Mrs. Lovett stood, motionless in the rain. Her heart was feeling as if it was punctured with a thousand razors, her heart felt it was bleeding, as if she had a heart of rubies. She didn't know what to think, all she could hope was that she was dreaming. These feelings were beyond real, it felt like she was losing a part of herself. She couldn't be without him, she didn't want to be without him again. But she was, so she closed her eyes as she wished she could morph into one of his razors, for if she was she could be with him at every second of the day and he would be intoxicated with her.

So many tears that were shed, so many times her heart was broken, so many emotions circling her mind. She didn't want to live a life without him, she was in love. And this particular love was stronger than she ever expected for it to be.

Mrs. Lovett started down the street, she wasn't going to chase after him any longer. A life without him would be harder than her life already was but she could take it, after all, many woman die of broken hearts, don't they?


She was in no hurry to get home so she took about a half hour to get back, not even caring she caught a chill, she had nothing to live for, Mrs. Lovett wouldn't kill herself for it was like Sweeney Todd had already succeeded in doing so.

Love was not meant to be as suppressed as hers, she figured this was some form of punishment for helping him with his victims, if it was, she felt it was the cruelest, and most hurtful punishment she had ever experienced.

Mrs. Lovett reluctantly ascended the stairs to the apartment above her shop. She opened the door only to find it emptier than it was the last time she was in there. The room hadn't change at all. It was still gloomy, in need of some flowers to hopefully relieve it, the walls still as old and torn as they were before and the dust that had collected on what used to be Sweeney Todd's desk still resided on it as if it belonged there. Looking over to the big window that he spent hours upon hours gazing out of she swore she could still see him doing so. His broody yet beautiful reflection staring back at her… Until reality kicked in and she told herself she shouldn't run away with her imagination, for she would much rather run off with Mr. Todd.

Her eyes soon found themselves staring at the barber chair that sat aloof in the middle of the room. So many deaths occurred in that chair, so many of Mr. Todd's dreams of Lucy and Johanna, and now it just sat, forsaken in its own place just like the rest of the room. Mrs. Lovett could no longer stand being in the presence of this room, it held too many memories and feelings that made her want to cry even more.

So coming out of her heartbroken state she swiftly turned and went downstairs to change out of her wet clothes.


After about an hour of sitting in her parlor, she got up to get a cup of tea. She suddenly froze after she stood up and saw her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were tearstained, her hair looking messier than usual despite her earnest efforts to stop crying. But she found that no matter how long she thought of something else, something always reminded her of him and her tears would just cascade from her eyes.

But then something else caught her eye and made her want to die right then and there. For the source of all of her wanting and waiting was staring back at her in the mirror.

Sweeney Todd was back.

Mrs. Lovett turned around and stared at him, wondering if she was delusional.

He merely stared back in response before she saw him move took a few steps into the room.

Mrs. Lovett still didn't move she was still under the impression that this was all a dream. Did she fall asleep while she stood staring blankly at her partly singed wallpaper? Was she having delusions of the man that continuously broke her heart? Or could this possibly be real?

Before Mrs. Lovett could figure out what was actually going on Toby came bursting into the room, "Mrs. Lovett, mum!"

Mrs. Lovett immediately brought him to her embrace as she knowingly glanced at Mr. Todd. It was an awkward stare that only lasted a few seconds until Mrs. Lovett tore her eyes from his gaze and looked down at Toby, whom was looking at her with great admiration.

"Are you alright mum?"

"Yes dear, of course." Mrs. Lovett replied although she knew that Toby was aware of her red, teary eyes and flushed cheeks.

Mrs. Lovett then pulled away from Toby and smiled at him, "Why don't you be a dear and go get us some toffee's, eh love?"

Toby responded with a nervous glare after noticing Mr. Todd was in his presence, and was watching Mrs. Lovett intently. He did have some respect for him, however, after all, he did save Mrs. Lovett.

When Toby left the room Mrs. Lovett's eyes dropped to the floor before looking up at him again, "You came back." She whispered, no longer contemplating whether or not he was actually standing before her.

Mr. Todd nodded before he saw her having a hard time standing to her feet, and it looked like she was about to faint so without hesitation he went over to her and caught her waist.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he tried to search her eyes for any recognizable emotions, although he found nothing, nothing but eyes that have been crying, which was odd for she has always been like a book. So easy to read.

Mrs. Lovett shook her head and closed her eyes, "What do you want Mista T?" Mrs. Lovett sighed as she felt him take his grip from her waist and take hold of her wrists.

"I'm sorry." Mr. Todd replied to her surprise.

Mrs. Lovett's eyes suddenly snapped open and they looked at each other. Love prevailed the eyes of Mrs. Lovett after he said the words she never expected to hear from him. Sweeney's gaze was now locked upon her smoldering brown eyes as their lips grew from inches to centimeters apart.

"No." Mrs. Lovett whispered before she tried to free herself emotionally and physically from Mr. Todd's tight grasp.

"No, no, no!" She exclaimed as she managed to slip from his hold and move to the other side of the room.

His eyes were pleading for forgiveness and she saw it, she noticed how his eyes followed her from across the room and how he seemed to be acting stranger than usual, almost as if he was acting nicer.

Mrs. Lovett did nothing but plop down onto the loveseat and burried her head in her hands.

He knelt down beside her, as sympathy for her was burning within his soul and pulled her curls out of her tearstained face. Their lips met in a soft lip lock which Mrs. Lovett almost returned until her senses caught her from falling and she stopped.

"Why do you keep hurting me?" She breathed as she turned her face away from him.

"I never intended to hurt you." Mr. Todd replied as he took her hand and dangerously held it in his.

Mrs. Lovett soon found herself staring at their hands entwined together, she felt hypnotized as his memorizing touch sent twangs of electricity through her body.

"Do you love me?" She asked in a low whisper as his thumb stroked the bare skin of her hand beneath her glove.

"I don't know." It was the truth, Sweeney Todd had forgotten what is was like to love, but he knew that the feeling he had for her must have been pretty close to it.

But as soon as he said those three painful words she took her hand away from him, "I can't make your heart feel what mine does." Mrs. Lovett sighed as she shook her head.

Mr. Todd cleared his throat and gently moved her chin so she would face him, "What does your heart feel like?"

"Tell me." He then said as he saw she made no effort to answer and continued to stare at her.

"Every time… Every time I see you, every time I think about you, it beats… Really fast." Mrs. Lovett stuttered as tears started to fill her eyes once more.

Mrs. Todd took her hand into his once again and put it over his heart, Mrs. Lovett's eyes widened as she felt his heartbeat go almost as fast as hers, but they had been so still, perhaps he was nervous, or maybe he was feeling the same for her only he didn't know what that feeling meant.

Her eyes were fixed on her hand that he held so closely to his pulsing heart, his eyes were transfused with a look of affection as he continued to watch her. Mrs. Lovett's eyes looked up and met his. He moved closer to her face and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him spontaneously. The kiss was filled with pure ecstasy, his lips were like wine, and she wanted to get drunk. As they kissed her tears continued to fall, but this time they were tears of sheer happiness.

"Mrs. Lovett," Sweeney began after they broke the kiss, "We have to leave."

"We?" Mrs. Lovett mouthed.

"Yes, I can't live without you." Mr. Todd admitted as he got up and threw his hands up in the air in frustration, "You're all I bloody want, woman."

"Oh Mista T!" Mrs. Lovett exclaimed, she knew it would make him feel more uncomfortable than he already did but she did it anyways, she wrapped her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder.

He didn't mind the silence but they had to escape before the police came and arrested them, he also wanted to savor this moment and let her know how much he truly wanted a new life, a life with her.

"We're going to run away together, as far as we can by the sea, just like I promised."

His words reassured her. She knew he had been planning and thinking this through, which comforted her to know that he actually did care and that he might love her, that is, if he knew what love even was. His words also made her come to believe that maybe, just maybe, her heart wasn't bleeding, and that she no longer had a heart of rubies and now had a heart filled with the love that she had for Sweeney Todd.


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