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Chapter 7: Of Shakespeare and Roasted Chicken

Sarah slept well that night, and thankfully had a dreamless night's sleep. She awoke only after the alarm buzzed annoyingly in her ear, and alerted her that her day had begun. She rose from bed, got ready for school, and rushed down to breakfast to grab a piece of toast on the run. She kissed Toby, her father, and her stepmother goodbye, and then raced to school.

Veronica was already there when she arrived, and already Veronica began to harass Sarah about the night before.

"So, what did the two of you do while I was out of the room last night with little Toby? Did you two get some action?"


"What, I'm only asking…You two looked pretty winded when I came in last night…I just assumed that you two were kissing before I came in."

Defeated, Sarah sighed, "Yes, we were kissing…But that doesn't mean you should assume that we are a pair at this moment. Yes, I was in close proximity, Yes, I found it hard to concentrate, Yes, I gave in to temptation….No, there was no tongue dancing! It was simply a chaste, breathless, peck on the lips…"

"But you have feelings for him? Right? Oh Sar, you've got to let me do your makeup the night of Prom. We'll make you look so beautiful, he won't be able to resist!"

"You've certainly thought this through, Veronica…" Sarah said with an acerbic smile. Both girls laughed, and continued on their way merrily.


Sarah's first class, Honors Government, passed without incident. The teacher, Mr. Stanley, passed out worksheets, lectured, and much to Sarah's dissatisfaction, handed out homework. It was at least two pages of Court cases that she needed to read over and memorize within the next two weeks before the unit exam. Sarah cringed, and her eyes darted to the clock. She sighed, and as the bell rang for her next class, she got up and went to her locker. She grabbed her English Textbook, and her Calculus textbook. Then, finding still enough time, she went to beg for the homework in Calculus from someone in the first block class.

Clarissa Tian, the top student in the class, obliged her. She had at least two pages of problems to do…easy, but she had to show the work she did to get her answer. Sarah sighed, and rushed to English 4 Honors, before Ms. Lang could count her tardy. She made it to her seat just before the tardy bell screeched throughout the halls of the school.

"Wow, Sarah, you made it just in time…Now, Class, let's take attendance, and get started quickly. We have a lot to cover, and I am sure that you all want to get a head start on tonight's homework. It's a killer!" Ms. Lang said with a fake looking smile. Groans could be heard throughout the room, loudest of who was Sarah's.

For good measure, Sarah added a pained, "It's not fair," under her breath. Ms. Lang, unfortunately, had strong hearing, and caught her. Sarah groaned as Ms. Lang gave her an extra assignment, for complaining when she knew that life isn't fair, and Sarah was instantly reminded of Jareth just before he sent the cleaners after her and Hoggle.

"You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is," He had said, with an irritated but cocky glance her way. Sarah sighed, and rushed to get at least half of the assignment complete before Ms. Lang even noticed that she wasn't paying attention. Thankfully, she completed it much before their next assignment; reading Act I of Macbeth, and doing the Literature Questions at the end of the segment.

Thankfully, Sarah at least read Act I in advance, and she was able to start in on the questions. She had the assignment half completed by the time that the bell rang for third block…Next class was Speech…Sarah was a complete genius in this class, and she knew that she wouldn't have homework in this class…

Nope! She had an assignment, sadly, that the Drama/Speech teacher had assigned at the last minute. A dialogue of her choice was to be read to the class tomorrow, for at least 40 points, using the lessons that she had learned in Speech the past semester. Sarah sighed, and then stopped. Jareth could help her with some of her homework, if she would ask him…She wondered if Jareth had ever picked up Shakespeare…She smiled, and became excited at the thought of seeing his take on the genius of Shakespeare. She giggled, trying to anticipate his reaction.

The rest of Sarah's day, however, took on the same overworked feel. She worked through lunch, finishing most of her Calculus, and English homework. Sadly, she would still have about two hours of homework left. Sarah's stomach growled, and she was forced to stop, scarf down decaying cafeteria food (i.e., a cookie), and move on to her next class.

So, when she left for her locker after the last class of the day, she left with her Government, Speech, and Psychology homework in tow. She groaned, and lifted the massive book bag across her back. She then proceeded to walk home, presumably alone. Until…

"Where are you going, Sarah?" Jareth's silky voice said from the shadows. Sarah, tired and wishing for Tylenol Extra strength, turned to face the insatiable Fae with a grimace.

"Home…I have insane amounts of homework to do," Sarah said with a tired, defeated sigh.

Jareth raised an eyebrow, and smirked curiously at Sarah. He wore his typical getup, but as he stepped from the shadows, he wore his maroon leather jacket, a black t-shirt, and black leather pants. His hair remained the same, long, spiked glory it had been the first time she saw him. In fact, he seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, like a beacon to Sarah.

Sarah tried not to stare…but, the way he had just magically changed appearance astounded her. It distracted her from her worrying for only a moment. When the spell wore off, she smiled. "I see you found your niche in mortal clothing. That jacket really does make you look sharp. But don't think of showing up to Prom like that…"

Jareth chuckled, "I wasn't planning on going to your social gathering looking like a mortal rock star…I've something much better in mind…"

Sarah paled, "What, exactly?"

Jareth grinned, reminding Sarah instantly of the Cheshire Cat of Alice's imagination… "I'm not telling…Only that I will wipe that pretty smile right off your face when I do."

"You will show me…Surely if I bribe you?"

"No…unless…" He paused, his lips curling into a secretive smile. "What kind of bribe, exactly, did you have in mind, Sarah?" Jareth said, with a wicked, seductive grin on his face. Sarah blushed, and immediately grew defensive.

"I don't mean to bribe anything quite what you're thinking of Jareth…I was planning on taking you with me to go dress shopping, so we could coordinate our outfits," Sarah said, the dynamic of her voice changing to a quiet undertone.

The Goblin King laughed; a rich, musical sound to Sarah's ears. "Not quite what I had in mind, either, Sarah…But," here, Jareth stepped closer to her, and slipped his arms around her waist. Confident that she could no longer move away from him/and or wouldn't move away from him, he lowered his lips to her left ear. "I can make that arrangement a reality…but only if you wish it," Jareth said, nipping her ear affectionately. Sarah shivered, and as he laughed again, he released her. In the time that she had been distracted, he had casually took her backpack off her shoulders, and placed it on his own.

"You sneak!" She said, trying to hide the playful smile forming on her lips. Sarah, regaining some of her energy, launched herself at him. Jareth casually hopped out of the way, causing Sarah to stumble lightly. "Give me that back, you stubborn old owl!"

Jareth raised an eyebrow and glared playfully, "Old? Old? Begging your pardon, Sarah, but how could you say such a thing! I am young, for a Fae. Trust me, 1,500 years old is young…I will just have to keep your procured backpack until you learn some manners," He said with a devious smile. She huffed, and rushed at him, giving chase. Jareth ran, effortlessly sprinting to the park where he had first seen her as a little girl, and where she had practiced the lines of the Labyrinth for no one in particular to hear. Sarah followed gracefully, lithe like a gazelle, but fast like a cheetah. Still, she couldn't catch up to him, until he reached the other side of the bridge.

It was here that Jareth wordlessly tossed her backpack on a frazzled, old blanket. Jareth bent over, panted, and grinned at Sarah. Sarah, glanced at the blanket, panted, and lightly hit Jareth on the shoulder. "You could have just asked me to come with you to the park; it would have been much simpler!"

"Would you have honestly obliged, precious?" Jareth asked, cocking an eyebrow incredulously.

Sarah paused, "I would have been more accepting if you had asked...but, I guess it doesn't matter, I mean, I'm here anyway…" Jareth snorted. "Hey! Don't give me that! I'm just saying that I would have been more accepting…"

"But you wouldn't have trusted me…"

"Yes-WAIT, I mean, NO! I probably wouldn't have minded going…I mean I have to have some amount of trust in you…I wished you back, didn't I?"

"Yes…But that doesn't directly mean that you trust me," Jareth said with a snicker. He had won this round. Sarah sighed, and her stomach growled painfully from the pit of her stomach. She glanced at the backpack, at Jareth, and then at the blanket and the basket of food on the blanket. Jareth smiled knowingly.

"You skipped lunch again, didn't you, Sarah?" He asked, as his eyes shown fierce and knowing, but his smile gently reprimanded her. She huffed.

"Not on purpose…I did get the chance to eat my chocolate chip cookie, though," Sarah said with a defensive grin, as they lowered themselves to the tattered picnic blanket. Jareth scoffed, and shook his head in admonishment.

"In that basket love, my chef was kind enough to send with me a plate of roast chicken, dinner rolls, a plate of vegetables, some fresh fruit, and a couple glasses, and your so called 'Peach Soda'…It was going to be my whole lunch, but I told him to provide more than enough, should you decide to skip your lunch again today…" He said with a grin, and continued, "And I would share with you. As a sort of," He stopped, attempting to find the words.

"Date?" Sarah inserted helpfully. Jareth laughed again, and nodded. She laughed, and continued, "Well, it will have to be a homework-lunch date then…because I have little more than two hours of homework to do."

"What kind?" he asked, shoving a plateful of food into her hands. Sarah, gingerly took a bite of the chicken, and swooned.

"Mmm…This is so good, Jareth! Oh, what kind of homework? Are you in any way familiar with the Bard?"

"William Shakespeare? Yes, I've been to several of his plays. Which one? Hamlet? A Midsummer Night's Dream? Macbeth?"

"Macbeth…I have most of it finished, but I don't quite yet understand it," Sarah said, daintily ripping at the chicken. Jareth paused, cleared his throat, and smiled.

"If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly. If th'assassination
Could trammel up the consequence, and catch
With his surcease success: that but this blow
Might be the be-all and the end-all, here,
But here upon this bank and shoal of time,
We'd jump the life to come. But in these cases
We still have judgement here, that we but teach

Bloody instructions which, being taught, return
To plague th'inventor. This even-handed justice
Commends th'ingredience of our poisoned chalice
To our own lips. He's here in double trust:
First, as I am his kinsman and his subject,
Strong both against the deed; then, as his host,

Who should against his murderer shut the door,
Not bear the knife myself. Besides, this Duncan
Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been
So clear in his great office, that his virtues
Will plead like angels, trumpet-tongued against
The deep damnation of his taking-off,
And pity, like a naked new-born babe,
Striding the blast, or heaven's cherubin, horsed
Upon the sightless couriers of the air,
Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye
That tears shall drown the wind. I have no spur
To prick the sides of my intent, but only
Vaulting ambition which o'erleaps itself
And falls on th'other," He said, and turned back to his own chicken. Sarah stared at him in utter shock…When he spoke those lines, it seemed as though he were Macbeth himself, contemplating on murdering Duncan in Macbeth's home. He snickered, obviously amused by Sarah's transfixed expression.

"You really have to ham it up, don't you?" She said with a scoff, finishing the plate of food he had given her.

"Sarah, Sarah, I just thought you would have known me better…I thought that you knew that I would pull that out of my cloak sometime…" Jareth said, flicking an ant off the blanket, and reclining comfortably as Sarah glanced down at him with unease.

"Fine, let's move on…I finished Calculus (Thank God), and I have to have a dialogue ready to read from tomorrow. Psychology is a little more difficult, I don't think you can help," Sarah said begrudgingly.

Jareth sighed, "I am well prepared to face any dangers untold, whatever they may be. Of course I can handle some silly high school assignment…" Sarah grinned wickedly, and gave the huffy Goblin King her Psychology book. Jareth puzzled over it for a few minutes, sighed, and answered the questions for her. "Child's play, dearest. It's the art of war…my, you should be familiar with some of this stuff. I used it all on you in the Labyrinth," He said, a mocking grin decorating his sharp features. Sarah's wicked grin soon turned to a scowl of defeat.

"Oh, go dunk yourself into the Bog of Eternal Stench, Jareth, and leave me to puzzle over how you managed to get these answers right," Sarah said bitterly. Jareth laughed, and turned away for a moment.

"Sarah, for once in your life, don't try to think…It will come, it just requires patience. The only reason it comes naturally to me is because I use a lot of psychology when I rule the Underground. It becomes second nature, all in good time," Jareth said, kissing Sarah's hand affectionately. Sarah blushed, and felt her pride become more diminished, as Jareth worked his way up her arm.

"I really don't understand why you must be so right all the time. Ever since you came back, I keep coming up with the wrong answers whenever I attempt to do something right. You seem to be breaking down my walls faster than I keep trying to repair them…" Sarah said, pulling her hand away darkly. Jareth smiled.

"Sarah, I do hate to tell you this, but in order for you to see the real me, I have to break down the walls that you keep building up. If I don't, then we both reach an impasse, because neither one of us would get any closer. Just trust me, and I won't let you fall," Jareth said, picking up her books, and setting them neatly in a pile. Sarah was speechless…What could she have said to shift her reluctance from the wellspring of her problems? He had her, right where he wanted her, right where she couldn't get out. She had to trust him…to let go of her reluctance to think anything of Jareth other than a villain. She had to let go of all that held her back from trusting him, from giving him the reins of her heart. Sarah could do nothing else.

Sarah was breaking down, and as her world was crashing in around her, she had nothing to do but to allow the bitter tears flow from her emerald eyes. So be it, her heart screamed within her chest, but her mind remembered only the cruelty of playing her for her brother. The warnings of her mind sparred with the feelings of her heart, intensely warring inside her head. Jareth, seeing the confusion and the bitterness from deep within her eyes, remained silent. His arms snaked around her, protectively locking around her shoulders in a death grip. He whispered patiently in her ears, easing and calming the rampant storm within her mind. Once more, the King had to play knight in shining armor, but only to save the maiden from herself.

Sarah felt the brush of his feather light hair against her cheek, in a faint but comforting nuzzle. She laughed darkly, "I suppose you must think me the most dangerous head case you've ever met…"

His voice was a light rumble, like the thunder after a light storm. "No…Because you have the sense to build the walls and to at least try to defend your heart from me…" His eyes suddenly raised and he pulled away, subconsciously feeling like he was imposing upon her. His whole body tensed, and he attempted to move away, but to no avail. Sarah wouldn't let go, encouraging him in her own way.

"You know, Jareth, I still have to go dress shopping. Would you like to come with me, since Veronica is going to be gone this weekend?" Sarah asked, smiling lightheartedly, almost as though the whole barrier incident didn't occur.

"Wherever my fairest maiden goes, I wish to follow." Jareth said, relaxing under her persistent touch.

"Then tis a date!" She said, cleaning up her books, the picnic stuff, and the blanket. Jareth took picnic stuff, waved his hand, and they disappeared. Then, together, they walked to Sarah's house, chattering small talk as they went.

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