Warning: This was done in around 20 minutes, after reading some story, and it just came to me. I didn't spend much time on it, and I know that everything is choppy and nothing makes much sense. I apollogize for that. And I use the word "impress" way too much here. I'm sorry.

All of us, we're very different. We were brought together for many different reasons, but the goal was the same. We're unique, none of use quite exactly alike. The eight of us, excluding Koenma and Genkai, are all part of very different worlds. How we became friends, that something that I will never in my life figure out.

Hiei. A demon, rejected from his world of ice, was thrown into the worst part of Makai, in the hopes that he wouldn't survive the fall. He's a peculiar case, a male fire demon from a world of female ice demons. He's a full demon, but is a mix of fire and ice, something that is rare, uncommon. He's the forbidden child.

Speaking of Hiei, there's his sister, Yukina. She doesn't know Hiei is his brother, and he doesn't want to tell her. But I think she needs to know. Has the right to know. She's a full ice demon, and one of the nicest people, demon or not, I've ever met. She might surpass my own mother in that category. But she's a bit oblivious to things, like Kuwabara's love for her.

Kuwabara is a full human, totally opposite from the sweet Yukina. But he has so much power for a human, something that I am impressed with. I'm amazed by his heart of gold; he risked his life for all of us, again and again. I will never be able to repay him for his kindness. He can go into things without thinking them over, but he is brave, even more so than I.

His sister, Shizuru, is also a human, with an amazing sixth sense. She can feel spirits better than Kuwabara, and this might have had an effect on her personality. She's a bit blunt at times, and she can do things in a way that I would not, but she's kind like her younger brother.

Keiko – the only person I've ever known to slap Yusuke across the face and not be killed afterwards. I don't know her entirely well, but I have spoken with her on a few occasions. I do know that she waited for him, all that time, never breaking her unspoken promise. It must have been hard for her. And for that, I must respect her.

Botan, a grim reaper that is not grim in the least. She always has a smile on her face for some reason or another. She ferries souls to the Spirit World. After seeing so many dead people in her lifetime, you'd think that she would never be happy. But she's not. She's amazing. She works under Koenma – and she's not insane. I'm impressed.

Yusuke is different than all of us. His mother and father are human, but he is not. He's half demon, and he saved the human and demon world numerous times. I often think he might be the hero of his own story. Yusuke is the type of person who doesn't listen to what anyone says. Something that I've really never been able to do.

And me? I'm not sure what I am. Am I Youko Kurama, the heartless demon? Am I Shuichi Minamino, the perfect student? Am I both? I don't know.

Sometimes, I don't care.

Perhaps that's just another thing I'll never be able to figure out.