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This is just a little thing that I wrote for school, and thought I'd post up here.  What if Mandy and Ella got out?  Well, pleez read and tell me wut u think.

Disclaimer-I don't own Ella Enchanted or any of the characters.  Gail Carson Levine does…


At home, maybe Mandy would know what to do.  Or I'd hide in the cellar, in the stable-somewhere.  How could I have gone to the balls?  To put Char and Kyrria in such danger!

"Mandy!" I shouted as soon as I reached the manor.  A servant stared at me.  I ran into the kitchen.  "I've endangered Char again, and Kyrria!  What can I do?"

"Pack your things," Mandy said as soon as she understood my rushed explanation.

"Where shall I go?"

"I'll come with you.  We'll find work as cooks.  Hurry."

"Can't you pack for us by magic?"  She'd done it before.  It was just small magic…

"Oh, I suppose.  But hurry, Lady!  We must leave quickly, before the prince comes looking for you!"

I raced to my room and tore off my ball gown.  I quickly replaced it with my servant's wear, and the scrap of cloth I used in my hair.  Mandy hurried in and, within seconds, both our bags were packed.  I picked up my ball gown and fingered it tenderly.  Then I quickly folded it and stuffed it into my bag as a souvenir.

Blowing out our candle stub, Mandy opened the only, small window and quickly climbed out.  She signaled for me to follow.  Clutching the carpetbag with my few belongings, I swung myself through the small opening just as footsteps stopped right outside the door. 

It was Nancy.  She began to say something, but stopped as she realized that I wasn't there.  Underneath the window, I held my breath and clutched tight to Mandy.  I could hear a commotion out in the hallway.  After what seemed like ages, Nancy softly shut the door and walked away to the hall. 

Mandy and I stood, and rushed through the gardens.  Around the side of the manor, I spotted the prince's carriage.  With one last fleeting glance, I disappeared into the night.

That was three years ago.  Mandy and I travel around the country, offering our expertise as cooks along the way.  The pay isn't much, but it keeps bread in our pockets. 

Sometimes when I look down the streets, I spot the king's carriage.  And rarely, when I'm lucky, Char is with him.  I can never let myself be seen, though I want to so much!  But Mandy orders me to stay hidden.  I spend most of my time crouching behind a bush, willing myself to break the curse. 

But if I ever manage to break the curse, in a month or in twenty years, I will find him and win him over again if he is still free, no matter what I have to do, no matter how long it takes.  He will be mine again.

Until then, my only job is to cook.

Sometimes, though, I lie awake at night and think of my dear friend from finishing school.  As soon as I break this curse I will find her also.  And I wonder… does she still think of me, as I do her?


Well, tell me honestly.  Did it suck or was it ok?  Should I continue writing or not?  And if it was bad tell me y, so that I may improve.  Thanx.  ^_^