blood spilled from her wound.

The two didn't speak for the next four days, although, it didn't really make a difference. It still didn't stop them from seeing each other, she still brought him his food and made sure he ate it. She knew if she didn't he wouldn't eat; he was so caught up in his revenge. He didn't think of anything else, he blocked out his thoughts of Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney Todd wouldn't let himself think of her.

His thirst for revenge was as strong as her love for him. And both battled for power, because in the end the question still remained unsolved, in the battle between love and revenge, which will end up defeated?


Mr. Todd was of course in his usual place in his usual spot in his barber shop staring out his window. Why hasn't the Beadle came? He thought with anger heating his brain.

Moments later Mr. Todd found himself downstairs in Mrs. Lovett's shop, she was no where to be seen so he walked into her parlor where he found her vainly fixing her hair and dusting the flour from her dress.

"Why hasn't the Beadle came?" He asked with little reluctance, sure he didn't want to see her but his patience was hanging on a thread, if the Beadle didn't show up soon he was planning on doing what he did to the Judge.

His presence startled her, so looking behind her shoulder after seeing his reflection in the mirror she replied, "I don't know dear, but like I said, all good things come to those who can wait."

"Bullshit is what it is, Mrs. Lovett. You and I both know he isn't going to show up."

"Now you don't know that." Mrs. Lovett answered as she turned around.

He grumbled reluctantly, for he knew she was right, the best thing to do was to wait.

Mrs. Lovett sighed and then smiled, that had to have been the most descent conversation she had with him in a long time, not to mention it didn't result in sex therefore she didn't feel like some sort of a prostitute.

"Very well then, now why don't you go up and wait for the Be-"

She was interrupted once again by his lips being plunged on top of hers, she had no idea, nor did he, on what possessed him to do such a thing, but instead of pushing him away from her she gave in. It was hopeless he had drugged her with his taste, his charm, his feel.

The pair stood in the middle of the parlor as a series of hungry kisses took place. He walked forward as she walked backward. Mr. Todd then pushed her against the love seat and roughly ran his hands up her thighs.

She whispered things under her breath as he kissed her neck, things that he could barely understand.

What she was saying was coming from deep within her soul, she knew this was wrong… "this isn't right, not proper…" She repeated it over and over in her head and then she realized it escaped her lips, she began to wonder if he heard her… He didn't but somewhere she wished he did but mostly she was glad he didn't. We all die. She thought, you're going to hell anyways. So she started to ignore herself and decided to join with the devil in this rampaging event.

Mrs. Lovett grabbed his arms and flipped him over so she was now straddling him on the loveseat.


"Lad?" Mr. Bamford said as he came up to Toby, who was sweeping the steps to Mr. Todd's barber shop.

"Yes sir?"

"Is Mr. Todd around? I would like to see him" The Beadle inquired as he clicked his cane closed.

"Ye-yes sir, but I do believe he in with Mrs. Lovett, I'll go get him for you." Toby replied, gulping as he saw the cane in the Beadles hand, Pirelli used to beat him with something like that back when he was with him.

Toby scurried away from the Beadle as thoughts of Pirelli and the workhouse frightened him beyond belief. And as he peered into the pie shop he noticed they weren't in there, must be in the parlor. He thought as he walked in quickly regretting doing so.

The image that appeared before him was something he would probably never forget, he knew the two were probably smitten but this…

Mrs. Lovett was on top of Mr. Todd as they kissed each other roughly, they weren't doing anything besides that, thank god, when suddenly Mrs. Lovett's eyes shot open and she looked up to meet eyes with a frightened Toby who was running out of the parlor.

Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Todd quickly got off of one another and chased after Toby, he ran out of the pie shop and suddenly bumped into Mr. Bamford, stopping them all completely. Neither of them could get over the irony of the Beadle showing up at a time like this.

"Now, boy, what is this hurry?!" The Beadle exclaimed as he brushed off his jacket.

Mr. Todd's eyes clouded with revenge as he saw Beadle Bamford and being as smooth as he was he was going to cover everything up, one of his many skills.

"Oh, Mr. Bamford, you know lads these days, just anxious to get some toffee's eh boy?" Mr. Todd grinned oddly at Toby and at the Beadle before nudging Mrs. Lovett, hinting to give Toby some money for the toffee's.

Mrs. Lovett then nodded and turned around, taking a change purse from her bodice and handed a penny to Toby.

Toby just stared at the penny nervously. What was going on? He thought. Mrs. Lovett looked at him with pleading eyes screaming, Don't say anything, just please don't say anything.

So he took the penny and glanced at them all quickly before sighing and heading down the streets, not intending on coming back anytime soon.

"I'm here to take up that offer on that shave, good sir." the Beadle said as he vainly looked at his reflection in the gold of his cane.

Mr. Todd said nothing after Mrs. Lovett smiled at him seductively and winked at him as he led his expecting customer up the stairs.

"Hmm." The Beadle grumbled before a grin swept across his face, his rat-like teeth poked through his chapped lips as he tipped his hat to Mrs. Lovett and followed Mr. Todd up the stairs.

Mrs. Lovett knew then that the minute a customer set foot on those steps, they would never come back down, and she hoped that Mr. Bamford would be the last.


Meanwhile up in his barber shop Beadle Bamford took a seat in the barber chair and loosened his collar before Mr. Todd put a smock around him.

"Have you heard about the late Judge Turpin Mr. Todd?" the Beadle asked as he closed his eyes and sat comfortably in the chair.

"No, actually… no I have not." Mr. Todd replied nonchalantly.

"Well," Mr. Bamford began as he adjusted his rather plump arse, or ass in the seat, "He was found dead in his bed, a cut slit right across his throat, all his maids and his butler say they were drugged by a woman or something of the sort, rather outrageous if you ask me."

"Oh really?"

Mr. Todd began to lather the Beadles scruffy cheeks and was about to begin shaving until he started to speak again, "If you ask me I think one of the maids is guilty, after all, how would they have gotten into the house anyways?"

"Yes sir, very true." Mr. Todd answered anxiously, ready to give the man what he needed, a good shave… the closest shave to be exact.


It only took Toby a few minutes to run and get some toffee's, he didn't even feel like eating any so he stuffed them in his pocket and continued on to Mr. Todd's barber shop, although he was afraid of him it didn't mean he couldn't try and suck up to him by giving him the toffee's, right? After all, the man couldn't be all that bitter.

Ascending the stairs, Toby had forgotten all about the customer and opened the door to Sweeney Todd's tonsorial parlor.

Mr. Todd looked over as the door swung open and gave Toby an irritated look full of fury.

He was just about to complete his revenge… The revenge on the very man that helped Judge Turpin make his way to his Lucy…

"Out boy!" Mr. Todd spat as he took his hold off of the Beadle and went to the door.

Luckily the Beadle stayed put and Mr. Todd was able to go on with his revenge.

The boy's eyes widened before running out the door and running past Mrs. Lovett, not wanting to face her, after all it was only just ten minutes ago he had caught her and Sweeney Todd- well, he wasn't sure what to call it… So thinking of no where else to go he ran down into the bake house, which was a mistake for just as he went down there the body of Beadle Bamford fell onto the cold stone floor of the bake house.

Toby gasped after seeing the man fall and his skull get crushed, his eyes were rolled to the back of his head and his tongue stuck out as if mocking him of his horror.

Mrs. Lovett finished wiping her hands with the cloth she was using and cursed at herself as she stumbled down into the bake house.

"Toby!" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed as she peered around the bake house, but he was no where to be seen.

"Where is he?" Mr. Todd fumed through gritted teeth.

"I don't know love, I think 'e might have gotten down into the sewers…" Mrs. Lovett replied as she pointed to the ajar lid of the sewer.

Mr. Todd then grabbed Mrs. Lovett's arm and walked her over to the sewer gate.

"We're going in." Mr. Todd said as he lifted the lid and started to go down, "The boy knows too much."

And without answering she followed him down there, for fear filled her thoughts, after all it was just a little boy.

"Mista T! it's not the boys fault! 'E didn't know you was gonna 'shave' him, he 'as no idea what is going on!" Mrs. Lovett yelled as she ran after him in the sewers.

"For Christ's sake, don't ya think we scared 'im enough today already?!"

Mr. Todd then turned around to face her, and for the first time in a long time he actually looked at her and saw the hopeful shine in her eyes.

Those eyes, he missed those eyes. So brown and smoldering, like a flame burned within them, like an amber, so beautiful.

Even in the darkness of the sewers she still looked gorgeous, the glimmer of light that shined through the sewer's vents aloud just enough light from the oven fire to make her eyes shine.

She had a little fire in her eyes and he loved to see it burn.

Sweeney Todd had just been defeated- again.

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