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Mrs. Lovett was down in the dreary bake house when the judge had grabbed onto her dress, she almost screamed of fright but instead she kicked him in the head sending him unconscious and hopefully dead to the cold stone floor. Soon her gaze locked onto Lucy's lifeless form, she was lying dead on the pile of bodies that had recently fallen from the fate of the insane barber upstairs. "You…" Mrs. Lovett murmured, she had to hide her, fast.

Meanwhile Sweeney was up in his barber shop with Johanna, little did he know it was her though. Johanna continued to tremble with fear as Sweeney raised the razor that would soon bring her to a painful death. "Mr. Todd please…" Johanna whimpered.

Sweeney looked who he thought was just a mere boy trying to spy on him, in the eyes. She looked so familiar to him, blue eyes, the yellow hair that he had managed to see from behind her hat, and her pale skin. Sweeney's eyes soon dropped as he realized it was Johanna disguised as a boy. "Johanna…"Sweeney finally said.

"Yes, please don't kill me Mr. Todd, I meant no harm!" Johanna was practically begging for her life, she was afraid that the one night she had managed to escape from the judge would only last all but for a few hours, a night of hiding and misery.

Sweeney couldn't kill his own daughter even though he was unknown to the fact that he had just murdered his wife, so he put the razor down. "Tell no one what you have witnessed tonight, or you will greatly regret it." Sweeney said in a dark tone.

"Yes sir." Johanna nodded.

"When is that sailor boy coming for you?" Sweeney asked remembering the sailor's plans to take Johanna away.

"I… I don't know sir, I think soon." Johanna replied, as she tried to ignore all of the blood that seemed to be splattered everywhere.

"Perhaps you should stay down with my neighbor while you wait." Sweeney went to the door and opened it for Johanna; he led her to Mrs. Lovett's pie shop and sat her down in a booth. "Wait here." Sweeney demanded, he didn't want her to try and escape to the law; she had just witnessed him murdering two people, the judge, and who she didn't know, her own mother.

Johanna nodded as she watched Sweeney go down into the bake house.

Meanwhile in the bake house, Mrs. Lovett watched as she managed to throw Lucy's corpse into the oven. She sighed as she closed the door; it gave her a complete feel of utter satisfaction knowing that all of her troubles were finally over. Mrs. Lovett turned around and jumped at the sight of Sweeney standing before her. "Mr. Todd!" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed. "Ya scared the devil out of me! What are you doing down 'ere?"

"Johanna's upstairs." Sweeney mentioned as he saw the fear that seemed to dance on her face. "What's wrong? It looks like you've seen a ghost." Sweeney wondered which was strange in his case, like he cared anyways.

Mrs. Lovett felt like she had seen a ghost, with the excitement of the judge, Beadle and Lucy gone she could finally have Sweeney all to herself. She was somewhat disgusted at the great lengths she was willing to take just to get Mr. Todd to notice her. With baking his victims into pies and keeping his wife away from him, well, maybe not the wife part, she didn't really lie, she never said that she died. But, Lucy Barker was dead and had been for fifteen years, the poison made her go mad, she couldn't remember anybody, and since that day Lucy and Benjamin Barker had been dead and all that was left of them was their daughter, Johanna and their bodies that once possessed the souls of Lucy and Benjamin Barker. She just wanted to shield her beloved Sweeney from the pain that his own wife couldn't even remember him. "I'm fine… really. Johanna is 'ere?" Mrs. Lovett stuttered as she backed away from the oven.

"She's in your shop, she saw me get the judge, don't let her escape to the law…" Sweeney trailed off as he thought of Toby, where had the little devil gone to? "I already threatened her so she shouldn't; just keep a close eye on her until the sailor gets back." Sweeney watched Mrs. Lovett go up the stairs.

Mrs. Lovett paused as she saw Johanna sitting at the booth, she looked so much like her mother, pity for Johanna and guilt welled up in her body as thoughts of herself putting Lucy's corpse in the oven watching and secretly laughing as the fire burned what was left of her into ashes. "Johanna." Mrs. Lovett said.

Johanna looked over at Mrs. Lovett, "Yes?"

"Hungry, love?" Mrs. Lovett put a pie on a plate and brought it over to Johanna.

Johanna managed to let out a smile, even though she was so terrified for her life. "Mrs. Lovett I presume?"

"Yes, that'll be me." Mrs. Lovett squashed a bug that was crawling along the countertops.

Sweeney was wiping his hands from the blood that he seemed to be drenched in. Sweeney bent down and got a hold of the judge, he was so plump, but the years he had spent in Australia really had begun to pay off, at least he could pick up the judge and watch his fat body get burned in the oven. Then again, why would he waste that good meat? Sweeney put the judge down and looked at him with great disgust; imagine the nerve of him planning on marrying his daughter. That wasn't going to happen now, he was dead, and the sailor, whom Sweeney trusted and almost considered a friend, which was not a word in his vocabulary, was coming to take Johanna away.

After several long minutes of staring awkwardly at Johanna, Anthony came and took her away. Mr. Todd didn't wish to say goodbye, even though Mrs. Lovett tried to get him to tell her that he was her biological father, Sweeney protested, he wished to not interfere or be in any part of Johanna's life. With that Johanna and Anthony left on the ship that was taking them away so all of their dreams could possibly come true.

Mrs. Lovett got a bucket filled with water and a wash rag and went up to Sweeney's barber shop, he wasn't in there, he was still in the bake house pondering upon his thoughts. Mrs. Lovett sighed when she saw the literally 'bloody' mess that was everywhere from the floor to the windows. Mrs. Lovett began by washing up the windows; she was almost used to the smell of blood. When the windows were finally decently clean, her water was now blood red, so she went into the washroom and filled her bucket back up with more clean water. Mrs. Lovett got on her hands and knees and started to scrub at the wooden floor. Suddenly, Mrs. Todd entered the room and paused when he saw Mrs. Lovett scrubbing fearlessly on the floor. For the first time since he'd seen her, he actually looked at her, really looked at her. She was scrubbing the floor with her palms pressed against the rag, he found this strangely… arousing. He didn't know if it was the blood or if it was just the sight of Mrs. Lovett on her hands and knees putting all of her force and effort into making the floor clean or what. But he felt almost awkward standing there watching her, her breasts looked as if they were going to pop out from her corset from her quick rhythms of scrubbing back and forth on the hard wood floor. Soon Mrs. Lovett was done and she stood up and looked at Mr. Todd. "Sure made me a bloody mess didn't ya?" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed and chuckled as she picked up the bucket, "Better clean yourself up before someone sees ya." Mrs. Lovett said as she went down the stairs.

Sweeney was filling with anger and disgust for himself. He didn't want to feel the temptations that he had just experienced. He wanted to kill her so he could get rid of those tempting thoughts and possibly hide any possible outputs of which his subconscious mind had possibly secretly thought of.

Mrs. Lovett was so worried about Toby, where had he gone to? Did he reach the law? Mrs. Lovett went back down to the bake house to look for him more; tonight was just one thing after another. "Toby?" Mrs. Lovett called. "Where are you love?" Mrs. Lovett sang a very familiar tune as she walked around looking for any sight of Toby.

Toby peeked his head from the sewer and watched her, he was furious, he actually considered her to be a mother figure. The closest to a family he ever had, was he really going to throw that all away? He wasn't sure.

"Toby, please come out, let me talk to ya…" Mrs. Lovett was worried sick, one she could end up in jail or worse she could get hanged, and two because she had grown to appreciate and love Toby, he was like a son to her. Mrs. Lovett looked down and saw two beady little eyes staring at her from the sewer. "Toby? Is that you?" Mrs. Lovett lifted the lid from the sewer and looked at Toby's ridiculously dirty face. "Toby!" Mrs. Lovett went to pull him out of the sewer but he pulled away. "What's the matter?" Mrs. Lovett asked.

"You tricked me! You murderess villain, you've been bakin' people into pies!" Toby spat at her.

"Toby… I'm sorry I lied to ya… please talk to me!" Mrs. Lovett's voice was nervous and shaky, if Mr. Todd found out he'd escaped she would be done for, along with Toby.

"Explain what? That you been 'elpin' Mista T with his victims?" Toby yelled.

"Hush down dear, you don't want to end up in the work house again do ya?" Mrs. Lovett in a way tried to bribe him.

"I guess not…" Toby replied, he was beginning to see the good end of the bargain.

"Please forgive me Toby." Mrs. Lovett asked as she let her hand out to him hoping he would take it.

Toby looked at her for a minute and than took her hand. "Alright."

Mrs. Lovett helped him out of the sewer and than closed the lid.

"Can you tell me one thing…?" Toby began after Mrs. Lovett embraced him with great motherly like affection.

"What is it dear?" Mrs. Lovett smiled, she was happy Toby wasn't going to the law.

"Why did you do it?" Toby began, "I mean it's sick, and disgusting, not to mention terrible."

Mrs. Lovett was puzzled by his question, why did she? It was her idea, yet she still didn't know why. "I don't know." Mrs. Lovett answered half honestly although she did think it was possibly because of her love for Sweeney Todd.

"Fair enough…" Toby said, "I'll stay but if he 'urts you, I'm going straight to the law, understand?" Toby said.

Mrs. Lovett nodded; she hoped Toby wouldn't witness Sweeney pushing her around like he always did. With that, Toby and Mrs. Lovett went back upstairs and settled for bed.

Mrs. Lovett drew herself a bath eager to get the blood that was drying on her off and got in. She sunk down into the warm waters of the tub and took her pins from her hair. She let her auburn curls dip themselves into the water washing the dry blood and dirt that she had collected throughout the long day. After minutes of washing and lying in the tub she got out and dried herself off. Mrs. Lovett looked in her dresser for a nightgown; she soon realized that she was in need to do laundry, so she picked what was left and put it on. It was a red silk nightgown; she had only worn it once on a hot summer night. The nightgown went just above her knees, it revealed almost very curve on her body. Mrs. Lovett combed her hair out and stuck it back up with her pins.

Sweeney continued to have thoughts of Mrs. Lovett, when he told himself to stop thinking he just thought more and the more he tried to think of something else the more little things reminded him of her. He smashed the water basin that was on his desk with rage. It fell to the floor in pieces. He hated himself for thinking such things, he was betraying his Lucy. Sweeney Todd only had two loves, his deceased wife, and his razors.

Mrs. Lovett heard the crash from downstairs, worried; Mrs. Lovett quickly ran up to his barber shop, she bursted into the room and exclaimed, "What's happened?" Mrs. Lovett then noticed the broken water basin on the floor and looked at Mr. Todd.

Sweeney couldn't help but stare at her as she entered the room, all she had on was her nightgown, nothing else; the night filled sky highlighted and illuminated her moonlit form. Her silky nightgown, which made him curious to know if she was wearing anything underneath it, revealed all of her womanly curves. Unwanted thoughts began to circulate through his mind, thoughts of Mrs. Lovett… He shouldn't he thinking of such things, no, but he was a man wasn't he? It was in his nature to seek pleasures and desires that only a woman could fulfill. Sweeney gulped as Mrs. Lovett spoke to him bringing him out of his stare filled with pleasurable thoughts of Mrs. Lovett's hot little body pressed against his.

"Mista T? 'Ello?" Mrs. Lovett brought Sweeney back to Earth.

"What?" Sweeney began to acknowledge the fact that she was standing there awaiting an answer.

"Are you daft? I jus' asked if everything was s'alright." Mrs. Lovett put her hands on her hips and blew a curl out of her face.

Sweeney gulped, he found this quite sexy, "I'm fine." Sweeney replied as he turned around, he thought that if he looked at her again he was going to pounce on her.

"How did this break than?" Mrs. Lovett asked, a little ticked, he probably just had another one of his temper tantrums.

"Jus' bumped into it is all… I'll clean it up." Sweeney mumbled.

"Oh, goodnight then, sorry to bother ya." Mrs. Lovett said as she turned for the door.

Sweeney sighed in relief, she'd gone. A few more seconds of that and he would have been on her whether she liked it or not. What had gotten into him? This woman was sending unwanted sex vibes into him. He despised and loathed her with every breath in his body, he couldn't figure out how he had grown to find her so physically attractive.


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