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DWF: I am modifying the time to about 2008- Not the time the movie was shot in 1986. The characters are only three years older than in the movie.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Sarah sighed, tapping her mechanical pencil on the library table in a look of utter…boredom. She knew it was her job to start the meeting. She also knew that she should act appealed, at least for the half hour of the meeting that she talked. But it was becoming difficult to talk in a room full of rowdy juniors and impulsive seniors. Her group of excited, giddy, seniors was proving to be too much for poor Sarah. Sarah took a deep breath, and dropped her Honors English 4 textbook on the table to regain control over the committee. It proved useful, and soon all attention was focused on Sarah.

"Excuse me; it is time to start the meeting. I only have a half hour with you all, but I will make the most of it. From where we left off at the last meeting, I think that we need to continue. The treasurer has reported to me that we have a budget of 4,000 dollars to use on this year's Prom. We also decided that the theme of this year's Prom is to be a 'Phantom Masquerade'. Any ideas as to the decorations of the Gym and the Cafeteria would be appreciated.

Ashley Marcus stood up, and said, "We could deck the Gym in mirrors and curtains." Giggles erupted through the library, and the elderly librarian gave the group a demeaning glower. Ashley looked put off, like any preppy popular princess (A/N: No offense to these types of people) would, and sat down to purr on the arms of Aaron Noble, the Football Captain.

"Erm, that's a little expensive…could we try something a little cheaper?" the Treasurer, Isabella Noel said, sitting back down. She then stood again, "We'll have to hire a photographer for the night, which is an easy 300 dollars. Drinks and refreshments for nearly 500 people will cost nearly 1000, so we are left with 2,900 to spend on decorations, and that's if each person going pays the entrance fee of 5. So, why don't we buy some plants to decorate the corners of the Gym, and give the art department an allowance to use on some fancy things for the stage and refreshment tables? That way, we can focus on fliers and advertising, while someone else comes up with some ideas for backgrounds, etcetera."

This made the committee very enthusiastic. Giggles, sighs, and Wows could be heard, as others discussed their opinions. Sarah stood up, "Ok, so how much do we give to the art department. From the four years I have been in drama, I know how expensive backdrops are…Usually 300 dollars a crack!"

The group laughed at her, and Aaron stood up, "We could, I dunno, see if the drama department has anything from previous plays. I know that we did do The Phantom of the Opera one year… I'm sure we could use the backdrops from that. There was a masquerade scene in that play, so why not use those? Also, the Phantom play has significance because it was shone during the fours years we were here. It would have a lot of meaning if the Phantom backdrops were used for our last Prom here."

Sarah smiled. Aaron always did have that way of crowd control; he almost reminded her of…No, she couldn't think of Him now… After all, this was her prom, and she wouldn't ruin it with thoughts of that figure which had haunted her thoughts these last three years. Every night, it never failed… She would wake up from a nightmare of staring into the two colored eyes of a broken hearted Goblin King.

But since that king had kidnapped her brother, there was little interest in her by the male populace. She, too, was barely interested at all, choosing to read books and loose herself in dreams. Sure, she went on the occasional date, but it was never anything really serious. Sometimes, she would really take an interest in some young man… But each time they responded, they would always come up to her and in a pale, frightened state, declare that they wanted to end the relationship. Some even mumbled something about owls, nightmares, and evil kings. Sarah would shake it off each time, but she was becoming frustrated. It was as though the Goblin King was her first love…and ultimately her last love…

She would be going to Prom by herself, if she didn't hurry up and find someone. It definitely would look awful if she, being the President, would show up alone. Part of her thought of the haunting man of her dreams, arriving in his blue, sparkly splendor, and she knew if she brought him to Prom, then she would definitely…

Definitely not forgive herself. She remembered the last time they had met…. He had nearly seduced her into doing God only knew what. But, thankfully, she knew better than to fall into him so easily. Instead, she chose her brother over her dreams. Never did she regret it, and if she had, she reminded herself that it was for the best.

She sighed and started doodling in her notebook. "Oh, why did I even bother to volunteer for this stupid committee? I didn't go to Prom my junior year, so why would I go by myself my senior year?" She looked over to see the answer to her question smiling at her from across the table. Aaron Noble, Captain of the football team, star athlete and every girl's dream date to Prom. He was handsome, smart, and popular. Everyone had eyes for him, including Sarah (though she was not one to admit it). But, he had asked his girlfriend Ashley Marcus to go with him, in front of the whole school at Christmastime. Heartbroken, and deterred, she stood up once more, knowing that she had to get over it. She hid her insecurities, and then slipped on the mask of Sarah Williams, President of the Prom Committee.

"Well, let's take a vote… Those, in favor of borrowing some backdrops from the Phantom play, raise your hand," Practically the whole committee raised their hands. "Those also in favor of budgeting the art department and allowing them to create new ones raise your hands," Practically no one raised their hands. "Then we borrow from the drama department, and use the rest of the money for minor decorations. All settled? Good. Meeting is adjourned."

The committee left, one by one, and she stayed behind. Secretly, she took out her copy of the red leather bound and gold lettered Labyrinth, and traced the letters with her index finger. She sighed, and thought to herself, "Jareth, how I wish I had your strength when it comes to things like going to prom, especially alone." Little did she know that a certain white and brown barn owl was watching from the windows of the library, understanding every word she had said…And he hung onto everything that she had thought.

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