Help Me Believe

Pairing: Starfire/Argent

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I'm only going to say this once. I do not own Teen Titans, Starfire, Argent, ect. They all belong to their respective owners.

WARNING: This story contains yuri, lesbians, adult themes such as rape, and lemons. If any of these things offend you please leave now. This story is rated "M" for mature. If you make any comments using derogatory terms for gay people or bash gay people in any way you are immature and therefore should not be reading this.

A/N: Constructive criticism is of course appreciated. I love Starfire and Argent and I didn't see any fics out there pairing them up, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I will try and update at least once a week.

Chapter 1- I can't escape this hell

Starfire jumped aside before a swipe from the granite mass of Cinderblock could injure her. She flew into the air with ease and started showering the villain with star bolts. Cinderblock tried to hit Starfire again and she was about to dodge when a heavy muscled force knocked out of the air and crushed her to the pavement. She groaned as her knees skidded on the cement.

This sort of thing had been happening quite frequently as of late. She glowered at the dark haired figure that had tackled her to the ground and spat, "I am quite capable of the taking care of myself."

The boy didn't seem to hear what she said and replied, "Why don't you just sit this one out Star? We can handle Cinderblock ourselves I think. I don't want you to get hurt."

She huffed in rage hissed, "Fine then. I'll just go back to the tower and do the laundry or something shall I?"

Robin failed to recognize the anger in her voice and answered, "That's a great idea Star! Why don't you order some pizza for us all too?" He seemed to take her growl for assent and said gleefully, "Thanks Star! See you when we get back!" He gave her a brief peck on the lips and hurried off to fight Cinderblock.

It had been four months since they had gotten back from Tokyo and every fight they'd had since then had gone the same way. Being in a relationship with Robin had apparently rendered her useless and fragile. Well, at least in Robin's mind it had. At the beginning she had thought it rather sweet, but now she was beyond outraged at it. Whenever she brought up these feelings with him, Robin either brushed them aside or treated them like a joke.

She stormed away from the battle with Cinderblock and stomped toward the tower. She couldn't find a happy enough thought to fly now. Now thoughts of breaking up with Robin filled her head. Maybe if she did, he'd be so angry with her that he'd throw her at the enemy. The thought almost made her happy enough to fly, but then the image of his face if she dumped him surfaced in her mind. She just couldn't do it to him. If she did, she wouldn't be able to stay in the Tower and have to see his face everyday, but where else could she go?

Dejected, she walked back to the tower and did the laundry and ordered pizza like she said she would. Did she actually say she would? She couldn't remember. It didn't matter anyway, Robin expected it to be done, and so she did it. She found she did a lot of things these days only because she was expected to. Lately she was happy less, talked less, laughed less, and fought less.

She was scared of herself. She felt like she was a zombie, just going through the motions. What scared her more was that no one seemed to notice. Did her friends really care about her so little?

Feeling perfectly depressed now she had to work extra hard to force the smile on her face as she heard the rest of the team coming through the doors.