My drabbles are taking over my computer! (Yes, as sad as that is, it's true.) I have decided that when I write a drabble (usually I write them to get rid of writer's block) I'll post it here, because I have simply no idea what to do with them. I don't feel like posting an entire story for a drabble, so I'll collect them here! If that makes any sense at all... Erm...I think that's it. nothing rated above T, because I don't write M. I think that's it, but it still feels like I'm missing something...

Oh, about the title, I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking about my writing, editing something, and I happened to notice a basket of apples sitting in the middle of it. Naturally curious, I shifted through it. the apples were of different shapes and such, and they all tasted different - some sweet, others not. It suddenly dawned on me that short stories and this drabble collection was like that also. So I named it after a pointless musing. This is what summer does to me...I want to rip my hair out now.

Disclaimer: Almost forgot about this, but from this chapter and onwards, I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. Besides, I think i wold go insane. Me, owning Kurama and Hiei? I wouldn't know what to do with them! (And thus ends the amazing-ness that once was Yu Yu Hakusho.)

Flying on Clouds

She loved riding on her oar. It gave her a sense of calm, a sense of security. She felt totally and completely free, and she could do tricks no one else could do. On her oar, she was the best, and she had the right to brag, though she never did, even if she wanted to at times.

The wind in her hair made her feel excited, the same feeling, she supposed, as the cheery wind master, Jin, when he was in the air. Really, what was there not to love about being over the clouds, watching the scenery play out under you? She couldn't fathom there being any other thing in the world that compared to this.

When it rained, she didn't like it as much, but flying through it was fine, as long as she didn't get cold. The droplets hit her face in a steady rhythm as she flew under the clouds, her pink kimono billowing out behind her, sending water splashing to the earth after catching on her clothing.

Cloudy days didn't bother her either, she just flew over them if she wanted to see the sun, nor did windy days, for she liked it running through her hair.

She once couldn't understand why people wouldn't like to have her job, but as she one by one took her friends' souls to Rekai, it slowly began to dawn on her. She could have her fun once in awhile, floating on top of clouds and chasing the wind, but after her time was up, she always had to get back to work, no matter how much she might not want to. The truth slammed into her, then, with the force of a ton of bricks, and she knew why so few took her job as a ferry girl, transporting souls to Spirit World. It was a lonely job, for she stayed the same, for all time, as she watched her friends slowly grow and die.

She didn't want to think about it, so she spent her free days flying on an oar among the wind and the clouds, keeping a cheerful attitude and fa├žade for all to see and fall for.

But eventually, the mask shall crack at some point, she knew. She just didn't know when. So she kept it up, hidden behind her smile, waiting for her to slip.